The mission of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association calls on members to “preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the Loyalist epoch in Canadian history” in a variety of ways.

Over the years the contributions of the United Empire Loyalists have been recognized by the Association, governments, community groups and individuals in the form of permanent monuments, memorials, and plaques (listed below, arranged geographically East-to-West).

Other commemorative items, often of a point-in-time nature, include coins, stamps, plates, plants and more.

The following will both remind and inform about how the Loyalists are honoured and remembered across Canada.



Loyalist Commemoratives



Loyalist Monuments, Memorials and Plaques

Nova Scotia Monuments

Chambers Blakely Stained Glass Window – Ship Harbour
The stained glass window is in St. Stephens Anglican Church in Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia. The plaque reads “St Stephen The Martyr. Dedicated to the Memory of Chambers Blakely, a native of Ireland who endured the Hardships of The American Revolution and came as a Loyalist From South Carolina to this harbour May 1783. The Blakeney/Blakley Family Association July 27, 1989”.

Coming of the United Empire Loyalists Plaque – Dartmouth
A plaque honouring the United Empire Loyalists was dedicated by the Dartmouth Heritage Museum in 1983. It can be found near the Dartmouth Ferry building, on the walk towards the mouth of the Shubenacadie Canal.

Loyalist Bicentennial Commemorative Plaque – Halifax
This small plaque is next to a tree planted in 1984 in the Halifax Public Gardens as part of the Loyalist Bicentennial.

Monument to the 84th Regiment, 2nd Battalion – Hants County
This monument is a tribute to a Regiment that served with the British during the American Revolution. It is located in the Saint Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery on the Georgefield Road, Hants County, Nova Scotia.

Abraham Pineo Gesner Monument – Kings County
Kings County honours the memory of United Empire Loyalists with monument to Abraham Pineo Gesner, the inventor of kerosene.

Middleton Park Cairn – Middleton
In 1965, a cairn dedicated to three Loyalist settlers in the Middleton area of Nova Scotia was erected in the park in front of the Macdonald Consolidated School. While the name of the park has changed from Middleton Park to Canada 125 Park, and has been known as Centennial Park since 2009, the school is now the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum.

De Lancey Family Burying Ground – Tupperville
The gravestone for Col. James De Lancey, commander of the De Lancey Volunteers, is a short walk from Highway 201 near Tupperville, NS.

Garrison Cemetery (Capt. John Lichtenstein) – Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal
This cemetery on the grounds of Fort Anne at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, contains the burial site of Captain John Lichtenstein UEL.

Old Saint Edward’s Anglican Church – Clementsport
Consecrated in 1797, Saint Edward’s Anglican Church is located at 34 Old Post Road, Clementsport, Nova Scotia, on land originally settled by the Ditmar family.

Admiral Digby Well – Digby
A sign identifies the location of a well established by Rear Admiral Robert Digby in the town named after him.

Loyalist Park – Digby
A cairn marks the dedication of Loyalist Park along the waterfront of Digby on August 6, 1983, by Lieutenant Governor John E. Shaffner. United Empire Loyalist history is also explained on two informative panels.

Loyalist Monument – Tusket, Yarmouth County
Yarmouth County Historical Society honoured the memory of United Empire Loyalists with a monument in 1964.

The Black Loyalists Plaque – Birchtown
The Black Loyalist Experience was designated a National Historic Event of Canada in 1993 and plaqued in 1996. It is located at the Birchtown Community Centre in Birchtown, Nova Scotia.

Loyalists at Shelburne Plaque – Shelburne
In 1923, Shelburne was designated as the site of a National Historic Event of Canada. It was plaqued in 1923.

P.E.I. Monuments

Bedeque Harbour Monument – Bedeque
Dedicated in 1985 in Bedeque’s Central Park, this massive cairn commemorates the bicentennial of the landing of the United Empire Loyalists on August 4, 1784.

Waterfront Park Cairn – Summerside
Dedicated in 1987 in Summerside’s Waterfront Park, this massive cairn incorporates the plaque of dedication and the Armorial Bearings of UELAC.

New Brunswick Monuments

David Bleakney Memorial Cairn – Petiticodiac
The Loyalist Burial Ground was established shortly after the landing of the United Empire Loyalists in 1783. After its closure as a cemetery in 1848 the site became a memorial garden, with tree-lined walkways and flower beds.

