“Loyalist Trails” 2006-33 August 16, 2006

In this issue:
UELAC Reports Reminder
The Loyalist Moon
Performance of “Molly Brant” Musical
Battles and Regiments on the Internet
Help Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Bay of Quinte Branch and Park: Sept 9
UELAC Vancouver Branch: Celebrate The Landing of our Loyalist Ancestors [1783]
Vancouver Branch 75th Anniversary Celebrations May 6, 2007
Heraldry: The combination of Art and History
      + Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia
      + History of Niagara. (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
      + The French Régime in Prince Edward Island (1720-1758)
      + D’objets anciens provenant de familles loyalistes installés au Québec
      + Information on Matthews of Matthews Strait
      + Jacob Wirt of Bladensburg in Naval Records
      + Information on Nicholas Drury


UELAC Reports Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that Branch Reports are due to the Regional VPs Sep. 1st. Furthermore Sep 21st is the deadline for reports for the Fall Dominion Council Meeting. Thanks!

…Peter W. Johnson UE, President, UELAC

The Loyalist Moon

We have a Loyalist Rose, so why not a Loyalist Moon? The September 2006 issue of Sky & Telescope reported that Pluto’s recently discovered moons have been named “Nix” and “Hydra”. Astonomers might argue that Nix is the Greek goddess of the night, but consider this! Nix is also the surname of a Loyalist family that ended up in Prince Edward Co. ON. Harmanus Nix was in the New Jersey Volunteers. We might like to think that we have our own Loyalist Moon!

…Peter W. Johnson U.E., President, UELAC

Performance of “Molly Brant” Musical

“Molly Brant” will be performed at the Clayton Opera House on Wednesday, August 23, at 8 p.m. The premiere performance of the one-act musical, “Molly Brant”, written by Augusta Cecconi-Bates of Cape Vincent, took place in St. George’s Cathedral in Kingston on April 25, 2003. This is the story of the Mohawk Clan Mother who rallied the Mohawks to remain loyal to the British before, during, and after the American Revolution. Because of her loyalty to the crown, she was forced to escape into Canada, but became one of the founders of Kingston, Ontario.

The show met with artistic acclaim and was performed at the Clayton Opera House in 2004, and many more times in the U.S. and Canada. In June of 2006, the script was rewritten by Joan Sutherland, and a second act was added to include Molly’s life with her husband, Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the New York Colony. The two-act version opened on Wolfe Island in April this year, and was followed in June by three performances during Kingston’s First Capital Days Festival where it received standing ovations. It also received a standing ovation at the Lake Ontario Playhouse in Sackets Harbor in July. Mary Jo Deans from the Historical Society of Sackets Harbor said, “It is a high caliber performance; the vocal quality is superb.” Janet Kinnie said, “I never expected such a wonderful show. I had not anticipated the high quality and beautiful music.”

Tickets at the door are $15, but $12 if purchased in advance by phoning Augusta Cecconi-Bates at 315-771-2617 or by visiting her web site, www.cecconibates.homestead.com or at Kinney Drugs, Clayton.

Battles and Regiments on the Internet

For a description of revolutionary war battles, in fact British battles for several wars in which Britain was a participant, between the King George’s War (Austrian Succession) and the Second Boer War, click here.

AND, a MUST for ALL loyalists who’s ancestors served in Loyalist Regiments, click here.

For a Register and Index of NORTH AMERICAN PROVINCIAL & LOYALIST Regiments and Corps 1600-1783, click here or visit the home site, undoubtedly the finest I have found for information regarding the British Army. This site is a MUST for anyone with ANY interest in the British, Commonwealth and Loyalist forces through history … regiments.org.

…Bruce Towers UE, Connecticut

Help Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Bay of Quinte Branch and Park: Sept 9

We are holding a special anniversary dinner on Sat. Sept. 9th, 2006 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the Branch and United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park in Adolphustown. Tickets are $75 each, but you are also supporting the UELHCP and will receive a tax receipt for $40. This will raise much needed funds for the Research Centre and displays at Allison House. We are asking all our members to make a special effort to support this event, as it is a ONCE-IN-FIFTY YEARS activity as well.

The event will be held at the Harvest Ballroom of the Holiday Inn, Trenton, Ontario, conveniently located on the Glen Miller Road Exit right off Highway 401, easily recognized by the Jet Plane in the yard. There will be a social hour starting at 5:00PM with dinner served at 6:00PM and program presentations taking place around 7:15PM.

The menu for the evening will be a served sit down plate dinner consisting of garden salad, prime rib dinner with herb and garlic roasted potatoes and glazed carrots, and assorted fruit pies for dessert, tea, coffee and beverages. We will also be having a special anniversary cake to help us celebrate this special occasion. There will also be a cash bar available during the evening.

