“Loyalist Trails” 2006-36 September 10, 2006

In this issue:
Congratulations to Mayann E. Francis, Lieutenant-Governor, Nova Scotia
Mohawk Valley Bus Trip Oct 1-5, 2006
Article about Capt. John Saunders, Queen’s Rangers
Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America 1775 – 1784
Palatine CD by Doris Ward (comment by George Anderson)
Raising the Flag
Last Post: Bogart Wilson Trumpour, QC., U.E.
      + Elizabeth (Betterly) Carson, wife of William Carson
      + Information on Thomas Nelson (and response)


Congratulations to Mayann E. Francis, Lieutenant-Governor, Nova Scotia

On Thursday Sept 7, 2006, Mayann Francis was “installed as the 31st Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia. The first African-Canadian to hold the position in the province, and only the second woman, she is also only the second black lieutenant-governor in Canada”. (Globe and mail Sept. 8)

“Mrs. Francis’s roots are grounded in the Nova Scotia of those blacks who were among the original United Empire Loyalists. The history of black loyalists has more often been marked by their inferior treatment, betrayal and lack of social justice……Now, she is the first black lieutenant-governor in Nova Scotia. Her daddy and all those loyalists who believed must be smiling.” (Globe and Mail Sept. 9)

For more information about Her Honour, click here.

Mohawk Valley Bus Trip Oct 1-5, 2006

“There are 52 participants registered for the 2006 Loyalist Mohawk Valley Trip. Three more spaces are still available but registration will be cut off around Sept. 15. The next trip will not be before 2009 at the earliest. Butlersbury is one of the many Loyalist historical sites which will be visited on this trip. It is the original log home of Loyalist Colonel John Butler of Butler Rangers. Cynthia Lang, the owner of Butlersbury has recently passed away. She took a great interest in history and in the restoration of this home. When Cynthia Lang was well she used to welcome the visits of the Loyalists to Butlersbury. Doctor Wanda Burch, the curator of Johnson Hall, and her husband are now responsible for Butlersbury. I understand that they would like to keep it as an historic site. To do this they are going need help. Hopefully the Loyalists will lend a helping hand. This trip is a chance for anyone whose Loyalists ancestors served in Butler Rangers to see the home of their ancestors’ commander, Colonel John Butler.

Ed Kipp, Doug Grant and Rod Craig would like to thank everyone who has registered for the trip which will help raise funds for the Bernice Wood Flett Loyalist Scholarship and the Loyalist Collection at Brock University.

…George Anderson UE {andrew1 AT magma DOT ca}

Article about Capt. John Saunders, Queen’s Rangers

For those who might be interested, the Summer 2006 issue of Military Collector & Historian has an article on Capt. John Saunders of the Queen’s Rangers. Capt Saunders was a Loyalist Virginian who fought with the British, and eventually settled in New Brunswick.

…Pat Holscher

Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America 1775 – 1784

A small web site has been developed which seems to focus only on “Orderly Books”. (Helpful to me, this page lists the Regiments and Units of the British Regular Army, the Loyalist Units and the German Auxiliaries….doug)

Explanation: During the period of the American Revolution, most regiments, garrisons and armies recorded the orders issued to the troops in the form of an orderly book. These books were used to record information on such things as promotions, duty rotation, cantonments, work details, marching orders, embarkations, court martial results, etc. Although all Loyalist units presumably kept such books, only a few have survived or are known of today. (This explanation is from the On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies – they link to some extracts from some of these books from this page).

[contributed by Bill Smy]

Palatine CD by Doris Ward (comment by George Anderson)

“I am the Genealogist of Sir Guy Carleton Branch, UELAC and have reviewed the cd on the Palatines by Doris Ward, and found that it is an excellent reference source and contains a lot of useful information.”

