The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada has relied on the support of a vast community of members, historians and other organizations to secure its vision:

To enrich the lives of Canadians through fostering public awareness of our national history, and, in particular, of the United Empire Loyalists and their contributions to Canada, while also celebrating their memory and perpetuating their heritage as an integral part of the Canadian identity.

(Adopted at the Annual General Meeting, June 8, 2002)

So much has been achieved by volunteers during the past hundreds years, not in the pursuit of recognition but for the greater gain of our organization. In return, from time to time, UELAC has sought to express its appreciation to those who have served above and beyond to secure the Loyalist epoch in our country’s history. The purpose of this section will be to acknowledge the varied forms of gratitude expressed over the years.


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Patron of the UELAC

The Governor General of Canada has usually served as Patron of UELAC.

When appointed, the next Governor General will be invited to serve as Patron.


Honorary Officers who served in the past

With the adoption of new Bylaws as required by Canadian regulations in 2013, the positions of Honorary Officers was discontinued.

In recognition of service to the Association, Honorary positions such as Honorary President and Honorary Vice-Presidents had been decided at the UELAC Annual General Meeting .

The following is a partial list of those who served.

Previous Honorary Presidents and Vice-Presidents:


Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows of the Association demonstrate a high degree of interest in supporting the goals and mandates of the Association., have a solid base of professional and/or academic credentials that are relevant to the Association’s mission, have contributed to and be likely to continue to contribute to the Association by way of their talent, profession, expertise or knowledge of Loyalist history or heritage and have an exceptional desire and capacity to be involved with Association events during their term as an Honorary Fellow

Honoured Recipients:


Bicentennial Service Award

To mark the bicentennial years of 1983 and 1984, the Dominion Council of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada, dedicated a series of awards for leading members of the association. A special certificate and an appropriate medal were designed for presentations over the two years. Twenty members, one for each decade of celebration, were recognized for outstanding contribution and exceptional service to the life and work of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada.

Honoured Recipients:


  • John A. Aikman, Hamilton Branch
  • Mrs. Elizabeth M. Blair, Toronto Branch
  • Mrs. Rita C. Bower, Shelburne Branch
  • E. J. Chard
  • D. Stuart Gilmor, Toronto Branch
  • Mrs. Elizabeth J. Hancocks, Gov. Simcoe Branch
  • Miss Mabel L. Kelly, Hamilton Branch
  • Henry N. Ruttan,
  • Mrs. Doreen G. Todhunter, Vancouver Branch
  • Dr. Horace G. Walton-Ball, Gov. Simcoe Branch


As presented by Col. The Hon. John R. Matheson and Senator Eugene Forsey to:

  • L. Col. Frank Cooper, Sir Guy Carleton Branch
  • Mr. John A. Eaman, London Branch
  • Mrs. M. Jean Goodger, Dominion Secretary, Gov. Simcoe Branch
  • Mrs. Ruth Gould, Grand River Branch
  • Miss Louise Hill, Fredericton Branch
  • Mr. Charles J. Humber, Gov. Simcoe Branch
  • Mrs. Kathleen Hymas, Calgary Branch
  • Mrs. Audrey Kirk, Toronto Branch
  • Dr. Allan Walters, Bay of Quinte Branch
  • Mr. James R. Zavitz, London Branch



UELAC Dorchester Award

The UELAC Dorchester Award, established October 2007 by Dominion Council, exemplifies Volunteer Excellence and Participation, by conferring recognition on recipients for their lengthy contribution to the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada. Exclusive to the UELAC membership, this award salutes the “best in volunteerism” amongst our members within the Association.

Honoured Recipients:



Suzanne Morse-Hines Memorial Genealogy Family History Award

The Suzanne Morse-Hines Memorial Genealogy Family History Award for research in genealogy and family history, and actions towards genealogical success, is exclusive to the UELAC membership. Recipients exemplify Volunteer Excellence and Participation for their contribution to the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada.

Honoured Recipients:



Heritage Branch: The Most Honourable Order of Meritorious Heritage

Established 01 May 1974, the last Companions of the Order were admitted in 2002. In 2007, Heritage Branch turned over the MHOMH to the UELAC. The UELAC Dorchester Award was developed by the Volunteer Recognition Committee to replace the former honours approach. Read about the history of the award.

Honoured Recipients:

  • Recipients listed in chronological order
  • Recipients listed in alphabetical order with a brief biographical note on each.



Bay of Quinte Branch: Loyal Americans Hall of Honour

The Legacy of Loyal Americans ~ Hall of Honour was created in 2003 by the Bay of Quinte Branch. It has the following purpose: to identify and celebrate those descendants of the United Empire Loyalists who have made significant achievements, either locally, nationally or internationally.

Honoured Inductees:



2020 October 14

2019 September 14

2017 September 9

2016 September 10

2015 September 12

2014 September 13

  • LONGBOAT, Tom (1887-1949) Honoured Canadian athlete from the Onondaga Nation, WWI Veteran, and named Canada’s top sports figure of the 20th Century
  • MIKEL, William Charles, B.C.L., K.C. (1868-1950) Lawyer, Magistrate, Mayor of Belleville and Vice-President of UELAC. Published “City of Belleville History “in 1943.

