“Loyalist Trails” 2004-17 October 9, 2004

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Partnering of the Branches
UELAC (2014) Promotional Items: Special Clearance on Youth Clothing
New England Historic Genealogical Society Research Trip
Bicentennial Branch at Harrow Fair
Bicentennial Branch and Kingville Heritage Museum Auction
Kingston & District Branch Potluck
Queen’s Visit
Tories and Patriots; Loyalists and Rebels
King’s Landing, 25 September 2004
Sir John Johnson Br., Obituary, James Kenneth Hamilton
      + Qualify as a Loyalist
      + Loyalist Women’s Clothing
      + New York City Twin Towers Land


Partnering of the Branches

A couple of years ago, the various UELAC branches from coast to coast were paired with one another. The intention was the raise awareness among the members of UELAC in one branch about the activities and organization of another branch. It is now customary to change the pairing each year at the annual meeting. Paired branches may choose to have joint activities or projects, or to share about each other in newsletters and at meetings. The pairings from the meeting in Peterborough this year follow:

Abegweit & Victoria
Bay of Quinte & Heritage
Bicentennial & Governor Simcoe
Calgary & Grand River
Chilliwack & Manitoba
Col. Edward Jessup & Col. John Butler
Colonel John Butler & Colonel Edward Jessup
Costume & Thompson/Okanagan & Halifax/Dartmouth
Edmonton & Regina
Fredericton & Hamilton
Governor Simcoe & Bicentennial
Grand River & Calgary
Hamilton & Fredericton
Heritage & Bay of Quinte
Halifax /Dartmouth & Thompson/Okanagan & Costume
Kawartha & Sir John Johnson
Kingston & Toronto
Little Forks & Vancouver
London & Western District & New Brunswick
Manitoba & Chilliwack
New Brunswick & London & Western District
Regina & Edmonton
St. Lawrence & Sir Guy Carleton
Sir Guy Carleton & St. Lawrence
Sir John Johnson & Kawartha
Thompson/Okanagan & Costume & Halifax/Dartmouth
Toronto & Kingston
Vancouver & Little Forks
Victoria & Abegweit

UELAC (2014) Promotional Items: Special Clearance on Youth Clothing

The following Youth items are being offered at Reduced Prices plus Shipping & Handling. Clothing may be picked up at Dominion Council to save on S&H.

T-Shirts: Regular Price $16.00. Reduced Price $13.00 plus S&H:

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– One Royal Size Large, Youth Size 14-16

– One Royal Size Extra Large, Youth Size 18-20

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– Two Royal Size Extra Small, Youth Size 2-4

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– Two Red Size Medium, Youth Size 10-12

Golf Shirts:Regular Price $25.00, Reduced Price $ 20.00 plus S&H:

– One White Size Small, 30 inches underarm

– One Navy Size Medium, 32 inches underarm

New England Historic Genealogical Society Research Trip

George Anderson and Edward Kipp are planning a research trip to the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) in Boston Massachusetts from March 28, 2005 to April 2, 2005 to do four days of genealogical research.

The NEHGS has genealogies, local histories, census records, vital records, deeds, probates, and military records from the earliest colonial times to the 21st century. Its vast library and manuscript collection contains over two million manuscript items from the seventeenth century to the present covering New England and other regions. The society has 26 databases which can be searched individually or from a master database. Participants have the option of touring original revolutionary sites along the Freedom Trail in Boston if they want a break from genealogy. Drivers will have the option of stopping at Concord and Lexington if travel time permits.

All participants should have a Canadian passport or two pieces of identification including a photo ID. Each participant should have extra travel health insurance. Transportation will be by car pooling. Passengers will share the cost of gas and tolls.

Registration is limited to 14 people. The registration for the trip includes car parking, accommodation, and admission to the NEHGS. The Registration Cost for a person sharing double accommodation is $475.00. Registration for a single person is $845.00. The registration will be reduced by $75 if you are a member of the NEHGS. The first deposit of $100.00 is due upon registration. The second deposit is due January 31, 2005. If a person cancels, $100.00 of the deposit is non refundable.

To register you can contact George Anderson, 64 Saginaw Cres, Nepean, ON K2E 5N7; Tel.: (613) 226-6348; E-mail: {andrew1 AT magma DOT com}

Bicentennial Branch at Harrow Fair

Kim Hurst U.E. and daughter Sarah U.E. were the anchors at the Historical Tent, for the Loyalist display, September 2-5, at the Harrow Fair. Since I am a branch only member and my roots are in the BiCentennial area, I helped man the booth two mornings, too. The Simcoe maps of the Lake Erie District drew much attention. My three U.E. certificates also spurred the local folks to think about their connections to the Arner, Ferriss and Cornwall families. We had a lot of fun and Kim made 16 new contacts, for the BiCentennial Branch, during the four days of the fair. This fair usually draws 60 000 people annually and there were more this year due to the 150th anniversary.

…Ruth Nicholson, U.E.

Bicentennial Branch and Kingville Heritage Museum Auction

My sister Susan Hutchins U.E. was one of the big promoters for the Kingville Heritage Museum Auction, held on Sept. 11. Many local businesses offered generous donations as part of the proceeds would go towards the establishment of a permanent Loyalist display, that was designed by our sister, the late Mary Hutchins U.E. The auction was a big success and we look forward to proceeding with this project through the BiCentennial Branch.

…Ruth Nicholson, U.E.

