“Loyalist Trails” 2007-24: June 17, 2007

In this issue:
“Stacey & Early Pioneer Monument” in the Ascot Corner Pioneer Cemetery
Bay Of Quinte Branch Hits The Right Notes
A Passion for History: Ruth Nicholson UE – the [Waterdown] Review
Settlement of the United Empire Loyalists on the Upper St. Lawrence and Bay of Quinte in 1784
Royalty Matters: William and Harry are being interviewed on Dateline Monday Night June 18
Royal Canadian’s Mint Five Ounce Pure Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins Honour Queen’s 60th Wedding Anniversary
Last Post for Doris Caroline (Saunders) Hindle September 25, 1922 – June 12, 2007
UELAC Website Updates: Loyalist Directory
      + Information on Arthur McIntosh of Niagara
      + Information on David Dulmage Family Through Son Jacob
      + Information on Joel Stone’s Ancestry


“Stacey & Early Pioneer Monument” in the Ascot Corner Pioneer Cemetery

This weekend sees the unveiling of a monument in the Cemetery to the Stacy’s, one of the founding families of this area near Sherbrooke and to the fifty-eight French and English families whose remains were transferred to this cemetery may years ago. The markers for many graves were broken or lost along the way. Little Forks Branch members are also members of Patrimoine Ascott Heritage, one of the groups helping with the restoration.

“We are extremely busy preparing for the unveiling of the ‘Stacey & Early Pioneer Monument’ in the Ascot Corner Pioneer Cemetery. All the tombstones have been cleaned and the men continue to lift and straighten many of the sunken or tipsey ones.

We are receiving great coverage through the local news media,the Montreal Gazette and CBC Radio — so stay tuned!! Samuel Winslow, Charles Lothrop or Rowena Howard — descendant of — could be Loyalists, and if so, these burials would be children of Loyalists. When the work is completed in the cemetery I shall have more time to do research.”


…Bev Loomis UE, Little Forks Branch

Bay Of Quinte Branch Hits The Right Notes

Congratulations to Bay of Quinte Branch for holding a Musical Event at their park in Adolphustown. Types of music varied from Celtic to the Loyalist Fife & Drums, and it was a most pleasant event. It was a pleasure to be there, both as President and as a member of the Loyalist Fife & Drums.

…Peter W. Johnson UE. President, UELAC

A Passion for History: Ruth Nicholson UE – the Waterdown Review

If you’ve ever been interested in finding out about your own ancestral history, Ruth Nicholson can help. A member of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (UELAC), the Kilbride Public School teacher is enthusiastic about the group, which was formed to help Canadians with Loyalist decedents meet others whose ancestors were also exiled from their homes and properties for supporting the British during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). UELAC members are also encouraged to preserve the memories and traditions of their ancestors. Loyalists believe that to fully understand yourself and be patriotic to your own country, you must learn from your past. To truly appreciate all that led up to where Canada is today as a country – our freedom and wealth – citizens must understand what our ancestors gave up so that we could call Canada home.

Nicholson feels it’s important to “reach out and tell stories,” which she does herself through her teachings to Grade 3 pioneers and Grade 7 Loyalists. She also helps out during historical displays at different community functions, including the City of Hamilton’s heritage celebrations and at Battlefield House in Stoney Creek, during the History Alive celebrations that mark the anniversary of the 1814 Battle of Stoney Creek.

Nicholson is part of the UELAC Hamilton Branch. She wants people to see that it is easy to get actively involved in your UELAC branch. She, as branch secretary of her division for the past seven years, was recognized for her service at the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards in April.

When someone is able to prove their Loyalist status, they are awarded the Dominion Certificate that names their Loyalist ancestors and they are given the right to attach the letter U.E (United to the Empire) to their names. Nicholson says one of the main objectives of the association is “to encourage a stronger emphasis on the study of Canadian history in the school system and, particularly, the study of the Loyalists.” Nicholson, who is in her 32nd year of teaching, feels that volunteer work has helped her develop in many ways. It allows her to meet others with similar interests, and share her stories with them. She hopes young Canadians will realize that their history is not boring, but extremely interesting and take it upon themselves to learn more.

In addition to Nicholson, Hamilton UELAC members Reid Dunham of Carlisle and Marilyn Hardsand of Waterdown were recognized with volunteer awards.

Anyone interested in learning more about his or her own early roots can contact the United Empire Loyalist Association here. The public is also welcome to help celebrate United Empire Loyalists’ Day, Tuesday, June 19 at 11 a.m. at the Loyalist Monument Prince’s Square, located at 50 Main Street East, Hamilton.

[submitted by Gloria Oakes UE]

Settlement of the United Empire Loyalists on the Upper St. Lawrence and Bay of Quinte in 1784

A documentary record by Brig. Gen E. A. Cruickshank. Originally published in 1934. A collection of letters and journal entries of the people who were most closely involved with planning and accomplishing Loyalist settlement between May 1783 and November 1784. Click here for more information.

For those who would be interested in receiving Rick Robert’s email newsletter with many items for sale of interest to UEs, click here for details

…Doris Lemon from Tobermory

Royalty Matters: William and Harry are being interviewed on Dateline Monday Night June 18

In their first-ever American television interview, Prince William and Prince Harry of Wales joined NBC News’ Matt Lauer for an exclusive interview airing Monday, June 18 on “Today” (7-10 AM ET) and “Dateline NBC” (10-11 PM ET). Lauer talked with the two princes last month at their London residence, Clarence House, in this wide-ranging interview. Click here for more.