…George Anderson

[Information about this CD “The Palatine Immigration to the Hudson River in 1710 – with the assistance of Queen Anne of England” (CD)” by Doris Ward was in the last Loyalist Trails issue 2006-35 dated Sept 3. George is quite knowledgeable about Palatines and his materials from a presentation at UELAC Conference 2006 is online now at Palatines: Background and Resources (PDF)

Raising the Flag

While reading the Cataraqui Loyalist Town Crier September 2006 issue (Kingston & District Branch newsletter), I was struck with part of an article written by Terry Hicks UE. To me it clearly shows the power of initiative on the part of our members:

June 18. Ruth and I have been down the Loyalist Parkway on two occasions recently. On the first occasion I noted that the loyalist flags were not flying on either side of the Glenora Ferry route. The space they normally occupied was vacant. I noted this fact to the Ferry operator who indicated that they had no source for replacement of flags which were worn out. He gave me the telephone number of Mr. Paul Papps who is in charge of the Ferry service. Before calling Mr. Papps I learned that the usual source of the Flags in Toronto, Dominion Regalia, no longer kept them in stock. But I was supplied with the name of another Toronto source. Upon speaking to Carol Davy regarding this situation, I was informed that a source in Kingston is now available. Armed with this information I called Mr. Papps and received a most cordial reception. I gave him the information I had and invited him to call Carol Davy (he was most interested that a source existed in Kingston) When Ruth and I next travelled on the Parkway some weeks later the flags were flying proudly on both sides i.e. Adolphustown and at Glenora. The Ferry captain assured me the would most certainly convey our thanks to Mr. Papps. If any reader is travelling on the Ferry it might be a good idea to remark on the flags indicating our continued interest. Editor’s Note: The flag source near Kingston is Jae’s Distributing, R. R. 4 Odessa; 613-386-3838

Thank you Terry!

…Fred Hayward UE

Last Post: Bogart Wilson Trumpour, QC., U.E.

TRUMPOUR, Bogart Wilson, QC., U.E. – The family of Bogart Trumpour are sad to announce his passing at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, on Wednesday, September 6, 2006, in his 85th year. Beloved husband of lsobel Duguid Trumpour, of Kingston; father of Mark, Noel and lan Trumpour.

(Mr. Trumpour was quite involved with the Loyalist Association some years ago and helped in a legal capacity as well)


Elizabeth (Betterly) Carson, wife of William Carson

William Carson was born, probably in Ireland, in 1743. We first see him in 1768, a private in Captain Ponsonby Molesworth’s Company of the 29th Regiment of Foot in Boston. It was the 29th that was involved in the Boston Massacre in March of 1770 although William was not a participant. Immediately following this incident, with feelings running high in Boston against the British troops, the Regiment was removed to Fort William on Castle Island in Boston Harbor, and from there to the Jerseys.

William returned to Boston to marry Elizabeth Betterly on 19 Dec 1771 in Trinity Church and caught up with his regiment, now stationed in St. Augustine, Florida, by November of 1772. The regiment was moved to Dover Castle, Kent, England, in November of 1773 and from there to Chatham, Kent, in October 1774.

On 6 May 1776, the Regiment arrived in Quebec and drove off the Americans who were at that time besieging the city. In October the regiment engaged the Americans in a naval battle on Lake Champlain – the Battle of Valcour Island. For the remainder of the war, William was stationed at various places up and down the River Richelieu. He was discharged with the rank of Sargeant 24 May 1784.

In 1790, William was granted land by the Crown in Marysburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario, on the Penninsula between Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte.

William and Martha (possibly Martha Ghent, an American) had – among other children – two sons: William, baptized 16 Dec 1787, and Thomas, baptized 7 Feb 1794. The two sons married the Van Dusen sisters, Rachel and Phoebe (daughters of the UE Loyalist Van Dusen family who left New York in 1783).

It is said that William was made a Captian of the militia of Adolphustown.

There is a wonderful story of William who, at the age of 70, during the War of 1812, when American ships were sited off the coast of Marysburgh, donned his Revolutionary War uniform and paraded up and down the shore of the town to give the Americans the impression the town was garrisoned (which it was not).

