Bedeque Harbour Monument

Bedeque, Prince Edward Island

On Canada Day 1985, the descendants of the United Empire Loyalists commemorated the landing of their forefathers with a six-foot monument in Bedeque’s Central Park. Lieutenant Governor J. A. Doiron unveiled it with the assistance of Premier James Lee, and Paul H. Schurman and Lee Campbell, chairmen of the Bedeque Harbour Loyalists Committee. Mr. Schurman is a descendant of William Schurman who led the first Loyalist settlers to Bedeque.

(Ref: The Loyalist Gazette, Vol. XXIII, No. 2, December 1985.)

Loyalist Monument in Bedeque Harbour (Photo by Ruth MacDonald, UE)


The inscription reads as follows:

1784 Bedeque Harbour Loyalists
Commemorating the Bicentennial of the historic landing of the United Empire Loyalists August 4, 1784. William Schurman of New Rochell, New York who earlier had assurance from the land claims board brought from Shelburne, Nova Scotia refugees, disbanded troops and their families, namely: William Schurman, wife and 6 children, Jacob Silliker, wife and 5 children, Nathan Wetherell, wife and 1 child, John Murray, wife and 3 children, John Brecken, wife and 1 child, John MacDonald, wife and 1 child.
Richard Robins, John Murray Jr., Robert Hancock. Andrew Eastman, James Waugh, William Senoeback, Jesse Strang, Nathaniel Wright, Robert Elmar, Stephen Wright. Lawrence Berry (Barrett)

Disbanded Troops
Sgt. George Mabey and wife,Cpl. Richard Moorfield, wife and 1 child, Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Shellfan, Dudley Wells, John Chambers, Thomas Gould, Sgt. Joseph Wood, Richard Price

Before the conclusion of the century the area was also settled by the following: Alexander Anderson, John Baker, Benjamin Darby, David Green, Thomas Hooper, John Lefurgey, George Linkletter, Donald MacFarlane, Samuel Birch Rix, John Small.