“Loyalist Trails” 2006-01 January 1, 2006

In this issue:
“Let Loose Our Library” Project and Fund Raiser
Vancouver Branch UELAC Library & Resource Centre
Loyalist Research Resources
George and Anna Okill’s Silver Tankard from 1742
More about People from Stone Arabia, Mohawk Bus Trip
More Vankoughnet information
Loyalist Directory Additions: Cooke and Burwell


“Let Loose Our Library” Project and Fund Raiser

A major UELAC project for 2006 is to make the information in the Dominion Office Library available for researchers. Part of the activity around this is a campaign to raise funds for this effort and to support the library after 2006. The campaign target is $25,000.

The library has a number of published and unpublished family histories and genealogies, in addition to an assortment of Loyalist and related reference books, biographies etc.

In addition to the funds, the contents of the library will be re-catalogued and re-shelved during the course of the year. We intend to find a way to make the catalogue available on the Internet.

The fund raising is just underway with many of the UELAC executive members making a contribution already. As of today we have raised $1,180., or about 4.7% of our objective. Please consider helping us by making a contribution by funding:

– a wall of book cases $10,000 or more

– a book case $1000

– a book shelf $250

– a book set $100

– a book $50

– a chapter of a book $25

– a page of a book $10 or more

Donations of more than $10. will receive a charitable receipt. Make donations payable to “UELAC”, mark in the comments field “Let Loose Our Library” and send to

UELAC “Let Loose Our Library”

50 Baldwin Street, Suite 102

Toronto, ON     M5T 1L4

The current status is noted and will be updated on our web site (click here), where there is a donation form, and on that page follow the link to List of Donations – your donation will be shown along with, or without, your name as you prefer. Larger donations will be listed in the Loyalist Gazette.

Vancouver Branch UELAC Library & Resource Centre

The Vancouver Branch UELAC has had a library collection for several years; however it wasn’t until 2003 that a library committee came together and set as their goal “to open and operate a library where members could come to do their loyalist research.” The Library Committee consists of Rebecca Fraser, UE, Carl Stymiest, UE, Audrey Viken, UE, and Mary Anne Bethune plus several other volunteers during the year. The Vancouver UELAC Branch Library & Resource Centre is open every second and fourth Thursday [from 10:00am – 3:00pm] of each month [except December, July and August]. The committee asks that members or visitors call first to make an appointment, as room is limited.

Rebecca Fraser, UE graciously offered her home and allowed us to “take-over” her basement where we moved in, bookcases, file cabinets, boxes of archives and our books, magazines and periodical inventory. After a few busy months of unpacking boxes, shelving, filing, and cataloguing materials, we were set for our Grand Opening.

Members working on a certificate application as well as others researching loyalist are welcomed. If help is needed, the Branch, Genealogist, Carl Stymiest, UE and his Assistant, Rebecca Fraser, UE arrange an appointment.

As of January 2006, our newly donated computer will be up and running so that members will be able to access resource media that the library has been acquiring over the past few years. As well as media, the library boasts a fine and growing collection each year. Books are arranged from East to West with the largest section being Reference Books.

The library also has acquired a number of members and non-member published family histories containing information on loyalist ancestor(s). Our greatest accomplishment this year was to have our inventory listed and cross-referenced on a database that was designed and completed after many months of work and dedication, by committee member, Audrey Viken, UE. This Library & Resource Centre Listing is for sale to members at the cost of $2.00 + s/h [if necessary].

…Carl Stymiest, UE

Loyalist Research Resources

As many of those who start researching to see if they have Loyalist ancestry, or those who are delving deeper into the history and genealogy of their Loyalist ancestors, don’t know where to start looking or where to look further, we have started a list or directory of Loyalist Research Resources on our web site. The Resources at this time are meant to be libraries, collections, archives etc. We will add more facilities to the list as the information is provided to us.

The list has been started with two entries (click here to see it). We are looking for more entries of facilities within the UELAC Branch environment and of entries of facilities outside the UELAC as well. To add an entry, forward to me a two to five paragraph description of the facility, noting any specialties of the materials such as a geographical area of time period and a link or two to a web site which has more detail. The contents should have some significant Loyalist relevance.