Entertainment will be provided by local Singer/Songwriter Jeff Nelson, who is an Irish Tenor who also plays guitar. Jeff is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and a quote from an Intelligencer reporter reads “Jeff Nelson’s polished voice switches easily from a rich tenor to delicate falsetto. Jeff approaches both rock ballads and more demanding material with skill, feeling, and a style that makes you listen”.

There will be four inductees to the Loyal Americans Hall of Honour this year. They all have loyalist roots in the Bay of Quinte area. The inductees this year are Belleville area philanthropists Jack and Bernice Parrott, UEL genealogist and historian Dr. Herbert C. Burleigh, and the Right Honourable Lester B. Pearson, former Prime Minister of Canada.

As part of the evening there will be door prizes, and a silent auction of over 15 collectible or historic items, including a large 1863 Tremaines Map of Prince Edward County, 2 different Bartlett Prints from 1840s, two recent paintings, a 1780s Spanish 8 Reales silver coin, colonial Georgian coins, 1860 Canada 1-cent stamp and other collectibles. If you are really interested in one of the Lot Numbers but cannot attend the evening, we will consider you emailing us a bid, but your email bid will be considered a binding contract. The silent auction will be run by director Jim Gubb. You may contact him at jagubb@sympatico.ca or 613-394-1180.

If you wish to buy a ticket for the dinner please contact your local area executive member. They are available from: Bob Barber 613-962-1777, Thelma Coulter 613-969-8181, Brandt Zatterberg 613-373-2196, Jim Gubb 613-394-1180.

…Brian Tackaberry, President, Bay of Quinte Branch {btacka AT trytel DOT com}

UELAC Vancouver Branch: Celebrate The Landing of our Loyalist Ancestors [1783]

Mark your calendars for Sunday, Sept. 24, 11:00am- 5:00pm

At the home of UEL Vancouver Branch President, John Anderson, UE

Program: Old Loyalist Landing Activities [Creating a Shelter; Loyalist Washing Day; Loyalist Games, Drawing for Land Lots, etc] + Typical FOOD of the Day – Food rations cost: $8.00 /person, to be collected at the gate. Please come in period costume.

E-Mail Carl if you wish to Attend: {uelacvancouverbranch AT yahoo DOT ca}

Vancouver Branch 75th Anniversary Celebrations May 6, 2007

Mark your longer range calendar for Sunday, May 6, 2007 from 11:00 am until 2:30 pm.

UELAC Vancouver Branch’s 75th Anniversary of their Charter at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club-Point Grey.

Program will include Special Guest: UELAC Dominion President, Peter Johnson, UE. More details to come!

E-Mail Carl for information at {uelacvancouverbranch AT yahoo DOT ca}

Heraldry: The combination of Art and History

As a person who enjoys the past and the study of everything historical did you know there is a way to be involved with the 13th century in the 21st century? Heraldry is quite simply the combination of art and history that has been in existence since the 13th century and still is as alive today as it ever was then! Most people believe that heraldry is simple the creation of coats of arms for people; it is so much more then that, it’s the study of the art and artist that are key in this wonderful art form and the study of living history – the same practices that started 700 years ago are still being done today but in countries around the world.

The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada is the national society that supports the work of these artists and historians and promotes the excitement of heraldry to all citizens of Canada. There are local branches in all but one region of Canada – the Maritime. With your support we are going to change that with the formation of the Maritime Branch. We will continue the proud traditions of the society and form some new traditions of our own.

Why join the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada? Meeting people with a similar interest; Branch Membership; Magazine on heraldry; Social gatherings; AND MUCH MORE…

What does it cost? Membership fees are set by our national society: Student $25 (under 25 years old); Regular $75

We are actively trying to increase our membership in the Maritime provinces to a level that can support our own branch and with your help we can do it, and fast! If you would like more information or wish to join please contacted Paul Langan on 709-364-2691 or email {paul AT langan DOT ca} (in Newfoundland & Labrador) or Jason on email {jdlr64 AT hotmail DOT com} (in Nova Scotia). We look foreword to meeting you.

…Paul Langan, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada


Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia

Compiled by Marion Gilroy under the direction of D. C. Harvey, Archivist (originally published 1937) The list of United Empire Loyalists who appear in this book, was compiled from the land papers in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and checked with the land papers in the Department of Lands and Forests of the province. The general purpose of this publication was to collect in as compact a form as possible all the information that has survived on Loyalist settlements in Nova Scotia and to make this accessible to the descendants who are interested. Click here for more information.

