Freedom Bound, by Jean Rae Baxter

Reviewed by Shauna Freemantle, age 14

March 16, 2012 — Special to the National Post

Freedom Bound by Jean Rae Baxter is an incredible conclusion to the author’s bestselling trilogy which captivated my imagination. From the first line in the story, you become intrigued by young Charlotte Shcyler’s story. At 18 years old, Charlotte is sailing from Canada to join her new husband, Nick, in Charleston where the American Revolution rages on. From the moment Charlotte steps off the putrid, filth she is met with challenges. From rescuing Nick from an alligator infested swamp to setting two slaves she has befriended free, Charlotte is an impeccably strong character.

This novel’s 256 pages are filled to the brim with not only historical details that touch on slavery, battles, and more, but are also full of creative flair from the author. Described with great accuracy and detail is a troubled time in an even more troubled place, every citizen divided by race, gender, age and most importantly, whether you were Loyalist or Patriot. Baxter’s stellar novel gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!



Freedom Bound
by Jean Rae Baxter
Ronsdale Press
256 pages; $11.95