“Loyalist Trails” 2006-49 December 24, 2006

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Archives of Ontario to move to York University in 2009
Last Post: Carolyn Hendry
Loyalist Directory Updates
      + Robert Lottridge information added
      + Moses Mount information added
      + Emmanuel Ellerbeck information added
      + Bible of Ellerbeck Family
      + William George Patriarch Family
      + Responses re J.F. in Old Loyalist List
      + Response re Butler’s Company ‘N’


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I am taking this opportunity to wish the various readers of Loyalist Trails a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am sure many of you are UELAC members, but a few are not, so this message goes out to everyone!

Let’s make 2007 a tremendous year for the UELAC in terms of membership and a unified purpose.

…Peter W. Johnson UE, President, UELAC

[Others expressing seasons greetings include Robert McCarey, Grand River Branch, and Doug Grant, the newsletter editor]

Archives of Ontario to move to York University in 2009

TORONTO – The Ontario government is partnering with York University to create a new home for the Archives of Ontario, Minister of Government Services Gerry Phillips announced on December 18. A new and modern facility for the Archives will be built on the main York University campus, at 4700 Keele Street, in Toronto. Over the next two years the Ontario government, in partnership with York University, will oversee the construction of a new archival facility that will provide better public services and enhance access to the province’s history.

The new building, about 98,000 square feet in the heart of the York University main campus, will more than double the size of the current public reference area. The new, self-contained facility will meet international archival standards and make it easier to showcase some of the Archives’ most valuable collections by serving a broader clientele, including school groups and delegations.

The Archives of Ontario, which entered a long-term lease agreement with York University, is the largest provincial archives in Canada, with a collection valued at more than $400 million. The new Archives facility is expected to open in 2009.

Click here for the full release.

[submitted by Kathie Orr]

Last Post: Carolyn Hendry

The Colonel Edward Jessup Branch UELAC lost a valued friend on December 8th when Carolyn Hendry passed away at the Brockville Hospital. Carolyn became a member of the Branch in 1988, recieving her certificate as a descendant of Mahlon Knight, UE. Her interest in and assistance to the Branch will be sorely missed.

…Myrtle Johnston UE, President, Col. Edward Jessup Branch, UELAC

Loyalist Directory Updates

Robert Lottridge information added

Jill Sybalsky used the Word version of our certificate application when she completed her application as a descendant of Robert Lottridge. It was approved in early December. She modified the body of the certificate application to remove private information, and to add additional references to source materials beyond what she used for her UE certificate. The resulting document has been posted under Robert Lottridge in the Directory of Loyalists or can be seen directly at View the application. Thank you Jill.

Moses Mount information added

from “Families” article by Brenda Dougall Merriman. The article is primarily about Moses’ son Roswell.

Emmanuel Ellerbeck information added

Lieut. Emmanuel Ellerbeck who received considerable land grants as an officer was also granted Lot 21, Concession One, Kingston.

Ellerbeck who had lived in Poughkeepsie, NY had come from England in 1774 (died in 1809). There were romantic tales about how to was goaled, got free by promising to enlist in Washington’s Army, and then deserted to the British Army where he served in the Secret Service. He is described as a cavalryman and a mariner which may have been a mixture of his war and peace roles. He appears regularly on the parish list of St. George’s Anglican Church and assisted in the building of the gallery in the church in 1794. He may have been an accomplished carpenter; like many on the frontier, necessity had taught him those skills.

The land granted under the Ontario Archives show that Emmanuel Ellerbeck received considerable land grants as a loyalist. What interests us most is the town lot he received in the town of Kingston and the large grant of Lot 21, Con 1 in Kingston City.

The entry includes a two page biographical sketch and a lineage from Emmanuel to contributor George Ellerbeck.


Bible of Ellerbeck Family

One of my research notes indicates that the Ellerbeck Family bible is in the possession of Eleanor Beatrice MacLean – daughter of William and Effie Ellerbeck. Does anyone know its whereabouts now, as I would very much like to see the inscriptions?

…George R. Ellerbeck {trtykr DOT e AT sympatico DOT ca} how do I email him?

William George Patriarch Family

William George Patriarch came to Canada from the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands in or about 1858. Settled in Burlington area where he lived for some time. Moved to Fort Erie approx 1890.

Henry George Patriarche m 1872 Mary Philomena Ogg. Children:

1. Philip Charles 1875-1954.

2. Marie Antionette 1876-1970 m William Evans.

3. Catharine Eleanor 1877-1962 m John Doherty.

4. Isabella Rose 1879-1960 m Benjamin Andrew Miller.

5. Elizabeth Louisa 1880-1949 m Phillip Phelps – adopted dau. Elizabeth m Robert Torrance. Dau Helen m. Howard Rater.

6. Charlotte Augusta 1882-1979 m William Russel Colbourn.

7. Frances Juliette 1883-1955 m Daneil McCormack.

8. William Nelson 1873 – no DOD.

Would appreciate any information on this family.

…Marian Miller {elfdust AT hotmail DOT com}

Responses re J.F. in Old Loyalist List

J.F. on the old UEL list might refer to Jacob Farrand, registrar for Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry counties around 1800. Only a guess on my part but if the notation is beside certain persons living in these counties, it would seem reasonable.

…Grant McIntosh, UE

There are many unexplained initials besides J.F. in Appendix B, such as A. McL., O.E., W.D., J.W., M.L., R.J., T.L., and many others. Patricia Kennedy at Library & Archives Canada once said they could have been land board members, military officers or government officials personally vouching for an individual’s status. The initials had meaning for the authorities of the time, but it would take some interesting work to uncover all the contemporary identities!

…Brenda Dougall Merriman

I am most certain that these initials stand for: Jeremiah FRENCH, Lt. KRRNY, UE

Jeremiah FRENCH served in first in the Queens Royal Rangers. He enlisted in 1777 and served for seven years in two Loyalist Corps. He then served in KRRNY with my 4th Great-grand-father, Ensign John MANN.

In 1792, he was elected to serve the riding of Stormont in eastern Ontario in the first Legislative Assembley in Upper Canada 1792-1796.

FRENCH was born 1743, in Stratford, CT. He went to Vermont and became a farmer.

He was Bennington where he was taken prisoner in 1777. He joined the KRRNY in 1781.

Following the war, French settled in eastern Ontario where he accumulated some 3800 hundred acres in the district of Lunenburg. He died at Cornwall in 1820.

His wife was Elizabeth Wheeler, she died in 1838 and is buried beside her husband.

Several years ago, I examined a Petition for a land grant in Stormont, which bore the initials “J.F”. I cannot recall the name of the Petitioner, but it was dated before 1795. The land was granted on the recommendation to grant the petition by “Jeremiah French”, stating that the man had served under or with him.

The land was in the Stormont area. I remember the petition because that was where my John MANN received 500 acres at Osnabruck.

At the time of the UEL application, I was the Genealogist of Toronto Branch. In that period I approved more than 50 applications and “my mind groweth dim”.

…Donald J. Flowers, UE

Response re Butler’s Company ‘N’

Norman Crowder’s Early Ontario Settlers: a Sourcebook on page 21 clearly states ” … in Lt. Col. Butler’s Company in the Corps of Rangers at Niagara …” (there is no “N”). Someone either mis-copied from Crowder or from the original provisioning list in the Haldimand Papers.

…Bev Craig, Brenda Dougall Merriman, Gavin Watt