The Loyalist Collection at the Harriet Irving Library, UNB, contains microfilm of British and early Canadian documents from a period roughly covering 1740-1870. It is split into five categories: Church records, family records, military records, public records, and special collections.

From the late 1960s until 1976, a joint project was undertaken by academic institutions representing Canada, the United States, and Britain: the University of London, City University in New York, and the University of New Brunswick. The project was the Programme for Loyalist Studies and Publications, and by 1976 roughly 700 reels of microfilm were available in the UNB collection. Today, thanks to various grants and donations, that number has ballooned to 3400 reels of microfilm and 700 microfiche. It is mostly unindex, and contains only primary sources.

This collection makes UNB’s Harriet Irving Library one of the very best Loyalist research sites in Canada.

The UNB website has more information on the Harriet Irving Library’s Loyalist Collection.



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