William died in Marysburgh 10 Jan 1829.

So, given that William was married to Martha by 1787, what ever became of his first wife, Elizabeth? We have only one clue, and that is a reference to a muster roll dated 4 Oct 1784 (since he was discharged from the British Army earlier in that same year, this must be a militia muster roll):

Muster Roll of the 5th Town

1 male, 1 female, two males under 10; two males over 10

No acres cleared – Gone to Montreal for his family

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might look to obtain a copy of this muster roll?

…Larry McGrath {LRMCG AT aol DOT com}

Information on Thomas Nelson (and response)

I have some information that I am a descendant of a United Empire Loyalist. He would be my great grandfather, 7 generations ago (or however you officially say it?). His name was Thomas Nelson. He was born in 1763. I have found some info that says he was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick and some info that says he may have emigrated from Scotland. He was apparently a UEL from Nova Scotia. His wife’s name was Elizabeth Hoole or Toole. She was born in 1767 in Campbellton, New Brunswick. They had 2 children that I know of. James, born around 1789 in Port Dufferin Nova Scotia (my descendant) and another son named Samuel, whom I have no info about.

…Kelly Cabral {kellysgriffin AT yahoo DOT com}


check out this web site: archives.gnb.ca. Click “Government Records,” then “Index to N.B. Land Petitions.” This is what you will find

Government Records RS686
RS686 – Index to New Brunswick Land Grants [1784 – 1997]
Name NELSON, Thomas
Volume NS-1, Page 112, Grant number 29, Place St. John River, County Sunbury
Date 24/02/1785, Accompanying plan No, Acres 150
Microfilm F16300
Comments Re-registered NS Grant of 1784/07/15

