Paying the Fee for Certificate Application Processing

Through your Branch Genealogist, you are about to submit a Loyalist Certificate Application for review by the UELAC Dominion Genealogist. There is a fee for that approval process. To make payment, you will need:

  1. If you are a current member, please log in first.
  2. The name of your Branch which the Branch Genealogist represents.
  3. The amount of the fee in Canadian dollars (ask your Branch Genealogist for the amount)
    1. (NOTE: If your payment account is not in Canadian currency, the payment process will convert the fee into your currency.)
  4. Your Credit Card or Paypal Account information.
  5. Notes field: Please include:
    1. the name of the Loyalist ancestor,
    2. if the application is for someone else, the name of the applicant. I
    3. f you are paying for multiple applications,
      1. indicate the number of applications
      2. the names of the Loyalists and/or applicants as the case may be.

Once you have paid

  1. You will receive by email a UELAC notice of transaction and from your credit card or Paypal account, a payment receipt.
  2. A copy of the UELAC notice of transaction will be sent to your Branch Genealogist, Branch Treasurer and Dominion Office.

Now Select your Branch and then enter the transaction and payment details.