2013 September 14

  • DRESSLER, Marie (1868-1934) Entertainer and Actress, noted for her pioneer roles in the early motion picture industry”
  • MOWAT, Farley McGill, OC (1921 – 2014) Author, noted for his contributions to Canadian Literature and support of environmental causes.

2012 September 8

  • CHARD, E. John, UE (1922-2013) For his many contributions to Bay of Quinte Branch UELAC and the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada.
  • MINHINNICK, Jeanne Welbanks, UE (1903-1985) Author and historian, noted for her contributions to preserve Ontario’s past through her work on Upper Canada Village and numerous other historic Ontario homes.

2011 September 10

  • DEMPSEY, William Allan, UE (1906-1993) long time member of Bay of Quinte
    Branch, served in WW2, family historian and creator of the O’Dempsey family’s coat of arms, noted for his participation as a 17-year old Cadet delivering invitations by foot to celebrate the 1924 Loyalist anniversary in Belleville, Ontario.
  • KIRK, Audrey Lorraine (Richardson), UE (1928-1991) long time member of
    Toronto and Bay of Quinte Branches, served for many years on UELAC Dominion
  • VANDERWATER, Colonel Roscoe, UE (1889-1957) served with the 21st Battalion CEF during WW1 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order, local
    politician on Sidney Township and Hastings County Councils, and pioneer in reforestation for farmers and in the creation of the Moira River Conservation Authority.

2010 September 11

  • JAMES, Charles Canniff, UE (1863-1916) educator and researcher, President of the Ontario Historical Society in 1902-1904, appointed 1812 as Commissioner to administer the Dominion Agricultural Act, author of several books on diverse subjects, and his papers are in Victoria College Library collection.
  • MACNAB, Rev. Canon Alexander Wellesley, UE (1850-1926), minister, historian and researcher, served as Vice-President of the UEL Association of Ontario 1902-1906, President 1906-1907, and later as Chaplain of the Dominion UEL Association 1918-1926.
  • MOULT, Eleanor Carleton, UE (1929-2011) long time member of Toronto and Bay of Quinte Branches, well known genealogist, and assisted in the editing of Loyalist Lineages.
  • SILLS, Major John H., UE (1882-1930), served as officer of the 21st Battalion during WW1 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his actions in the war. His grave remained unmarked until 2010.

2009 May 9

  • DIMINIE, Donald, UE; former president of Bay of Quinte Branch and responsible for transferring the UELHCP property from Provincial hands to Bay of Quinte Branch.

2007 June 16

  • BABCOCK, John Henry Foster “Jack”, UE (1900-2010) Canada’s last surviving Veteran from World War 1
  • DANFORD, Harry, UE, former MPP responsible for the creation of UEL Day in Ontario
  • ORONHYATEKHA, Doctor Peter Martin, MD, UE (1841-1907) first native doctor in Canada, and noted leader of the International Order of Foresters
  • WALLBRIDGE, Lewis, QC, UE (1816-1887), lawyer, judge, politician, Speaker of Parliament during the Confederation debates, and Chief Justice for Manitoba

2006 September 6

2005 June 18

2004 June 19

2003 June 13

  • DORLAND, Arthur Garratt, UE (1887- 1979) noted historian on Quakers in Canada
  • EDISON, Thomas Alva, UE (1847-1931) internationally known inventor
  • McLAUGHLIN, Adelaide Louise Mowbray, UE (1875-1958) wife of Col. R. Samuel McLaughlin, founder of General Motors of Canada, noted philanthropist, and driving force behind the establishment of Adolphustown Loyalist Park
  • ROBLIN, The Honourable Charles Dufferin “Duff”, PC, CC, OM, LLD, UE (1917-2010) former Premier of Manitoba
  • SMITH, Gwendolyn Marguerite, UE (1921-2014) former Dominion President of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, and former Bay of Quinte Branch President.



Vancouver Branch: Philip E. M. Leith Memorial Award

Established in 2006, the Vancouver Branch inaugurated the Phillip E. M. Leith Memorial Medal to be awarded annually to a person, from the Pacific Region, as recognition for their outstanding volunteer work on behalf of the association. Learn more about the history of the award at the Vancouver Branch site.

Honoured Recipients



Book of Remembrance (Archived), and Memorial Fund

UELAC offers an opportunity for members and friends to suitably honour a deceased person by having their name entered into the UELAC Book of Remembrancenow archived.

This can be accomplished by completing a form and making a donation to the Memorial Fund. The Fund supports projects which help to preserve and promote the Loyalist heritage.



Obituary Protocol for Loyalists

It is permissible, in an obituary of a Regular or Affiliate UELAC Member, to use the letters UE after their name. The Mark of Honour or UE after the names of the original Loyalists or their descendants alludes to their great principle “The Unity of the Empire.”

Unfortunately, the postnominal is sometimes printed as UEL (with or without the periods). This is quite incorrect, as the designation UEL is used to refer to ONLY the original United Empire Loyalists.

If a symbol of the Association is desired for a pubication or for funeral cards, the Members Badge or Cypher is recommended and may be used.

The Armorial Bearings have occasionally appeared with obituaries of deceased members, on funeral cards etc. This is an inappropriate use of the Armorial Bearings which are copyrighted. Any use of the Bearings requires written permission of Dominion Council.