UELAC Scholarship Endowment Fund Challenge 2020

We did it! The total donations this year nearly tripled our fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Looking Ahead With 20/20 Vision, May 24 – July 1, 2020

Help us reach our goal of $8000.00

The 2020 Scholarship fundraising challenge starts today! This year more than ever students need our support. These are days of uncertainty. University libraries, archives, and research centers are temporarily closed. But UELAC is looking ahead with 2020 vision. Giving to graduate students now ensures that when academic life resumes they will be well-equipped to take up their studies without interruption.

Providing Loyalist education resource materials and encouraging research through scholarship support is integral to our mission to preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the United Empire Loyalists. Your donations make that possible. Please help us reach our 2020 goal of $8,000.00.

For donations of $20 or more, a tax receipt will be issued by UELAC Head Office, or by CanadaHelps if donating online. Donations for the 2020 Challenge must specify ‘Scholarship Endowment Fund.’ Should you wish to make a memorial gift we will ensure that recognition is given to those you wish to honour through your donation. Cheques sent by Canada Post will be picked up at UELAC Dominion Office weekly.

We look forward to sharing donation updates and adding more branches to the list of ‘Branches in Support of Scholarship’. We also gratefully acknowledge the many individual donations whether large or small that come in from across the country. Thank you so much for taking the time to show your support. Donor names will be highlighted below in the Thanks to Our Donors and in Scholarship Endowment Memorial Donations listings. Please check back often to follow our progress on the 2020 Scholarship Challenge donation tracker and watch for updates in both Loyalist Trails and Executive Notes.

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Thanks to Our Donors

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges financial support for the 2020 Scholarship Challenge from the following generous donors:

Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Assiniboine Branch
  • Bicentennial Branch
  • Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch
  • Kawartha Branch
  • New Brunswick Branch
  • Vancouver Branch
  • Andrew, Barb
  • Austin, G.
  • Badovinac, Jocelyn
  • Bruce, Jim
  • Carnevali, A.
  • Craig, Bev
  • Crombie, D.
  • Fladager, B.
  • Fox, Audrey
  • Glover, Brenda
  • Grant, Doug
  • Hayward, Fred
  • Hutchinson, David
  • Johnson, Fred
  • Lidster, L.
  • Lockhart, S.
  • Lucas, F.
  • Manzer, Christine
  • McConnell, Brian
  • McGimpsey, Shirley
  • McKenzie, Jim
  • Purin, B.
  • Reid, R.
  • Robinsong, M.
  • Schepers, B.
  • Skelton, Brooke
  • Smith, M.
  • Strang, Marilyn
  • Stymiest, Carl
  • Trumpour, Ivy
  • Wilkins, Robert
  • and individual anonymous donors

Loyalist Scholarship Fund

  • Governor Simcoe Branch
  • Grand River Branch
  • Adair, James
  • Balch, Beverly
  • Baxter, J. R.
  • Beaman, Roslyn
  • Briggs, Ward
  • Campbell, Robert
  • Crombie, D.
  • Cutway, Nancy
  • Decker, David
  • Glover, Brenda
  • Hayward, F.
  • Hube, Douglas
  • Leake, Jo-Ann
  • Lemon, Doris
  • McBride, B.
  • Minter, Penny
  • Moore, Wendy
  • Ross-Kerr, J.
  • Scott, David
  • Sears, S.
  • Stewart, L.
  • Taylor, Ruth
  • Thorne, Richard
  • Tordiff, Robert and Gerry
  • Watt, Gavin
  • Williamson, Mary
  • Wisener, Kevin
  • Youngman, Shirley
  • Zimmermann, Jean


Scholarship Endowment Memorial Donations

UELAC Scholarship is honoured to accept donations in memory of:

  • Ronald Coleman
  • Rod Craig
  • Theodore Curylo
  • Bill Smy
  • Okill Stuart
  • Dennis Fred Walker

We are extremely grateful to the estate of Dennis Fred Walker for the generous donation to the Scholarship Endowment Fund.