UELAC Scholarship Endowment Fund Challenge 2017

Target $300 Per Branch for Canada 150

The scholarship committee is promoting a 2017 fundraising project in support of the Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund. This year’s challenge is for each UELAC branch to collect 150 toonies for scholarship. Our target is $300 per branch for the Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund.

With every branch participating we have the potential to raise over $8000.00 for the Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund. Perhaps your members have a surplus of loonies. This challenge can be customized to fit any branch budget. All donations are welcome.

July 1, 2017 is the end date. When you accept the challenge your branch will be added to Target 300 updates in Loyalist Trails and Executive Notes. A special wrap-up announcement will take place at the June 24 AGM at the UELAC Conference in London ON.

Our mission is to preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the United Empire Loyalists. Donations to the Target $300 for Canada 150 will help to build a strong foundation for the future of Loyalist research. As descendants of United Empire Loyalists and members who support the UELAC vision statement we are the best advocates for continued support of academic research in the field of Loyalist studies. Now is our time. Let’s celebrate Canada 150 by promoting UELAC scholarship.

Please mark your donations ‘Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund.

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges the financial support from our generous donors.

See how to donate or read more about the scholarship.


Thanks to Our Donors

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges each person who gave a ‘toonie’ in support of the 2017 Scholarship Challenge, and the following generous donors::

  • Assiniboine Branch
  • Calgary Branch
  • Governor Simcoe Branch
  • Kawartha Branch
  • Kingston Branch
  • Nova Scotia Branch
  • Saskatchewan Branch
  • Toronto Branch
  • Vancouver Branch
  • Adair, Gerry & Pat
  • Adair, James
  • Andrew, Barbara J.
  • Blackley, Barbara
  • Blayney, Fred
  • Carle, Dale & Brenda
  • Carter, Barbara
  • Christy, Richard
  • Craig, Rod & Bev
  • Eamer, Reg
  • Grant, Douglas
  • Gross, Gertrude
  • Hammell, Margaret
  • Jackson, Agnes
  • Johnson, Fred
  • Lemon, Doris
  • Lidster, Lance
  • Lockhart, Shirley & James
  • Manzer, Christine
  • McBride, Grietje & Robert
  • McConnell, Brian
  • Reid, Roger & Muriel
  • Schepers, Bonnie
  • Stillman, Andrew
  • and individual anonymous donors


About the Endowment Fund

On June 29, 2016 the UELAC Dominion Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the establishment of the Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund. Seed money of $33,580 was earmarked for investment to generate income in support of UELAC Loyalist Scholarship. With the establishment of the Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund, branches and individuals can give to a fund dedicated to grow and support Loyalist scholarship for years to come. For donations of $20 or more, a tax receipt will be issued by UELAC Head Office, or by CanadaHelps if donating online. Donations to this account must specify Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund.