“Loyalist Trails” 2006-21 May 21, 2006

In this issue:
Conference Update: Prizes and Promotions UELAC
UE Mark of Honour: the Latest Daylily
Addendum: Major John Richardson
Reenactment Dates in 2006
DeLancey’s Brigade
New Brunswick’s Loyalist Day Celebrations: New Brunswick Branch
UELAC Executive Keeps Busy
Mohawk Bus Trip, Oct 1-4, 2006
Additions to the Loyalist Directory
American Revolution Memorial Service
      + Details on Shadrack Ball
      + Ancestors and Family of James Alexander (Sandy) Dow
      + Response re Genevieve (Lilian) (Orno) Froats


Conference Update: Prizes and Promotions UELAC

Prizes: We have been the fortunate recipients of a number of items from others in the UELAC and from local businesses etc. These will find their way to Conference and maybe into your possession by way of raffles, door prizes, Chinese auctions etc. Our appreciation to the donors. Look forward to sharing the little extras with you at conference.

PROMOTIONS UELAC will be at the Toronto Conference Thursday afternoon and evening and Saturday at the AGM. Drop by and see the new aprons, tote bags and T-shirts and check out the Conference Specials. As well, a number of Discounted Items, available only at the Conference, will be offered. These items are final sale – no returns/exchanges/refunds. Payment for all items is by Cash or Cheque Only.

…Noreen Stapley

UE – Mark of Honour: the Latest Daylily

The Potting Shed of Cayuga has just released its fourth Loyalist hybrid daylily. As the yellow bloom has a deep red eye and a distinctive deep red ruffled edge, it will be called UE – Mark of Honour. Priced at only $25.00, the proceeds from the sale of these plants will be donated to the “Let Loose Our Library” Project. Orders should be placed with Fred Hayward. Delivery of the potted plants to the Annual Meeting is a possibility. Availability is limited.

…Fred H. Hayward, UE {fhhayward AT idirect DOT com}

Addendum: Major John Richardson

Major John Richardson who was Canada’s first novelist was my 1st cousin five times removed. Although probably no one has proved it yet he would be considered a UE as his mother was the daughter of John Askin, (Madelaine who married Robert Richardson, the surgeon at Fort George) one of my Loyalists. According to his biographer David Beasley in his book “The Canadian Don Quixote” he wrote very prolifically and a was very unjustly maligned in his lifetime. The date of death is out by a day (May 12, 1852) according to Beasley

…David Ricketts Hamilton Branch

Reenactment Dates in 2006

A list of reenactments in 2006 has been updated. Check out the list here.

Several dates have been added, and of note you will find links there to sites which describe:

July 18-23 — Changing of the Guard (Halifax, NS)

October 18-22 — 225th Siege Of Yorktown (Endview Plantation, Yorktown, VA)

As noted above, if you know of more upcoming events that we can add to the list, please send a note.


DeLancey’s Brigade

DeLancey’s Brigade is a volunteer group dedicated to recreating the life of the common soldier of the Revolutionary War and those who were a part of his world. In 1981 the Loyalist Days Festival in Saint John NB (“Canada’s Loyalist city”) was seeking a special way to celebrate the upcoming Bicentennials of the Loyalist Landings in 1783, and the granting of the city’s Royal Charter in 1785. A ceremonial Fife and Drum unit in the beginning, DeLancey’s quickly became a colourful focus of the annual heritage festival. Today, DeLancey’s Brigade includes seven infantrymen, three musicians, and ten camp followers.

A description and set of links to the DeLancey’s Brigade web site has been added to the UELAC in the Reenactments Section. Check them both out.

If you know of other revolutionary war reenactment groups or sites, please let us know and we will consider ading them to this list.

New Brunswick’s Loyalist Day Celebrations: New Brunswick Branch

The branch hosted our Annual Loyalist’s Day Celebration on May 18th commemorating the landing of our Loyalist Ancestors on that date here in Saint John 223 years ago in 1783.

The flags were raised. Celebrations were only slightly dimmed by the discovery that someone had absconded with the New Brunswick flag off the City Hall flagpole the night before, so we only raised the City flag and the Queen Anne.

