“Where the Sea Meets the Sky”

The 2023 UELAC Dominion Conference and AGM

June 1-4, 2023

Hosted by Pacific Region Branches of the UELAC



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Virtual Presentations


The 2023 UELAC Conference is pleased to feature the following guest speaker presentations:


1. “The Crown in Canada: Rooted in History” (from the podcast series The Crown in Canada)
Presented by Nathan Tidridge, UELAC Honorary Fellow


2. “The Heroic Story of Robert Land UEL”
Presented by Ruth Nicholson, UE (Central West Region)


3. “Early British Columbia Descendants of United Empire Loyalists: Who was in B.C. for the 1881 Census?”
Presented by Mike Woodcock, UE (Pacific Region)


4. “Affirmations of Black Loyalists”
Presented by Allister J. Barton (Atlantic Region)


5. “Hidden Stories”
Presented by Jennifer DeBruin, UE (Central East Region)


6. “Loyalist Descendants in Ross Bay Cemetery”
Presented by Mike Woodcock, UE (Pacific Region)


7. “Reading, Writing and ‘Rithemetic”
Presented by Jean Rae Baxter, UE (Central East region)


8. “The Black Loyalists of the Maritimes”
Presented by Stephen Davidson, UE (Atlantic Region)


9. “The Crown and the Square”
Presented by Alex Greer, UE (Pacific Region)


10. “The Voyage of the Psyche: A British Prefabricated Warship in the War of 1812”
Presented by Tim Compeau, UE (Central West Region)


11. “Loyalist Legacies in the Prairie Provinces of Canada”
Presented by Barb Andrew, UE (Prairie Region)