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Feb. 9, 2022 (solved February 2022)

This photo (Ref. Code 2-17-2) shows two women in period costumes riding a golf cart. On the back is a note that it is “from Mildred Livingston” and possibly “Prescott.” The photo is from the 1989 Royal Convention (May 18-22 at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville QC), part of the Okill Stuart Fonds.

Two women in period costume riding a golf cart (reference code: 2-17-2) Click to enlarge


Identified as: Joan Lucas and Jean Lake – Kawartha Branch

In photo 2-17-2, the ladies in the golf cart:
Dark dress: Joan Lucas, Kawartha Branch
Light dress: Jean Lake, Kawartha Branch

— Grietje McBride, Kawartha Branch





Oct. 29, 2021 (solved January 2022)

The following photo (reference code: 2-16-15) is from the 1989 Royal Convention (May 18-22) at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, QC, and comes from the Okill Stuart Fonds. It was taken by Gerald Rogers UE in front of the John H. Price Centre on the Bishop’s University Campus on the evening of May 20, during the Annual Banquet.

1989 Royal Convention Banquet

1989 Royal Convention Banquet (reference code: 2-16-15) Click to enlarge


Identified as: Charles Marsh and wife Margaret – Heritage Branch

The couple in photo 2-16-15, taken in front of the John H. Price Centre on the Bishop’s University Campus, are the late Charles Marsh and his wife, Margaret. They were longtime members of Heritage Branch. I think Charles was descended from a Loyalist Marsh. Information about his UEL pedigree might be available in Heritage Branch files. But I suspect that Marsh is a name in the online Loyalist Directory.

— Robert Wilkins