“Loyalist Trails” 2005-41 December 4, 2005

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Obituary: Ruth Susan Ellsworth
New “Loyalist Fife and Drum Corps”
      + R. Vankoughnett and Loyalists
      + Calling Chocolate Experts
      + Response re Pickel-Sherwood, Riselay-Sipes


Obituary: Ruth Susan Ellsworth

Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch reports with sadness the passing of our oldest member. Ruth Susan Ellsworth, UE of Ridgeway, Ontario passed away on November 21, 2005 in her 102nd year. Her ancestor was Loyalist Cornelius Bowen and she was very proud to receive her UEL certificate as part of her 100th birthday celebrations. Ruth was very independent – she still lived alone on her family’s home farm and filled in her own income tax forms this year.

Ruth was a devoted teacher for more than 40 years and a very active volunteer in the community. Her special project was establishing the Ridgeway Museum. Our deepest sympathy to her family especially David, Brian, and Betty Ellsworth.

New “Loyalist Fife and Drum Corps”

Mike and Andrea Putnam, dedicated members of the Museum of Applied Military History (Royal Yorkers), have established a new fife and drum corp. in the Kingston area. The name chosen is the “Loyalist Fife and Drum Corps” currently they have 9 members. Their debut public appearance will occur in Morrisburg on Saturday December 3rd as part of the annual Christmas Parade. The parade starts at 11 am and winds it’s way through the village. The Kings Royal Regiment of New York will also be on parade with the music. I am hoping to have 8-10 men at arms parading.

Click here for “Loyalist Fife & Drums” web site.

…Shaun Wallace, Morrisburg, of the KRRNY


R. Vankoughnett and Loyalists

I ran across an article in a booklet that was put together about some of the people around the lake where our cottage is.

The article referenced a relative of mine, an R. Vankoughnett. Apparently he was a Loyalist who arrived in Eastern Ontario in 1783 with a Col. Putnam. The only Col. Putnam I can find to trace back to is an American in Mass. who was a member of the Continental army.

Ever seen reference to the loyalist Col. Putnam or my relative? I did see a reference to a Lt. Vankoughnett of the Stormont Dundas Glengarry Militia who served at the battle of the Windmill in Prescott. So the timing/location would support this.

Any direction would be appreciated.

…R. Roger Jacklin

Calling Chocolate Experts

A colleague of mine is researching the history of chocolate in Canada. She has been told by American friends that a chocolate maker came to Canada as a Loyalist, and she has enlisted my assistance. I have found a Jonathan Swigard advertising his chocolate manufactory in the Royal Gazette (St. John, NB) on April 25, 1786, and for several weeks afterwards. Esther Clark Wright’s book about New Brunswick Loyalists identifies Swigard as a Loyalist from South Carolina.

I wonder if anyone knows more about Swigard: his business, what happened to him, his family, and/or his life in South Carolina.

I will have a vacation message on my email for most of December, but will read messages from time to time while out of the country. Thank you for any information.

…Mary Williamson UE

Response re Pickel-Sherwood, Riselay-Sipes


1. Christian Riselay, U.E. Corporal BR., 1755 – 1828, b: 1755 in Rhinebeck Plains, Duchess County, NYP. He d: 12 Jan 1828 in Bertie, Welland Co.,buried St. Paul’s Cemetery, Fort Erie, ON

+Catherine K. Sipes 1769 – 1854. b: 1769 in Bradford Co., Pennsylvania, m: 1785 in Niagara, Upper Canada, daughter of Jacob Sipes and Hannah Schauer = SHOWERS. Catherine d: 23 Jan 1854 in Caledonia, ON. buried in Wesleyan Cemetery, Calidonia, ON

2. Hannah Riselay, D.U.E. 1786 – 1873 b: 1786 in Bertie Twp., Welland County, Ontario d: 13 Dec 1873 in Caledonia, ON

+Peter Young 1784 – 1846 b: 1784 in Waterloo Ferry, Welland, Upper Canada m: Sep 1806 in Hamilton, Barton Twp., ON d: 20 Oct 1846 in Barton Twp., Hamilton, ON

3. Christopher Young 1806 – 1871 b: 1806 in Seneca Twp., Haldimand Co., Upper Canada d: 1871 in Caledonia, ON

3. Elizabeth Young 1807 – 1892 b: 1807 in Seneca Twp., Haldimand Co., Upper Canada d: 24 Sep 1892 in Seneca Twp., Haldimand Co., Upper Canada

3. Mary Anne Young 1809 – b: 1809

3. Rebecca Young 1814 – 1885 b: 25 Feb 1814 in Barton Twp., Hamilton, ON d: 04 Jan 1885 in Seneca Twp., Haldimand Co., Upper Canada

+Philip Wintemute 1813 – 1894 b: 1813 in Niagara, Upper Canada m: 04 Jan 1831 in Hamilton, Barton Twp., ON d: 29 Oct 1894

…Donald Flowers UE, Toronto Branch