Step 1 of 2: Personal Details

First, indicate whether your submission is a new entry, or an update to an existing record. Then, enter your own name and email address to receive a copy of your submission by email. Finally, you will add the Loyalist Details.

You may use this optional PRIVATE text field to convey any information (directions or clarifications) to the person who receives your submission for posting. This text will NOT be posted to the Loyalist Directory.

Please search the Loyalist Directory for the existing record, and click on "Update or Edit Record".

If you're not sure whether or not your Loyalist record already exists in the directory, please search the Loyalist Directory for the existing record. If the record does exist, click on "Update or Edit Record". If you cannot find the Loyalist you want to add, come back and select, "No".

Step 2 of 2: Add a New Record

These are the standard Loyalist Directory fields, which you are invited to fill out as completely as possible. All fields below correspond to fields in the Loyalist Directory (e.g., Surname is the Loyalist's surname, not yours). Click field titles for more information.

Click field title for explanation