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A number of serious history buffs like to bring their history to life by helping to recreate the battles and military actions of yesteryear. Long in advance they prepare appropriate dress and the gear that goes with it. Many will spend weekends at a site living in historically accurate encampments. For many of these this becomes a family affair.

The visitors to the site get to see a relatively authentic encampment, watch a choreographed battle that is a close as possible to what actually happened with a commentator describing the action and providing historical background and the re-enactors get to be involved in something that from all appearances they take great pride in. The visitors get to have an enjoyable history lesson, see the uniforms, get a sort of feeling for the life of a soldier, smell and hear the sounds that perhaps some of their ancestors experienced and tour the battlefield at the same time. The more acquainted people become with history and realize that the soldiers they read about were real people with feelings and family the better appreciation they will have for our history and our military of today and yesterday.


Revolutionary War Reenactment Groups:


Butler’s Rangers

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DeLancey’s Brigade (Brigadier-General Oliver DeLancey’s Brigade, New Brunswick)

DeLancey’s Brigade is a volunteer group dedicated to recreating the life of the common soldier of the Revolutionary War and those who were a part of his world.

In 1981 the Loyalist Days Festival in Saint John NB (“Canada’s Loyalist city”) was seeking a special way to celebrate the upcoming Bicentennials of the Loyalist Landings in 1783, and the granting of the city’s Royal Charter in 1785. Visiting re-enactors, in the city to do research at the New Brunswick Museum, inspired the creation of a local re-enactment unit. The 2nd Battalion of the DeLancey’s Brigade was chosen for reactivation under Loyalist Days’ sponsorship when it was discovered that Saint John’s first Mayor, Gabriel Ludlow, had been the commander of that unit.

A ceremonial Fife and Drum unit in the beginning, DeLancey’s quickly became a colourful focus of the annual heritage festival. Women were quickly added to the unit, as wives and girlfriends of the musicians got involved. In 1983, infantry was added and enlistment grew. Eventually an artillery unit was created with the addition of a 3 pound field piece.

Today, DeLancey’s Brigade includes seven infantrymen, three musicians, and ten camp followers. The unit is now an independent group, sponsored and supported by its members who recently organized The DeLancey Re-enactors’ Association – the banner under which they volunteer their time to fund raising activities in support of the unit. DeLancey’s Brigade is affiliated with the British Brigade and the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR).

In addition, DeLancey’s is still affiliated with the Loyalist Days Festival and members of the unit also appear at municipal and community events when time permits.

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Joseph Brant’s Volunteers

The website at is no longer available.


King’s Rangers (Ruiter’s Company of the King’s Rangers)

The website at is no longer available.


King’s Royal Yorkers (Kings Royal Regiment of New York)

The King’s Royal Yorkers is the largest of several Living History groups that are proud members of the Canadian Museum of Applied Military History.

This historical project recreates Loyalist soldiers and their families who fled to Canada to form the first Loyalist regiment raised on Canadian soil. The American war of 1775 to 1783 saw the King’s Royal Yorkers on active service with the Northern Department.

The recreated King’s Royal Yorkers is committed to bringing alive Canada’s unique role during this conflict. Explore our site to learn more about our group and our historical mission.

On June 18, 2005, the old colours of the King’s Royal Yorkers were retired at St. Andrews in Williamstown.

The next day, June 19, Loyalist Day in Ontario, The King’s Royal Yorkers participated in the unveiling of a new grave marker for Jeremiah French.

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The Loyal American Regiment

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McAlpin’s Corps of American Volunteers

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Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment

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The 84th of Foot 2nd Battalion Regimental Association

Read Becoming a Re-enactor (PDF), by Brian McConnell, UE.



War of 1812 Reenactment Groups


The 1st Reg’t, Lincoln Militia, Capt. James Crooks’ Light Coy

The website at is no longer available.


The 2nd Reg’t of Lincoln Militia, Robert Hamilton’s Flank Company, Facebook, email

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3rd East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)

based in Plattsburgh, NY (with members in NY, VT, NH, NJ and PA)

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41st Regiment of Foot Military Living History Group

The 41st Regiment of Foot was a line regiment in the British Army. It was deployed to Canada in 1799 and stationed in many parts of Upper and Lower Canada during the ensuing 16 years. At the outbreak of the War of 1812, it represented the vast majority of the thinly arrayed British Army regulars that were defending Upper Canada. The 41st Foot was the main component of Brock’s force that captured Fort Detroit. It was largely the 41st under Sir Roger Sheaffe that drove the Americans off of Queenston Heights. The 41st were extremely active in the Detroit/Amhertsburg theatre and the Niagara area throughout the conflict earning more battle honours than any other British Regiment during the War of 1812 (Detroit, Queenstown, Miami and Niagara).

The 41st Regiment of Foot Military Living History Group is a group of individuals who re-create the 41st Regiment, as it was when it served in Canada during the War of 1812. The 41st Regiment of Foot MLHG re-enacts at War of 1812 events, supports historic sites and museums, does educational outreach programs, hosts a bi-annual War of 1812 lecture series and conducts historical research on an ongoing basis.

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89th Regiment of Foot Grenadier Company, based in Hamilton ON

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