“Loyalist Trails” 2005-8 February 28, 2005

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Heritage Week Activities
“Westward Ho” Conference: Register now for the Best Buy package
Died this Day: Charles de Salaberry, 1829
      + Loyalist Hymns and Prayers
      + Response re UE or U.E.; that is the question


Heritage Week Activities

Today I dressed to represent the UEL part of my heritage and, with some others in their heritage costumes, handed out calendars at First Canadian Place in Toronto. 350 calendars in less than half an hour (at lunch time) and I must say we made an impact, visually at least.

Hope you are celebrating Heritage week in meaningful ways!

…Heather James, Costume and Gov. Simcoe Branches and Historica

In this five page photographic report of the Heritage Fair held Feb 26th in Cornwall, there were 13 groups represented. Lynne Cook, Genealogist St. Lawrence Branch is in the last picture on page 5. Others from that branch are in the two pictures, 1st picture on page 2 and 3rd picture on page 3.

…Lynne Cooke and Michael Eamer, St. Lawrence Branch

“Westward Ho” Conference: Register now for the Best Buy package

Interest is starting to build now that Spring is nigh in Regina. Twenty-two others have beat you through the registration path thus far. Think about it soon and make your travel plans. Do that and take advantage of the Best-Buy registration package which expires on April 1, only 1 month from tomorrow. Time to get off the winter procrastination lazy chair – Register today!!

For details visit the web page.

Died this Day: Charles de Salaberry, 1829

Soldier born at Beauport, Que., on Nov 19, 1778. After leaving home at 14 to join the British Army, he saw action during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1810, he was appointed aide-de-camp to Maj-Gen de Rottenberg in Lower Canada and two years later won promotion to colonel with orders to raise a local militia regiment of voltigeurs just in case the United States should declare war. On Oct. 26, 1813, his small force was sent to the Chateauguay River to discourage a large but ineptly led American army that was intent on taking Montreal. Using wit and wiles, he turned back the enemy in a two-hour engagement throughout which he stood on a tree stump and directed the fight with sword in hand (he later wrote that he “rode a wooden horse”). After the war, he was retired on half pay, was made a Companion of the Bath and joined the legislative council of Lower Quebec.

…The Globe & Mail, 28 Feb 2005


Loyalist Hymns and Prayers

Could anyone provide any Loyalist Hymns or Prayers which could be used in a church service. The one hymn I have is the Loyalist Hymn based on God Our Help In Ages Past. Prayers or hymns written by Loyalists would also do it.

…George Anderson, Sir Guy Carleton Branch {andrew1 AT magma DOT ca}

Response re UE or U.E.; that is the question

From Records of Our History, Colonial Identities Canada from 1760 to 1815, published by the National Archives of Canada 1988. page 60/61:

Accompanying the Quebec Order in Council for Land Boards to preserve registry of persons “who had adhered to the Unity of Empire” National Archives of Canada Negatives nos. C -130528 and C-130529:

Origin of the Term “United Empire Loyalist” 1789

In 1789, Lord Dorchester, the Governor-in-Chief of British North America, proclaimed that the Loyalists and their children should be allowed to append “UE” to their names, “alluding to their great principle, the Unity of the Empire,” hence the phrase “United Empire Loyalist,” or UEL. The term originally applied to Quebec and Upper Canada (Ontario) alone; it was officially recognized in the Maritimes only in the twentieth century.

…Fred H. Hayward UE, Central West Region VP