As we honour our Loyalist ancestors who participated bravely in the American Revolution, we must also think of their descendants who have participated equally bravely in conflicts in whch Canada has been involved ever since. Some of those more recent combatants are descendants of one, or more, Loyalists.


Jonathan Snyder, UE

Jonathan Snyder, UE, died in Afghanistan in June 2008. He was a descendant of Loyalist Adam Snyder UE. Read more about Jonathan and his ancestor Adam (excerpted from the Spring 2009 issue of the Loyalist Gazette).


John Henry Foster Babcock UE

Another, John Henry Foster Babcock, UE, was Canada’s last surviving veteran of World War One. He was a descendant of Loyalist Benjamin Babcock UE. Read more about Jack Babcock (excerpted from the Spring 2010 issue of the Loyalist Gazette).


Okill Stuart

A detailed, five-page article on Okill Stuart was published in Nov. 2012 by the Lake Champlain Weekly (a publication serving northern Vermont and New York) in connection with Remembrance Day (“Veterans Day” in the U.S.). They even put on the front page a photo of Okill as he looked in uniform during WWII. The carefully drafted text, based on materials Okill provided and interviews with him, paints a very human portrait of our distinguished former Dominion President. Read the article.

– Submitted by Robert Wilkins, President, Heritage Branch.



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