On November 10, 1983, CBC Radio aired the first of two programmes in the “Ideas” series to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the landing of the Loyalists. This look at our history with dramatizations and viewpoints of contemporary authors and historians was written by David Cayley and hosted by Lister Sinclair. Through special agreement with CBC, The Loyalists: A Look at the People and the Myth is being reissued by UELAC as part of our centenary celebrations of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada in 2014.

Each episode is approximately 57 minutes in length. The offer of a transcript made at the end of episode two is no longer available.


Episode 1: Who were the Loyalists?

  1. (00:00) From the diary of Sarah Frost – Introduction with Lister Sinclair
  2. (02:56) Joel Stone
  3. (08:06) Philosophies of Loyalists with Ann Condon, Janice Potter and Dennis Duffy
  4. (21:00) Taking a Stand – “If you are not with us, you are against us” with Wm. Nelson, Wallace Brown, George Rollich and Christopher Moore
  5. (28:23) Natives and Settlers and Refugee Camps
  6. (32:42) Black Loyalists with Jim Walker
  7. (35:48) Dissatisfaction of the Loyalists with David Bell, Ann Condon
  8. (40:30) Peace, Loss and Departure with Kevin Quinn
  9. (48:40) From the diary of Sarah Frost


Episode 2: Early Loyalist Settlement in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Upper Canada; Long-Term Impact of Loyalism on Canadian Society

  1. (00:00) From the diary of Sarah Frost – Introduction with Lister Sinclair
  2. (02:20) Hannah Ingraham
  3. (05:35) Planning for the Future in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with David Bell, Neil MacKinnon, Ann Condon and Sidney F. Wise
  4. (24:15) Black Loyalists and Thomas Peters with Jim Walker
  5. (27:40) Upper Canada and Ordered Liberty with Janice Potter, George Rollich and Sidney Wise
  6. (43:20) Effect of War of 1812 – Dennis Duffy
  7. (48:32) Loyalism and loyalism, effects of diversification with Sidney Wise, Dennis Duffy


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