The UELAC Loyalist Scholarship is available to Masters and PhD students who are undertaking a program in relevant research. This topic should further an understanding of the Loyalists – colonists in the Thirteen Colonies who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War and appreciation of their subsequent influence on Canada, or other places these political refugees settled.

The award is for CAD$2,500 per year and will be provided for each of two years for Masters and three years for PhD students, depending on satisfactory progress in their studies. The student must intend to use the award in the academic year following the receipt of the award and use the money for fees and books.

Upon completion, a copy of the thesis should be presented to the Association in print or digital format.

Preference may be given to students who have taken an undergraduate degree in history or an applicable cross discipline area, to those who are of proven Loyalist descent, and/or to students at Universities in Canada.

The application requirements are detailed below. The deadline for applications is February 28.


Application Requirements

As part of the application, a written succinct research proposal outlining the planned program, along with a reference letter from the student’s academic supervisor are required. Other key parts of the application include contact information along with details about the University and Supervisor. An interview may be required.

The UELAC reserves the right to award the Scholarship in accordance with its sole discretion.



To apply for the scholarship, the requirements above must be met. You may submit your final application by email with all required documents scanned and attached in pdf format. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 28 each year. Your final application should include the following:

  • Your full mail, telephone and email contact information;
  • University where registered;
  • Name of supervising professor, plus contact details;
  • Proof of prior studies;
  • Degree expected from current studies;
  • Written succinct research proposal outlining the planned program;
  • Reference letter from your academic supervisor.


Questions may be sent to UELAC by email to