NOTE: Membership Renewals

As of late 2 Nov, online membership renewals are now available. Proceed.

Thank you for your patience, and your interest.

July 1 – Oct 31: Half-Year Memberships

Some branches for some types of membership offer a half-year membership starting from 1 July. This offer will be withdrawn on 31 October, the last date for which memberships are offered for the current year. (Note: All memberships expire on 31 December.)

(Memberships started after 1 Nov. are for the following year, although for all intents and purposes anyone with a membership for the following year will be considered a current member in the interim. Memberships other than half-year may be renewed after 1 Nov. )


If you encounter something which is not working correctly or have a question, please send a note to and be as explicit as possible about where you were, what you were doing and what didn’t work as you expected it to work. We are all volunteers so it may take a while before you receive a response.

Paying for Someone Else’s Membership

For someone else, whether it is

  • for an entirely new member,
  • adding a new membership for an existing member but in a different branch, or
  • paying for an existing membership renewal,

go to Join Now, or Add an Additional Branch

Membership Renewals

Note that memberships from 2021 expired on 1 Feb 2022.

If you have not done so already, please log in. You should land on your “My Account” page. (The membership system will recognize you. From “My Account”, you can go to “Member Dashboard” to check any account details.)

To renew, go down to the bottom of this page to “Select the branch in which you are a member“, select the branch and continue. Once you have successfully completed your renewal, you will be able to access the Members’ Section again.

NOTE: If you are defined in the membership system as a member of the executive of a branch, when you log in you will be in the “Executive Section”. You can go to “My Account”, then “Member Dashboard” to check your account details. To “renew” click on “Add/Renew Membership” button at the top of the page.

Are You a New Member?

If you are already a member of the association, please skip this introduction and start at Join Now, or Add an Additional Branch.

If you are joining UELAC, please read on.

Joining: Preliminary Membership Information

Anyone with an interest in Loyalist era history may join the UELAC. As a current paid-up member you will have full membership rights.

As a member, you may then apply for a UE Loyalist Certificate, which will be granted if:

  • your Loyalist Ancestor meets the criteria for a UE Loyalist, and
  • you provide adequate documentation to prove your genealogical descent from that UE Loyalist.

Joining UELAC

You join a branch of UELAC which gives you the benefits which that branch offers, plus those benefits which are offered by UELAC to all members.

You may join additional branches if you wish. The fee to do so is lower, as a portion of your fee for your primary branch goes to Dominion Office to fund its operations.

If you know which branch you wish to join, skip this next section.

Choosing a Branch

The branches of the UELAC are located from the Atlantic (Halifax) to the Pacific (Victoria)

We recommend that you join a branch which is close to you if there is one so that you can participate with them, and keep current on related local events.

To check them out (branch name, location – a map, email, website and social media presence) visit UELAC Branches

Questions You Will Be Asked

You will need to answer some questions as you go through the steps to join.

  1. Which branch you are joining
  2. Are you joining as an individual, or as a family (for some branches, how many in the family)
  3. If you are joining as an individual some branches offer a reduced fee if you are a full time student under a certain age limit.
  4. The basics – name, address, email, telephone etc.
  5. The branch may offer a newsletter periodically; UELAC offers the Loyalist Gazette which is published twice each year. As a member you can access the Digital Gazette in the Members’ Section. Please do indicate the digital copy anyway, but if you really would like to receive a paper copy of the Loyalist Gazette via the post office, then also check Paper Gazette. You may do the same for copies of any branch newsletter which the branch publishes.
  6. Your payment information: credit card or Paypal

Join Now, or Add an Additional Branch

Here you can process a membership and pay for it in order to:

  • join your first branch as a new member;
  • add a membership in an additional branch;
  • pay for someone else’s new or additional membership or renewal of an existing membership;
    • click on the branch below in which they are or will be a member;
    • In the phrase at the top “Want to do this for a different person ? Click Here”, click on “here”.
    • Type in the other person’s surname followed by a comma. One or more people should appear.
    • Click on the name of the person you wish to pay for.
    • Their data should appear.
    • At bottom of the page check the billing email, and if necessary, correct it.
    • Enter your payment details and proceed.
  • (to renew your own existing membership unless you have been directed back to here, login and go to Membership Renewals).

NOTE: If you are already a member of any branch, log in before you proceed.

If you are a member of multiple branches, or wish to join more than one, you must process and pay for each in turn. To join another branch beyond the first, select the “Additional branch” membership type for those.

If you are processing a new family membership, join once for the family. When you receive your receipt, it will be from the Membership Person at the branch. If this is your main or primary branch, reply to the receipt with the names of the other members of your family, and include for each of those persons his or her email address if that person has a unique email address (as a member using their own email address, they will then be able to log in to the members’ section).

Half-year memberships.  All memberships end on Dec 31 each year. Many memberships run for the full calendar year. However a number of branches for some types of memberships offer half-year memberships. When a branch does offer them, people joining after July 1 will see these rather than the full-year options in the selection list. There is no difference between the full and half-year options for the remainder of the year. NOTE: the half-year options are withdrawn on 1 November; after that date anyone joining is doing so for the following year (and whatever remains of the current year).

When renewing, if you wish to change your type of membership, e.g. family to individual or vice versa,  or half-year to full-year, then select the new membership type. (If you are changing membership type before your current membership term has expired, please do this on or after November 3.)

If you have questions, please reach out to the branch you are joining. If you encounter technical difficulties or have questions for the national organization, please contact

Select the branch in which you are a member (or wish to join)

Remember, for memberships in multiple branches do each in turn.

As a member, to change your “type of membership” ie family to individual, or vice versa, then select the new “type of membership”.