Loyalist Burial Ground – Saint John
The Loyalist Burial Ground was established shortly after the landing of the United Empire Loyalists in 1783. After its closure as a cemetery in 1848 the site became a memorial garden, with tree-lined walkways and flower beds.

Trinity Anglican Church – Saint John
Founded by the United Empire Loyalists, Trinity Anglican Church is the oldest established Christian congregation in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Sculpture of the Loyalist Flag – Saint John
A three-metre tall metal sculpture of the Loyalist Flag (Queen Anne’s Union Jack) supported by seven panels describing the history of the Loyalists. Erected by Parks Canada in 1985. Located on Union Street, Saint John, New Brunswick.

Loyalist House & Plaque – Saint John
Loyalist House, known for its New England-influenced architecture, is a residence built circa 1820. It was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1958.

Loyalist Plaza – Saint John
A circular slab of pink granite in the centre of the new Loyalist Plaza across the street from the Saint John City Hall. Unveiled in 1983.

Loyalist Rock with Plaque in Loyalist Plaza – Saint John
A plaque embedded in granite boulder on raised base. Erected by the Government of Canada in 1923 – now part of Loyalist Plaza.

UEL Monument – Fredericton
A seven-foot monument commemorating the United Empire Loyalists. Unveiled on 8 October 1983 at the Old Burying Ground.

UEL Plaque – Fredericton
A granite monument with 150th Anniversary Plaque commemorating the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists in Fredericton in 1783. Dedicated 1933.

Old Burial Ground – Fredericton
The Old Burial Ground, centrally located in the Fredericton town plat, is situated between Brunswick and George Streets, Fredericton New Brunswick.

Edward Winslow Plaque – Fredericton
As a leader of the Loyalists and a founder of New Brunswick and Fredericton, Edward Winslow was designated as a National Historic Person of Canada in 1951.

Loyalist Burial Ground – St. Stephen
Located on the east side of King Street in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Lot #13 was given by Captain Nehemiah Marks to the Rector, Wardens and Vestry of the Church of England Parish to be used as a burial ground. Following restoration of the cemetery a memorial to the early settlers was unveiled in 2008.

*NEW* (November 2021)
Loyalist Landing Plaque – St. Stephen
A plaque marking the landing of the Port Matroon Association was unveiled in St. Stephen, NB, in October 2021.

Quebec Monuments

Loyalist Settlers Monument – St. Gabriel-de-Brandon
On 11 September 1927 a monument honouring the United Empire Loyalist settlers of the original Lac Maskinongé settlement was dedicated in English cemetery of the Parish of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec. The monument consisted of a large, rough rock to which was attached a bronze plaque listing the names of the Loyalist settlers.

Sir Frederick Haldimand Plaque – Quebec City
In 1974, Sir Frederick Haldimand was designated as a National Historic Person of Canada for being Governor of Quebec (1778-86) and builder of the Coteau-du-Lac Canal (1779).

Lord Dorchester’s Order in Council 200th Anniversary Plaque – Lennoxville
The plaque was unveiled by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on 21 May 1989 at Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, during the first “Annual convention to be held in the Province of Quebec.”

(See also Dufferin Heights Pioneer Monuments restoration in the Loyalist Projects folder.)

Abercorn Pioneers Memorial Plaque – Abercorn
A plaque entitled “A Tribute to the Pioneers of Abercorn” is embedded in a huge fieldstone in Pioneers’ Park, Abercorn, Quebec.

Lieutenant Christian Wehr Marker – Philipsburg
White marble marker dedicated to Lieutenant Christian Wehr is located in Philipsburg Cemetery, Philipsburg, Quebec.

Caldwell Manor Plaque – Noyan
The Caldwell Manor plaque is mounted on a boulder embedded in a raised cement base in MacCallum Park across from St. Thomas Anglican Church in Noyan, Quebec.

Sir John Johnson Family Burial Vault – Mont-Saint-Gregoire
The restored burial vault of the Sir John Johnson Family is located in CIME-Haut-Richelieu on the site of the original vault established post-1812.

*NEW* (November 2021)
Sir William & Sir John Johnson Plaques – Montreal
Two plaques from different time periods mark the location of the home of Sir John Johnson in Montreal from 1796 to 1815.