History of Niagara. (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)

By: Janet Carnochan The History of Niagara is a compelling and complete history of the town of Niagara (Niagara-on-the-Lake), from the first European settlement until 1914. Since arrival of the English, Niagara-on-the-Lake has been known as Loyal Village; Butlersburg; West Niagara; Newark; Niagara, and now as Niagara-on-the-Lake. Click here for more information.

The French Régime in Prince Edward Island (1720-1758)

By D. C. Harvey. The author provides an authoritive history of Prince Edward Island during the thirty eight years of the French régime (1720-1758). From settlement to expulsion, the reader explores the experiences of the inhabitants and learns how the politics of the time affected those French families who chose to settle on Île Saint-Jean. Click here for more information.


D’objets anciens provenant de familles loyalistes installés au Québec

Mon nom est Michel Laurent et je suis conservateur au Musée de la civilisation de Québec. Nous sommes à la recherche d’objets anciens provenant de familles loyalistes installés au Québec. Ces objets seraient exposées dans notre exposition permanente dont le titre est Le temps des Québécois. Cette exposition traite de l’histoire de tous les québécois qu’ils soient autochtone, francophone, anglophone ou allophone. Si vous pouvez me mettre en contact avec des personnes des associations qui possèdent des objets de l’époque des loyalistes nous en serions très heureux. Merci.

…Michel Laurent, conservateur Musée de la civilisation {mlaurent AT mcq DOT org}

Information on Matthews of Matthews Strait

I hope you can assist me. I understand that an ancestor of mine was a Loyalist during our Revolutionary war. According to my information he was granted land in Canada for his services that became known as Matthews Strait. I do not have any information as to his first name all I know is that he fought on the British side and was awarded a land grant in Canada. Can you obtain any further information regarding this for me? I appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thank you!!

…Linda Matthews {lmatthews48 AT sbcglobal DOT net}

Jacob Wirt of Bladensburg in Naval Records

Hello from one of your neighbors to the south. I have been helping someone with some genealogy research and ran into a problem I was hoping you could help me with. We have a Jacob Wirt of Bladensburg, Maryland, who reportedly served in the Royal Navy. Jacob was born in 1729 and died in about 1793. I was wondering if you might have records for the Royal Navy that cover this period, and if so, is there any mention of Jacob Wirt. His brother, Uriah Jasper or Jasper Wirt was also a seaman, and could also be mentioned.

Thank you for your assistance.

…Douglas T. Wilson {wild_wilson AT hotmail DOT com}

Information on Nicholas Drury

Last night here in Central Illinois, USA, I watched our Public Broadcasting System’s “History Detectives” show. One of the three featured searches was an effort to determine whether a Dunham man from Saratoga, NY had indeed been a Loyalist and gone to Brockville, Canada around 1784. They mentioned your organization and the search was a success. No doubt you have seen this or heard about it before, because I think this was a re-run.

My direct ancestor Nicholas DRURY and wife Catharina (Schmidt) DRURY are listed in baptisms in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Albany, in 1785 and 1788, for the baptisms of two of their children, as follows:

“July 3, 1785 at Albany, Baptized by the Rev. Jno Doty … (illegible) … In the province of Canada, Henry, born June 30th, 1785 son of Nicholas and Catherine Drury. Sponsors Robert Henson and Phebe Hilton.”

Lee Stanton, Archivist and Historian of St. Peter’s, says in his/her letter: “This baptism took place during a time when St. Peter’s was in a state of flux because of the Revolutionary War. The Rector had fled behind the British lines.”

He lists a second baptism: “Baptized in June 1788. 8 Benjamin s. of Nicholas Drury by Catharine his wife. Thomas Ellison, Rector.” It seems “8” refers to the day in June. No location is given.

This certainly indicates that the Drury couple also fled behind the British lines, if they and Henry were there for this baptism. Eight years earlier in James Sullivan’s Minutes of the Albany Committee of Correspondence, 1775-1777, Vol. I:882 (6 Aug 1777), one finds “An Account of Nicholas Drewry for transporting Tories from this place [Albany] to Esopus [adjacent to Kingston, NY] was presented amounting to 25 pounds which is ordered to be paid.” This makes it sound as if Nicholas was doing work for the Committee of Correspondence and the Revolutionaries.

I looked at several web sites relating to the United Empire Loyalists of Canada, but do not find any list of names I might check. Thus, I am writing this email to ask if there is a list I could check on-line, and if not whether you could check your sources for the DRURY family, which had lived in Albany and Rhinebeck, Albany County, New York. I kept hoping last night when they showed Myrtle Johnson checking her books that they would do a wider shot of the book page. Drury would have to be just above Dunham!

Thank you so much for your time. If there is a fee for such a search, please let me know and give me an address to which to mail it.

…Linda Kmiecik {tonky AT isp DOT com}