“Loyalist Trails” 2006-03, January 16, 2006

In this issue:
A Capital Experience: UELAC Conference 2006 in Toronto
“Let Loose our Library” Project
Stripes, Stars and Dollar Signs: A Revolutionary Flag returns home to USA
Letter of Appreciation from Harriet Irving Library, Fredericton
New Hampshire Genealogy & History Fair Saturday 4 March
      + William Everhart Wager Descendants


A Capital Experience: UELAC Conference 2006 in Toronto

Gov. Simcoe and Toronto Branches hope you will join them for this year’s UELAC Conference in Toronto, June 1-4. Explore “Old Town” Toronto, learn from expert genealogists and historians, network and enjoy more of our history at the “Salute to York” reception, participate in an “Evening at Fort York”, take in our Worship Service at Black Creek Pioneer Village and be there at the Gala Banquet. People to see; things to do. Join us and make new memories.

The web site with registration form and details – a few loose ends to be tied up yet – is ready for you: click here.

Toronto is ready for you. Come early and stay late to take advantage of the wonderful research facilities and sources.

“Let Loose our Library” Project

Thank you for taking up the challenge to support our Library. More donations were received this week taking us to $2,030, which is 8.1% of our target of $25,000. Thanks to our new donors who included Betty Fladager, Donald Grant and George and Janet Anderson.

Stripes, Stars and Dollar Signs: A Revolutionary Flag returns home to USA

By GLENN COLLINS, Published: November 11, 2005 © The New York Times Company

The war veterans who once revered them and followed them – and then lost them – are all long gone. But now, their battle standards, taken by the enemy, have at last returned to American soil after two and a quarter centuries.

The flags are believed to date from the Revolutionary War and to have been seized by a notorious British cavalry officer, Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton.

On Oct. 28, the four flags arrived in New York from the south of England, where they had been privately hung as wall trophies by Tarleton’s descendants.

Their sudden re-emergence, like the awakening of a martial Rip Van Winkle, has caused a stir in military and historical circles, to the intense satisfaction of Sotheby’s, the auction house. It hopes to sell the flags next year for a total of $4 million to $10 million.

Such an improbably grand price for four faded pieces of fragile, hand-stitched and hand-painted silk derives from their origin as “sacred and vivid relics of the birth our nation,” said David N. Redden, a vice chairman of Sotheby’s in Manhattan.

“Flags of such rarity and history have never come up for sale,” said Mr. Redden, who has an auction tentatively scheduled for next June 14 – Flag Day.

The flags arrived from the Hampshire home of Capt. Christopher Tarleton Fagan, 70, who said his great-great-great-great-uncle was Banastre Tarleton

…submitted by Bill Smy UE

Letter of Appreciation from Harriet Irving Library, Fredericton

Because of the generous contribution to the Loyalist Fund by the United Empire Loyalist Association [through Fredericton Branch], the Harriet Irving Library was able to purchase the following titles to augment the Loyalist Collection:

1. Supreme Court Judgement Books (vols. 11-14): Prince Edward Island: RG 6

Note: Vols. 1-10 are in the Loyalist Collection. Material is not already filmed.

2. General: Headquarters Book MG 12 Series HQ Vol. 0A Headquarters book, 1774-1776, of General Thomas Gage, British Commander-in-Chief in America; general orders, including the evacuation of Boston and the arrival of the troops in Halifax. (Material is not filmed at the Provincial Archives of NS.)

It is with gratitude I write this.

…Christine Jack, Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick

New Hampshire Genealogy & History Fair Saturday 4 March

This is the first event of the series of 6 NE States. The first is dedicated to New Hampshire Genealogy & History. Each vendor is required to have a talk on their products or a topic relevant to the state the event is in. As a vendor, I will be presenting a talk on New Hampshire Loyalists. TIARA (Irish Research) will present a talk on Irish genealogy.

When we are at each state, the event will be presented with mostly that states genealogy and history. All the talks are informal round table discussions in small groups so the attendees can get the most one on one attention.

Date: Saturday 4 March 2006.

Time: Attendee Registration, 8 AM – 8:45 AM

Vendor Set-up Time: 7 AM – 8 AM.

Location: Horse Pond Fish & Game Club of Nashua, New Hampshire

Register as a guest ($30, $40Cdn) or as a vendor ($8 per table, $10Cdn). Click here for details (left side, button near the bottom “STATES GEN/HIS VENDOR CON“).

…Paul Bunnell {BunnellLoyalist AT aol DOT com}


William Everhart Wager Descendants

I am all aflutter about a morsel I overlooked earlier. If you go to page 1190-91 of Loyalist Lineages and start at William Everhart Wager, down a couple of generations to Hiram S. and Lydia Miller, Hazel’s grandparents.

I think I mentioned that my applicant, Hazel May Wagar is alive, well and with her wits about her. That’s what I overlooked. The next generation, William Ross Wager is her uncle, brother of Hazel’s father Donald listed as issue in the preceding paragraph. Hazel knew her grandfather, her long dead uncle and her first cousin Julia who follows in the next generation. Hazel tells me that Julia and her husband James GOOD were frequent visitors in their house.

So the people that follow, all the way down to David Andrew ECCLESTONE are all first cousins removed a varying number of generations. It seems to me they would love to know there is a 103 year-old WAGAR who actually knew their second great grandparents Hiram & Lydia, their Great grandparents, and so on… And of course, if they would share their proofs down to the level of Hiram, I already have all I need to connect Hiram down to the present.

I tried the Internet ‘phone directories with no luck. Can you put me in contact with a member in this line?

…Warren Sadler

[submitted by Carl Stymiest, Vancouver Branch; please email Carl with information at {genebug444 AT yahoo DOT ca)