UELAC Scholarship Endowment Fund Challenge 2016

The Loyalist Scholarship Fund-Raiser, January 31 – April 1, 2016

Help us reach our goal of $5000.00

The UELAC mandate includes the understanding of the role and impact of the Loyalists on the development of Canada. Providing Loyalist education resource materials and encouraging research through scholarship support is integral to our mission to preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the United Empire Loyalists.

On January 31, the 2016 Loyalist Scholarship Fund Challenge begins. Please help us reach our goal of $5,000.00. Your dollars directly support Loyalist history research. Please mark your donations ‘Scholarship Fund.’

Beginning January 31st, donations to the Loyalist Scholarship Fund will be recorded in the visual tracker on this page. At the close of the fund drive on April 1, 2016, we will include a Donor Appreciation List.

For those on Facebook and social media, please use your voice to draw attention to this worthy project using #UEscholars and #UELAC2016. Updates will appear in Loyalist Trails and Executive Notes. Please share this initiative through branch newsletters and publications.

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges the financial support from our generous donors.

See how to donate or read more about the scholarship.


Thanks to Our Donors

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges financial support for the 2016 Scholarship Challenge from the following generous donors:

  • Andrew, Barb
  • Assiniboine Branch
  • Austin, Grace
  • Badovinac, Jocelyn
  • Barkley, Murray
  • Bethune, Mary Anne
  • Bicentennial Branch
  • Blackburn, Pat
  • Bruce, Jim
  • Calgary Branch
  • Carle, Dale & Brenda
  • Chilliwack Branch
  • Colonel John Butler Branch
  • Cranston, Don
  • Crook, Joyce
  • Dance, Marlene
  • Edmonton Branch
  • Farlam, Avril
  • Fladager, Richard & Betty
  • Fox, Audrey & Leo
  • Frith, Janet
  • Governor Simcoe Branch
  • Grand River Branch
  • Grant, Doug
  • GS Engineering Consultants
  • Hammill, John
  • Hayward, Fred
  • Heath, Marion
  • Hill Morrison, David
  • Kingston Branch
  • Klassen, June
  • Lemon, Doris
  • Little Forks Branch
  • Lockhart, Shirley
  • MacCrimmon, Irene
  • Manzer, Christine
  • Mathews, Kelly
  • McBride, Grietje & Bob
  • McConnell, Brian
  • Milliken, Peter
  • Nova Scotia Branch
  • Nowell, Richard
  • Poaps, Richard
  • Reid, Irving
  • Reid, Roger & Muriel
  • Schepers, Bonnie
  • Schepers, Magda
  • Shouldice, Sandra
  • Sir John Johnson Branch
  • Steinhoff, Mary
  • Stoermer, Taylor
  • Toronto Branch
  • Vancouver Branch
  • Von Nostrand, Felicia
  • Wilkins, Robert
  • Young, Cynthia


Participate Today!

Please promote the campaign actively. Make a donation. Help make this project a success. Share the information with all UELAC branch members. Make announcements at meetings, include in your newsletters and e-news, promote in social media.

Your participation will have a direct impact on Loyalist history research. The UELAC Scholarship Committee thanks you for your support.