Kingston & District Branch Potluck

At our Branch Pot Luck, a Grade 6 girl, Alexandra Armitage, ( was in grade 5 in May) gave our meeting a good talk on her project, Pirate Bill Johnson, who also survived the 1837 Rebellion. Two Honourables were present, Peter Milliken, our present Honourary President, and John Matheson, past honourary president. Both live in the Kingston area. I believe that our meeting was the fourth event of the day for Peter.

…Philip Smart

Queen’s Visit

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada, is pleased to announce that Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh have accepted the invitation to visit Canada extended to them on behalf of the Government of Canada. The visit will take place from May 17 to May 25, 2005 during which time the Royal Couple will visit Saskatchewan and Alberta to commemorate the centenary of the entry of those two provinces into Confederation.

A detailed itinerary will be developed and published at a later date by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Tories and Patriots; Loyalists and Rebels

“Why can’t a person “Subscribe to the goals of Loyalists” if he happens to be a member of SAR (Sons of the American Revolution”. Some seem to think that supporting S.A.R. is mutually exclusionary (or should be) of Membership in U.E.L..Further, that membership in one organization suggests that one is MORE or LESS a patriot than membership in another.

There are 2 concepts in this argument: patriotism and heritage. Patriotism – to start with, Who’s patriotism. Determined by whose rules, and in which country.

Heritage – There is little one can do with heritage except discover it and enjoy it. Anything else is simply a lie.

As for these 2 concepts being mutually exclusive, only by employing very narrow definitions do these 2 concepts clash.

I have a number of Revolutionary ancestors (documented). I have MANY ancestors that fought in most of America’s wars from the Revolutionary war to Viet Nam. Not withstanding, I am related to Queen Elizabeth II, I am a Canadian & she is my sovereign and head of state. As I have served in the Canadian Armed Forces on 3 occasions,I have sworn and oath to the Crown on at least 3 different times. I have met the Queen & Queen Mother. Further, I am a member of Little Forks Branch of U.E.L.

This is my Heritage and part of who I am (ALL of IT). I am a Canadian and a Patriot proud of my heritage.

…Capt. Robin Tyler (ret’d) B.A.,M.A.   President, Canadian Society, Sons of the American Revolution   Associate member, Little Forks Br., U.E.L.A.C.

King’s Landing, 25 September 2004

On Saturday, September 25th, the Fredericton Branch hosted the New Brunswick Branch in a visit to the historical settlement of King’s Landing.

The members and their guests were welcomed by Mr. Darrell Butler, Chief Curator of Kings Landing, who conducted them through the Collections Building containing a huge number of articles from New Brunswick farms, businesses and homes. He explained that their mandate is to study the evolution of life in rural New Brunswick from pre- Loyalist to the late Victorian era by examining new acquisitions and learning their histories from the donors.

After a very interesting and informative visit, the group relaxed over a delicious lunch at the King’s Head Inn, where they enjoyed the fellowship of their associates from Fredericton and Saint John.

…Frances Morrisey

Sir John Johnson Br., Obituary, James Kenneth Hamilton

The members and friends of the Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch were saddened to learn of the death of Kenneth Hamilton, devoted member and a past-president, on August 22nd, 20004. He was the President from 1987-89.

In 1989, Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch with Heritage Branch, co-hosted the UELAC Annual Convention at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec, when the Guest of Honour was Prince Philip. Ken and Phyllis, his wife, and members of both Branches, worked tirelessly in order to produce a most successful and memorable several days.

Ken was very active in several organizations in Granby and other communities in the Eastern Townships, serving as president, board member and volunteer wherever he was needed.

Both Ken and Phyllis were awarded medals from the Government of Canada for their many contributions to volunteerism.

The Memorial Service took place on August 28, 2004 at Granby United Church. Proof of Ken’s value to the community and his many friends was obvious at this Service,as there were no vacant seats available. Thank you Ken!

…Jean McCaw


Qualify as a Loyalist

Would a fellow who was born in Massachusetts and emigrated to Cornwallis, Nova Scotia about 1764, where he lived until his death in 1790 be considered as a Loyalist for purposes of your society?


I don’t think so. The requirements were essentially:

– Had been residents in the revolting colonies at the commencement of the revolutionary war.

– Joined the Royal standard.

– Were residents in Canada before the Treaty of Separation in 1783.

As a person who had already moved away from the “American” colonies before the breakout of the war, then wouldn’t qualify. However, chances are his descendants at some point married into Loyalist lines.

Loyalist Women’s Clothing

I am planning a “heritage” fashion show for the Chesterville and District Historical Society. I have a couple of gentlemen that are re-enactors who are coming in Jessup’s Rangers & KRRNY uniforms. What I need to know is what Loyalist women would have worn. I realize that the style of clothing for women in the US & Europe was the empire waist style with a low neckline. However, I find it difficult to understand that women working in the “wilds” of Canada from 1783-1820ish would have worn this type of clothing. Do you have any idea of their clothing style or someone who could give me info on this. It doesn’t have to be an expert, just someone in the know. Thanks. I am doing a bit of research on the UEL burials in the US and those which are under water. I have come across some interesting facts having to do with the outcome of the War of 1812-14. Anyhow. Take care, thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

…Carolyn Goddard, U.E., President, St. Lawrence Branch {carol DOT goddard AT sympatico DOT ca}

New York City Twin Towers Land

Thanks for the reference. As you know, many UELs are descended from people who lived on or owned property in that area. Among them are those, like my wife Elizabeth, who claim descent via Michael Showers from Annetje Jans. Including the Americans who remained in the new U.S.A. this 17th century Dutch lady has today thousands of descendents.

…John Ruch, U.E.