Ontario Monuments – St. Lawrence Valley

Sir John Johnson House Plaque – Williamstown
Sir John Johnson’s manor house is one of the oldest standing buildings in Ontario. It was designated a National Historic Site in 1961.

“Arrival” Statuette – Williamstown
This small bronze statuette dedicated to the United Empire Loyalists in 1988 is located just to the left of the walk to the front doors of St. Andrew’s United Church in Williamstown, Ontario.

Macdonell Plaque – Glengarry
In 1923, this cairn was plaqued by the Government of Canada in honour of Scottish-born Lieutenant-Colonel John Macdonell, a member of Butler’s Rangers and speaker in the Legislative Assembly.

“United Empire Loyalists” Plaque – Cornwall Library
In 1933, the United Empire Loyalists were recognized for their prominent role in Canada’s development with the designation of a National Historic Event of Canada. In 1934 a plaque was unveiled in the Cornwall Post Office.

Loyalist Memorial – Chrysler Farm Battlefield Park
The Loyalist Memorial is located in Crysler Farm Battlefield Park adjacent to Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario.

Ontario Monuments – Ottawa area

McMartin House Plaque – Perth
McMartin House with its Loyalist Georgian design was designated in 1972 as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Queen Elizabeth II Equestrian Statue – Ottawa
The Queen Elizabeth II Equestrian statue, located between the Center Block and the East Block buildings on the grounds of Parliament Hill, is not necessarily a tribute to the United Empire Loyalists. It is included in the Monuments folder in recognition of both the work of UELAC members and our support of constitutional monarchy.

Ontario Monuments, North Shore of Lake Ontario (Kingston to Adolphustown to Toronto)

Crawford Purchase – Kingston, Ontario
The Crawford Purchase of land for Loyalist settlers from the Mississauga in 1783 was recognized as a National Historic Event of Canada in 1929. A plaque was erected in 1934 at the front entrance to the barracks at Fort Frontenac, Kingston, Ontario

Early Land Survey in Ontario – Kingston, Ontario
This plaque recognizes the establishment of the first four townships in Quinte area, for Loyalist settlers in 1783.

Sarah Kast McGinness Memorial – Bath, Ontario
In 1991 the Sarah Kast McGinness Memorial was unveiled in the St. John’s Anglican Churchyard, Bath, Ontario.

UEL Monument At Adolphustown – Adolphustown, Ontario
The oldest monument dedicated to the United Empire Loyalists of Ontario is located in the United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park, in historic Adolphustown, Ontario, now part of the Town of Greater Napanee.

Loyalist Landing Place Plaque – Adolphustown, Ontario
This plaque, located in the United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park at Adolphustown, Ontario was dedicated on 20 June 1959.

St. Alban’s UEL Memorial Church Plaque – Adolphustown, Ontario
This plaque marks the building of St. Alban the Martyr UEL Memorial Church at Adolphustown in 1884-88. It is located on the north side of the Loyalist Parkway, east of the UEL Heritage Centre.

St. Alban’s UEL Memorial Church Flagpole & Plaque – Adolphustown, Ontario
This small brass plaque marks the UELAC donation of a flagpole to St. Alban’s UEL Memorial Church in Adolphustown in 1997

UEL Log Cabin Monument – Belleville, Ontario
The Log Cabin Monument of the United Empire Loyalists at Dundas & Front Street, Belleville.
Unveiled September 1924. Relocated and refurbished 2005 with the addition of four new pillar/plaques and a dedicated flagpole donated by the Bay of Quinte Branch.

Queen’s Park Legislative Chambers Memorial Plaque – Toronto, Ontario
The Loyalists in Upper Canada , a memorial plaque located on the second floor adjacent to the Legislature Chambers in the main Parliament Building at Queen’s Park, Toronto – unveiled 27 May 1967

Major General The Hon. Aeneas Shaw Plaque – Toronto, Ontario
Plaque erected by the Department of Public Records and Archives of Ontario, dedicated on 8 November 1969 on the grounds of Trinity Park, Toronto.

Ontario Monuments, Central-North

Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church Plaque – Edgar, Ontario
This church is the last built remnant of an African Canadian community uniquely rooted in the history of the United Empire Loyalists. It was designated in 2000 and plaqued in 2003.

