We surpassed our goal of $8088.00 – thank you to everyone who participated!

In response to questions about the 2022 Scholarship Endowment Fund Challenge, it is now underway.  All donations since the first announcement on 15 May will be included.

Why $8088 as a goal? It is simply four times the 2022 year date. Lots of reasons why 2022 may enter the history books, including:

  • The world seems to finally be taking climate change seriously.
  • Despots continue to try to expand their influence; Ukraine fights back. Think about our Loyalist ancestors and the parallels – and differences – with the Rev War.
  • Issues which weren’t so disruptive are growing more serious: food, supply chains, inflation…
  • A special occasion which may never be repeated – our Monarch’s Platinum Jubilee

The Challenge continues because donations to the fund are always needed and appreciated.

Donate Now in support of the UELAC Loyalist Scholarship Endowment Fund.

The year 2025 will mark the 250th anniversary of the American War for Independence and the first of many chapters of our Loyalist story. Our current and past Scholarship winners are joining others now writing new research that challenges the mythology of the American Revolution. Some of us truly understand that the plight of the loyalists has been misrepresented or ignored in some popular teaching and filmmaking.

Thanks to Our Donors

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges financial support for the 2022 Scholarship Challenge from the following generous donors:

Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Assiniboine Branch
  • Chilliwack Branch
  • Governor Simcoe Branch
  • Grand River Branch
  • Kawartha Branch
  • Sir Guy Carleton Branch
  • Victoria Branch
  • R. Alsemgeest
  • J. Baxter
  • M. Bethune
  • J. Bruce
  • F. & B. Compeer
  • D. Crombie
  • M. Dance
  • L. Drake
  • A. English
  • A. Fox
  • B. Glover
  • D. Grant
  • F. Johnson
  • F. Lucas
  • C. Manzer
  • D. Morrison
  • M. Robinsong
  • D. Rogers
  • B. Schepers
  • M. Smith
  • C. Stymiest
  • I. Trumpour
  • H. Whitehouse

Loyalist Scholarship Fund

  • Bicentennial Branch
  • Hamilton Branch
  • J. Adair
  • B. Andrew
  • P. Bragdon
  • W. Briggs
  • R. Campbell
  • J. Cousens
  • D. Crombie
  • B. Fladager
  • S. Fullerton
  • F. Hayward
  • D. Hube
  • S. Lockhart
  • B. McConnell
  • B. McLeod
  • R. Reid
  • L. Stewart
  • G. Stillman
  • M. Strang
  • R. Tordiff
  • M. Williamson
  • K. Wisener
  • P. Young
  • and individual anonymous donors

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