2nd Delancey’s Brigade led the gathering from the steps of City Hall across the street to Loyalist Plaza and Loyalist Rock, where our loyalist ancestors actually stepped ashore in mass on that day 223 years ago. The gathering assembled there to hear greetings from our President Jim McKenzie, His Worship Mayor Norm MacFarlane and former branch president and member The Honorable Trevor Holder Provincial Minister of the Environment and MLA for Saint John Portland riding. We were led in singing one verse of “My Own Canadian Home” by Ruth Lesbriel. The annual practice of laying the potted geraniums (the official Flower of Saint John) continued this year with the various political and civic dignitaries doing the honours. The three Elementary Schools – Glen Falls, St. Patrick and M. Gerald Teed – were represented in costume, Glen Falls School performed a wonderful skit relating to the Loyalist’s and also won the prize of $100.00 for having the most students present in costume. The official conclusion of our annual ceremony was effected with the singing of “O-Canada”.

The City Of Saint John celebrates its birthday on May 18th each year, the gathering was invited to take part in celebrating this 221st birthday (the first City in Canada) by sharing in the huge birthday cake which His Worship Mayor Norm MacFarlane, and Former MP for Saint John Elsie Wayne and Bernie Cormier Cultural Affairs Officer for the City cut and served indoors at the Atrium of Market Square.

The Birthday was further celebrated by an official 21 gun salute performed at noon high atop Fort Howe by the 3rd NB Field Regiment (the oldest artillery regiment in the country)

The Loyalist House was also opened to the public in honour of the day with the local chapter of the IODE and Dennis Knibb of the NB Historical Society hosting a lunch of tea, coffee, sandwiches and sweets … As well, the NB Museum also helped us celebrate and highlight International Museum Day by having free admission all day, where the had special stories and loyalist activities through out the day.

This years Loyalist Day celebration concluded in the evening with a Banquet held at the “Union Club” here in Saint John. Those in attendance enjoyed the joyous singing of many old time favorites, led by founding member George Teed’s daughter Janis and her husband Ray Willis on the piano.

There was a special presentation of framed certificates to nine long time members who have served the branch most admirably and with particular dedication through the years: George Teed, Elizabeth Lowe, Elizabeth Prescott, Elizabeth McMullin, Louise Dickson, Eric Teed, Margaret Bourne, Wallace MacMurray and Carmen Colwell.

Guest speaker for the dinner was academic Dr.Thomas Condon formerly of UNB who spoke of the early history of UNB.

On the previous Sunday may 14, the branch took part in the annual Loyalist’s Church Service at Trinity Church. The service was attended by several members of the Branch dressed in period clothing. The group paraded to the front of the church, led by Flag bearer branch genealogist Albert Button. Members Nadine Bolton and President Jim Mckenzie did the readings for the service.

…John Watson, Steve Bolton and Jim Mckenzie

UELAC Executive Keeps Busy

Shirley Dargatz, Pacific Region RVP, spoke on the Spring Fleet, The Association, and UELAC Projects at the Spring Banquet held by Victoria Branch on May 13. Councillor Carl Stymiest also elaborated on Projects.

Senior Vice President Peter W. Johnson attended the AGM of the Quinte Branch for the presentation of the President’s Medal of Office.

Vice President for the Region of Central West, Fred H Hayward was at Kingsville as speaker at the annual meeting of the Bicentennial Branch.

Today, May 19, I (Marilyn Branch UE, Trustee) was doing my “duty” at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office which was overseeing the book signing of “congratulations” to the Queen for her 80th birthday. There was a bit of a formal ceremony and I was (yikes) called forward by His Honour to sign the book on behalf of UELAC!!! City TV and the Sun newspaper took photos (but I didn’t see it on the 6 o’clock news). The message I wrote was as follows:

Your Majesty,

Best wishes for a Happy Birthday from the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada.

Mohawk Bus Trip, Oct 1-4, 2006

More information on two recent, and featured, additions to the trip.

Butlersbury: Colonel John Butler’s Home

Butlersbury was originally built by Walter Butler, the father of Colonel John Butler on the Butler Patent on the Old Trail Round around 1742. It is now privately owned. It is not open to the public except by private appointment. Even though it is recognized as a national historic site, there is no government funding available for preservation since it is privately owned.

The interior of the frame house is still preserved as it was in the Butler’s time. The ceiling is supported by huge thick roughly hewn beams. Colonel John Butler led Butler Rangers during the American Revolution.

Sir John Episcopal Church, Johnstown

Sir William Johnson initiated the construction of this stone church around 1760. Sir William Johnson was buried in the original church. His grave now lies just south of the church in Sir William Johnson Park. The church Bible was buried by the congregation during the revolution, but was later recovered. St. John has some artifacts which belonged to Sir William Johnson. St. John Church is making preliminary plans to celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2010.

The bus is now almost full. Register soon to be sure to get a seat.