…Joyce Stevens

Royal Canadian’s Mint Five Ounce Pure Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins Honour Queen’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) today issued commemorative coins of 9999 pure gold and 9999 pure silver to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The gold coin signals two more firsts for the RCM: a $500 face value and a five ounce coin of 9999 pure gold. The silver coin bears a $50 face value and only once before has the RCM minted a coin of five ounces of pure silver.

“The historic reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has reached a new milestone and the Royal Canadian Mint is proud to have issued commemorative coins of pure gold and silver which do justice to the 60th wedding anniversary of Canada’s ruling monarch and His Royal Highness Prince Philip,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “These remarkable gold and silver collector coins signify yet another first for the Mint and I am pleased they were issued for such a memorable occasion.”

Minted of 9999 pure gold and limited to a world-wide mintage of 200, the 2007 5-oz. Gold Coin displays on its reverse the respective coats of arms and mascots of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip. Its 9999 pure silver counterpart is limited to a production of 4,000 and bears the same elegant design by artist Steve Hepburn. Both coins bear the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse. The gold coin retails for the suggested price of $5,999.95 CDN [editor: sold out], while the silver is being offered at $299.95 CDN.

More data on the RCM, visit mint.ca.

Last Post for Doris Caroline (Saunders) Hindle September 25, 1922 – June 12, 2007

Scholar, teacher, story teller, poet, author and painter extraordinaire. Words can’t do her justice yet she had such a wonderful way with words. She was published with Tales Out of School – A collection of stories by Doris Caroline (Saunders) Hindle. She could even make swatting a fly a riveting adventure and sheer entertainment.

She was courageous – the only girl from her hometown of Collingwood to go overseas with the Red Cross Overseas corps during the war; and she became a terrific teacher – during times where a woman’s work was in the home.

She married her childhood sweetheart, the love of her life, William Garfield Hindle.

(Doris was a member of the Manitoba Branch. She was a lovely lady that I so enjoyed visiting. — Barb Andrew, UE, President, Manitoba Branch)

UELAC Website Updates: Loyalist Directory

Loyalist Directory: information about these Loyalists has been added to the directory this week:
– Asa Landen (Landon) Sr. from Sandy Wunder
– Benjamin Bunnell (Bonnell) from Paul J. Bunnell UE
– Jeremiah Fraser from Sandy Wunder


Information on Arthur McIntosh of Niagara

I am looking for the Loyalist parents of Arthur McIntosh, born 1792 in Ontario of Scottish origin. All the records I have for him begin in 1812 in the Niagara Region (Thorold) when he served in the War of 1812 (2nd Lincoln Militia, Capt. Robert Hamilton’s Co). According to Ontario Land Records, he received a grant of 200 acres (in Nissouri Township) for his service as a Seg’t in the 2nd Lincoln Militia (granted 1 Jun 1820). By the 1817 Thorold Township Census, he had married Mary Skinner, but did not have any children. He and Mary had nine children who I believe to be Mary Ann (m Elisha Edwards Smith), Alexander (m Sarah Facer), Jane (m John Marlett), Colin (m Jane Riley – my 2x gr grandparents), James, Hiram (m Agnes Semms), George (m Eleanor Allan), Agnes (m Matthew Flannery) and Safrony (died in infancy) (Source: Alexander’s probate papers leaving his estate to his daughter and his siblings). Would appreciate any help in finding Arthur’s parents and/or leads to Mary Skinner’s family.

…Patricia McIntosh Hendrickson, Nevada {rehpjh68 AT hotmail DOT com}

Information on David Dulmage Family Through Son Jacob

A member of the Gov. Simcoe Branch is researching a line from Loyalist David Dulmage who settled in Marysburgh Township in Prince Edward County ON. Several people have proved descent from David. Loyalist Lineages shows that David Dulmage and Mary Jennings had many children: Elizabeth Ann, Margaret, Jacob, Catharine, Mary J., David Jr., Edward (Ned), John, James and Philip. It shows that those proved then had done so through either David Jr. or Philip.

We are looking for some proof that Jacob was a son of David. Reid’s Loyalists of Ontario shows a Jacob being a son of John Dulmage and receiving a “child of a Loyalist” land grant. However no Jacob as son of David appears to have done so.

Jacob married Sarah Huff, dau of Solomon, who was expunged from the UE list, presumably as a Quaker.

Jacob and Sarah had a dau. Jane Dulmage who married Conrad Bongard (presumably Jr.) son of Conrad Bongard (Bungar), who is on the UE list but noted as expunged as a German Soldier. (That said, there are some stories which claim he was living in the Thirteen Colonies before the Rev. War, which would probably allow him to be a UE Loyalist – a different problem).

We have searched many places looking for a record which would show Jane as dau. of Jacob Dulmage and Sarah Huff. Here 1881 death record dos not show parents’ names.

Any information about David – Jacob – Jane would be most appreciated – any leading to proofs of their relationships even more so.

…Doug Grant, Branch Genealogist, Gov. Simcoe Br. {doug DOT grant AT insurance-canada DOT ca}

Information on Joel Stone’s Ancestry

Enjoyed the newsletter, as always. Am interested in knowing if Joel Stone (see the website An American Refugee: The Story of Joel Stone, United Empire Loyalist) is a descendant from one of the Stone brothers – Simon and Gregory – who were prominent in early Massachusetts. I descend from Gregory and wonder if Joel could be a cousin? I strongly feel that American Tories should know their ancestry at least as far back as the boat….not enough just to come from the USA.

…Doris Cline Ward, NC {dorisward AT aol DOT com}