Other names on this grant: (142)
ADAMS, James – 100 acres
ADAMS, John – 150 acres
ALEXANDER, Ghershman – 150 acres
ALIBY, Isaac – 150 acres
ALLEN, Isaac * – 38450 acres
ANDERSON, Cornelius – 100 acres
BANCROFT, Daniel – 550 acres
BANKS, William – 650 acres
BARBARIE, John – 750 acres
BARTRUM, David – 100 acres
BENNETT, James – 150 acres
BERDON, Albert – 400 acres
BLOOMFIELD, David – 100 acres
BOURNE, William – 100 acres
BOWERS, Alexander – 100 acres
BOYCE, Joseph – 100 acres
BOYLE, Thomas – 100 acres
BRADEY, William – 100 acres
BROTHERS, William – 100 acres
BUCKET, William – 300 acres
BURWELL, James – 250 acres
BUTTERWORTH, Moses – 250 acres
CALVIN, John – 100 acres
CAMPBELL, Peter – 750 acres
CARTER, Edward – 200 acres
CARTY, James – 100 acres
CARVILL, Jack – 350 acres
CHIDESTEN, John – 100 acres
CHILDS, Robert – 250 acres
COLE, Henry – 350 acres
COLVELL, Thomas – 100 acres
COMBS, John – 550 acres
CONRAD, John – 100 acres
CORNELION, John – 300 acres
CRANE, Joseph – 100 acres
CROZER, Ezekiel – 200 acres
CYPERS, George – 550 acres
DAY, John – 200 acres
DEGMORE, Patrick – 200 acres
DONOHO, Thomas – 200 acres
DUBOIS, Cuff – 200 acres
DUFFETT, James – 250 acres
DWIER, Philip – 100 acres
ENSLEY, Daniel – 300 acres
EVANS, Thomas – 100 acres
EWINS, Julius – 150 acres
FEATHERBY, Thomas – 200 acres
FEELY, Charles – 150 acres
FINIMORE, Charles – 150 acres
FOSTER, Josiah – 300 acres
FREELAND, Nicholas – 400 acres
FREILANS, Hartman – 100 acres
GAGE, David – 100 acres
GERMAIN, George – 100 acres
HAMILTON, George – 100 acres
HAMILTON, John – 150 acres
HARRISON, Charles – 750 acres
HARRISON, James – 550 acres
HAYES, Thomas – 100 acres
HERVEY, John – 100 acres
HIGBY, Uriah – 100 acres
HISS, Jacob – 100 acres
HUNLOCKE, Thomas – 950 acres
JAMES, Daniel – 550 acres
JENKINS, John – 750 acres
KELLY, Thomas – 200 acres
KENDLE, Joseph – 100 acres
KILLPATRICK, Robert – 100 acres
LAMON, Henry – 250 acres
LEE, George – 550 acres
LEE, Joseph – 1200 acres
LEONARD, George – 100 acres
LEONARD, John – 550 acres
LONG, Abraham – 250 acres
LUCAS, William – 200 acres
LUKE, John – 200 acres
LYCHAN, Enoch – 650 acres
MADGITE, Joseph – 200 acres
MALLONS, Ambrose – 100 acres
MALONE, John – 100 acres
MARDON, Moses – 200 acres
MARYGOLD, Thomas – 250 acres
MAY, Elias – 100 acres
MCDONALD, John – 100 acres
MCGITTON, John – 100 acres
MCHUGOE, Thomas – 250 acres
MCMASTERS, John – 150 acres
MCNASH, Jacob – 200 acres
MESLER, George – 100 acres
MILLIDGE, Stephen – 550 acres
MILLS, Isaac – 200 acres
MILLS, William – 450 acres
MINGOL, Alexander – 100 acres
MISE, John – 100 acres
MONESON, Hartman – 100 acres
MONESON, Henry – 100 acres
MOORE, John – 100 acres
MORVERSON, Francis – 100 acres
NEWMAN, John – 350 acres
NIGER, John – 200 acres
NYE, Simon – 400 acres
OLDEN, John – 100 acres
OSBORNE, Nicholas – 300 acres
PARKS, Joseph – 200 acres
PARKS, Nathaniel – 600 acres
PERLEE, Peter – 500 acres
PHILLIPS, John – 250 acres
POND, John – 100 acres
ROUPE, Christian – 200 acres
SAMMON, James – 100 acres
SAYRE, James – 750 acres
SHANON, Daniel – 550 acres
SHARP, Abner – 100 acres
SHOPSHIRE, Robert – 100 acres
SKINNER, John – 200 acres
SNIDER, Elias – 300 acres
SNIDER, Peter – 100 acres
STAGG, Jacob – 350 acres
STEDHAM, Amos – 100 acres
STEELE, Edward – 550 acres
STEWART, John – 250 acres
STRACEY, Jeremiah – 100 acres
STRICKLAND, Jonathan – 100 acres
SUMMERS, Phillip – 100 acres
THATCHER, Bartholomew – 1000 acres
THOMPSON, Charles – 200 acres
THOMPSON, Cornelius – 550 acres
THOMPSON, James – 100 acres
THOMPSON, Lewis – 650 acres
TRACEY, Oliver – 100 acres
TURNER, William – 550 acres
TYRE, Benjamin – 100 acres
UINS, Timothy – 200 acres
VEALE, Jonathan – 200 acres
WATTS, William – 150 acres
WEAVER, Frederick – 100 acres
WERT, Godfrey – 100 acres
WEST, Israel – 250 acres
WILLIS, John – 650 acres
WRITE, Richard – 200 acres
YOUNG, Henry – 200 acres
YOUNG, William – 100 acres

Getting a Copy

A copy can be acquired by sending a full mailing address, a full reference of the file, $7.00 per record up to 10 pages ($1.00 for each additional page per record)

Viewing the Complete Record

The microfilm number is included in the index, along with the reference codes. The films can be viewed at the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, or at a library participating in the inter-library or inter-archives microfilm loan program. Films can also be purchased from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick at $50.00 each.

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, P. O. Box 6000, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 5H1.

– Please make checks payable to ‘Minister of Finance’

– Requests received without full details or without payment cannot be processed.

– In all cases, please allow at least 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

…Marilyn McDonald