2023 Scholarship Challenge, June 1 – September 1, 2023

We have surpassed our fundraising goal of $5,000.00! Thank you to our donors!

The year 2026 will mark the 250th anniversary of the American War of Independence and the first of many chapters of our Loyalist story. Our current and past Scholarship recipients are joining others now conducting new research and writing innovative history that challenges the mythology of the American Revolution.

We acknowledge that the plight of the Loyalists has been misrepresented or ignored in some education systems and in popular film production.

The UELAC Scholarship is a very important aspect of our organization.  It is helping to ensure that the story of the Loyalists in the American Revolution and the aftermath of settlement in Canada continues to be researched and interpreted by a new generation of Masters and PhD graduate students who apply and qualify for the scholarship money.

Please continue to give generously to the UELAC Scholarship fund because your contributions really do ‘fund future knowledge’.

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The UELAC Scholarship Committee was pleased to launch the 2023 Scholarship Challenge at the annual Dominion conference in Richmond, BC, “Where the Sea Meets the Sky.”

Thanks to Our Donors

The UELAC gratefully acknowledges financial support for the 2023 Scholarship Challenge from the following generous donors:

Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Chilliwack Branch
  • Governor Simcoe Branch
  • Kawartha Branch
  • Saskatchewan Branch
  • Sir Guy Carleton Branch
  • J. Adair
  • M. Bethune
  • J. Bruce
  • D. Crombie
  • D. Faris
  • A. Fox
  • B. Glover
  • D. Grant
  • F. Lucas
  • C. Manzer
  • D. Morrison
  • D. Rogers
  • B. Schepers
  • B. Skelton
  • M. Smith
  • C. Stymiest
  • I. Trumpour

Loyalist Scholarship Fund

  • Bicentennial Branch
  • R. Campbell
  • D. Crombie
  • S. Davidson
  • F. Johnson
  • J. Leake
  • W. Mason
  • B. McConnell
  • I. McIlreath
  • K. Sencabaugh
  • R. Wilkins
  • K. Wisener

Scholarship Endowment Memorial Donations

The UELAC Scholarship is honoured to accept donations in memory of:

  • Jacob Glover UE
  • Deborah Moore Glover

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