…George Anderson UE {andrew1 AT magma DOT ca}

Additions to the Loyalist Directory

With a resource available to help add the information which you have submitted, and number of Loyalists and new data on Loyalists has been added to the Loyalist Directory, where you will find a list of those who have been updated. Names include: John Chester, Peter Drummond, Peter and Daniel Fitzpatrick, Coonrad Frederick, William Losee and Daniel McAlpin.

American Revolution Memorial Service

Saturday, June 3rd, marks the 230th anniversary of the 1775-1776 American Revolution’s Canadian Expedition.

Historians will be gathering from both sides of the border for the annual memorial service at Fort Chambly, Quebec, Canada. The service will be held at 11 a.m.

Interesting events arose in the past week, i.e. – knowledge passed on of the existence of a long forgotten military camp on the Pointe Olivier side of the Chambly Basin where one of the Canadien Regiments trained before leaving for Quebec City in late 1775; and introductions to Lewis Kreger UE, a member of the Nathan Hale Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), who is also a member of the Sir John Johnson Branch of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (UELAC).

…Bill Glidden {historian AT primelink1 DOT net}

[submitted by Adelaide Lanktree President, Sir John Johnson Branch]


Details on Shadrack Ball

Other than my Jacob Ball and Lilyann Durksee’s Solomon, I believe the other Ball family is of German descent . They came to Albany N.Y., were Loyalist, Butler Rangers, and settled in and around Niagara.:

My ancestor, Jacob Ball of Brome Co. Que. and member of the Loyal Rangers, did petition for land and co-owned with his brother Shadrack, Lot 22, Conc. 2, South of the River Au Raison in Ontario.

Jacob did not settle there but returned to Vermont where he married and had 2 of his 3 children. He returned to Canada and to Quebec about 1793 eventually establishing in Brome , Brome Co. Quebec.

Shadrack Ball, born 1749/53 depending what source you accept., at Framingham MA. Served for a short time with the K.R.R.N.Y but joined the Queen’s Loyal Rangers in 1777 (later the Loyal Rangers). Owned land at Missisquoi Bay and Ernestown. Died probably shortly after 1834. Last known address was Ernestown.

Children: Belknap, Angel, Sanford, Cyrenus and Timothy. Ages unknown. One child at least born in Vermont. Best quess as to birth dates 1783 -1800. No record of marriages or children.

Their 1834 applications for land gives their residents as Loughbourgh and Pittsburg Twp. Frontenac Co.

I do have some information about Shadrack, and would always welcome more. My main interest is with the five sons and their descendants. Any information about them is most appreciated.

…Bill Ball {wrball AT telus DOT net}

Query: Ancestors and Family of James Alexander (Sandy) Dow

One of my ancestors is James Alexander (Sandy) Dow who was born 29 Apr 1820 in Quebec City, Quebec. His parents are listed as Thomas Dow, born Inverness, Scotland and Helen (Ellen) Grant born abt 1795 in Canada

Thomas and Helen (Ellen) were married 2 Dec 1815 at Montreal, Quebec.

I am working with another person connected with the James Alexander (Sandy) Dow family and her aunt recalled a story passed down saying that the family originated in New York. (Not necessarily the best source but do need to follow up on it)

As the Dow name is not too common we were interested to come upon a Thomas Dow who was a private in the Kings Royal Regiment of New York (2nd battalion), also known as Johnson’s Royal Green.

From Ancestry.ca from Canadian Immigrant Records of a Thomas Dowe….year of record 1783….War Office Records…came from America…age 26…

….reference NAC film B2867 (MG11,WO28/10) page 278

from 1825 census of Montreal ….says living in Montreal Co, City of Montreal…..reference NAC film C-718 pages 2081-2100

I am wondering if any members are acquainted with the story, background or family of this man.

(You will be hearing more of the Grant and Dow families as I am in the midst of making an application to the UEL Association for John Grant (Duldraeggan or Dundraeggan)).

…Joyce Nagy { s DOT kent AT shaw DOT ca}

Response to Query re Genevieve (Lilian) (Orno) Froats

I searched the Welland Library Genealogy database for the Froats name and did not find any entries for 1908 – there were a couple in the 1990’s. I know this is not the Ontario Archives but you might like to check this site.

…Rod Craig, Col John Butler Br.

The Mormons have her listed as born in Dundas, Ontario – died 18 Jany 1963

In looking through my family notes – Genevieve was born in Edmonton, Alberta, married Charles Fox = 1 son, 1 daughter

…Lynne Cook UE, St. Lawrence Branch