George and Anna Okill’s Silver Tankard from 1742

The Montreal Gazette of today (Mon., Dec. 26/05) carried a fascinating report on the rediscovery and forthcoming auction of a silver tankard that apparently was a wedding gift to George and Anne Okill when they were married in Philadelphia in 1742, and which subsequently passed into the hands of their son-in-law, Rev. John Stuart, UEL, husband of their daughter Jane Okill. The tankard traveled north with them as Loyalists when the American Revolution broke out. On Rev. Stuart’s death in 1811, the tankard reputedly became the property of his son, Sir James Stuart, Chief Justice, who was later made a baronet. After Sir James died, it went in turn to the latter’s three sons, the last of whom died in the early 20th century. The tankard was then reportedly deposited in a London bank vault and forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1969. It is now to be auctioned at Christie’s in New York and is expected to fetch approx. $100,000. Canadian when it goes under the hammer.

…submitted by Robert Wilkins U.E., President, Heritage Branch

More about People from Stone Arabia, Mohawk Bus Trip

In the information from George Anderson [issue 2005-44, Dec 27] I am wondering if the name is Andreas Find or Fink. Our Fink-Nelles ancestors were from the Mohawk Valley and some of my ancestors were baptized in one or both of those churches. It was Christian Fink who married Elizabeth Nelles and their one son was Andrew Timmerman Fink, who became my great grandfather and then their son, Andrew Timmerman Fink Jr. was my grandfather. Christian & Elizabeth Fink came to Ontario from the Mohawk Valley and settled in the Port Hope Area. They are buried in the White Church Cemetery, which was beside the church, which was built on property from their farm. My great grandparents, my grandparents and my parents are all buried at the cemetery at Vanessa, ON. They were not Loyalists and so it is through Elizabeth’s father, Andrew Nelles, that we have our SAR and DAR connection.

…Ellen Tree UE, Grand River Branch

I have had a look at the information which you provided Ellen, and have checked a few references and “Fink” instead of “Find” should be the spelling. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I suspect I typed it wrong and have corrected my data.

Here are some bits of related information:

The Stone Arabia patent map lists Andreas and Christian Fink as original patentees.

The Trinity Lutheran Church of Stone Arabia by Reverend Andrew Dillenbeck list Andreas and Christian “Frenck” as members. This document is available at a Latter Days Saints Family History Centre from its computerized library under film # 0017906. It contains information on the births, marriages and deaths recorded at the church in case you want to search for family events. Please bear in mind if you attempt to get this document that there are gaps in its information.

The Records of the The Reformed Dutch Church Of Stone Arabia edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh has entries for the “Finck” Family. This document also has vital records of the church. It is accessible through the Latter Day Saints computerized library under film # 0533497. The vital records are also incomplete.

The Timmerman Family is very closely associated with Snell’s Bush Church in nearby Manheim. I understand, but please correct me if I wrong, that the original name was Zimmerman but some of the family began to use Timmerman. This may not apply to your Timmermans. Snell’s Bush and Stone Arabia are only about 10 -15 miles apart. You will find several stones pertainining to the Timmerman Family in the Snell’s Bush Church, Cemetery which is right next to the church..The cemetery stones are in a very good state of repair. I understand that every year that there is a Timmerman Family Reunion at the Snell Bush’s Church. These may be your Timmermans.

The Nelles Family is closely associated with Trinity Lutheran Church and the Old Palatine Church which is a few miles east of Fort Klock. The Nelles Family were some of the founders of the Old Palatine Church. Mrs. Helen Nelles is presently member of Trinity Lutheran Church. William Nelles was one of the original patentees of Stone Arabia.

…George Anderson

More Vankoughnet information

The Vankoughnet name is an interesting one for me. My grandfather, [Canon] Arthur Jarvis, son of [Judge] George Stephen Benjamin Jarvis, was born in Cornwall. The Vankoughnets were a well known family there. Please refer to From Royal Township to Industrial City Cornwall 1784 – 1984 by Elinor Kyte Senior, pages 116, 121-124,, 126, 134, 136-139, 141, 146-147, 158, 225, 380 (an impressive number of pages). I have written a biography of Arthur (not published) using his diaries, autobiography, and family papers. In the said autobiography there is a reference to Kate Van Koughnet [sic]. Arthur’s widowed mother and his unmarried sister, Caroline [Caro], who had been living with Arthur in Morrisburg, went to stay with Kate during the time that Arthur went to “the old country” in 1880. I have not been able to find out anything about Kate.

…Ann Jarvis Boa UE, Heritage Branch, Montreal

Loyalist Directory Additions: Cooke and Burwell

We continue to add new names as well as more details to the information in our Loyalist Directory as information is provided to us. Check additional names and/or information for:

– Rev Samuel Cook, courtesy of Bev Craig, UE

– Samuel and James Burwell, courtesy of Bev Craig, UE

If you have a loyalist name which is not listed, and/or some additional information for an existing or new loyalist, send me a note and I will work with you to add it.