Ontario Monuments, South-Western

UEL Monument – Hamilton, Ontario
A monument in front of the courthouse in Prince’s Square, Hamilton, Ontario.
Reunveiled on Wednesday June 25, 1958 when the new Hamilton and Wentworth Co. courthouse was built.

Defenders of Upper Canada Plaque – Hamilton, Ontario
This permanent plaque was dedicated to the Defenders of Upper Canada by the Hamilton Branch UELAC on UEL Day, 19 June 2004 in the flower beds facing the United Empire Loyalists monument, Prince’s Square, Hamilton.

Loyalist Plaque – Hamilton, Ontario
This plaque dedicated “In lasting memory of the United Empire Loyalists” was embedded in a huge boulder in Dundurn Park in 1927.

Memorial Park Boulder & Plaque – St. Catharines, Ontario
Memorial boulder with plaque and flagpole dedicated to the Loyalist Flag erected in Memorial Park, St. Catharines, Ontario — dedicated in 1934 and 2003.

Charles Green Memorial – Niagara Falls, Ontario
A small monument dedicated to Charles Green is located on the north-east corner of Lundy’s Lane and Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

William Lundy Homestead – Niagara Falls, Ontario
A plaque dedicated to William Lundy is located on the south side of Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Butler’s Rangers Plaque – Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
A plaque dedicated to Butler’s Rangers, the Loyalist force that raided American frontiers, 1777-83, can be found at Butler’s Burying Ground, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

The Butler Homestead Monument – Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Four plaques are imbedded in cairn commemorating Col. John Butler in a dedicated park created on the Butler homestead.

Joseph Brant Monument – Brantford
A monument to Joseph Brant: warrior, mentor, translator, diplomat, and Indian affairs agent.

Young Commemorative Plaque – Indiana, Ontario
A plaque on large granite stone located at Young Cemetery, Seneca Township, Haldimand County, Ontario (between Cayuga and York)– dedicated to Adam Young and his family 12 September 1998.

East Oxford Pioneer Cemetery – Woodstock, Ontario
This cemetery near Woodstock is marked at the entrance with a plaque dedicated in 1954 to the memory of Samuel and Lucy Canfield, United Empire Loyalists.

Loyalist Lane and United Empire Loyalist Memorial Boulder – London
Plaque embedded in boulder was dedicated in 1999 to United Empire Loyalists and early pioneers in Ontario. It also marks the donation of 50 trees to Loyalist Lane.

United Empire Loyalist Memorial – Colborne Township
A memorial and plaque marking the bicentennial of the arrival of the Loyalists in Ontario, located in Colborne Township, Huron County.

Rudoph Huffman II Memorial – Huffman Cemetery, Cloverdale Beach, Colchester South, Essex County, Ontario.
A commemorative stone dedicated to Rudoph Huffman UE and his family, early settlers in Essex County.

Alexander McCormick Plaque – Colchester South Township, Essex County
A plaque and commemorative stones for Alexander McCormick and his wife Elizabeth Turner. McCormick was a trader and Indian agent for the Indian Department. Dedicated 20 October 2003.

Gosfield Cemetery – Kingsville
Gosfield Cemetery is Kingsville’s only known Negro Cemetery. It was dedicated on Saturday, September 3, 2005 with the unveiling of a special monument. It is the final resting place of some of Kingsville’s early Black settlers.

Loyalist Rose Plaque – Kingsville
This simple plaque was embedded in a small boulder from Jack Miner’s farm to commemorate the planting of the Loyalist roses by the newly formed Bicentennial branch UELAC in 1984.

UELAC Plaque – Kingsville
A wall plaque commemorating the settlement of United Empire Loyalists on Lot 1 Western Division, dedicated on 20 June 2009 in downtown Kingsville, ON as a project to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Bicentennial Branch UELAC.

Simon Girty Memorial – Malden (near Windsor)
Memorial stone and plaque for Simon Girty, lieutenant, British Indian Department, negotiator, interpreter, scout, and military leader.
Erected by the Bicentennial and Toronto Branches of the UELAC with assistance of the Ontario Heritage Foundation

Manitoba Monuments

Loyalist Plaque – Winnipeg, Manitoba
A UEL Plaque, 1967, in the Manitoba Legislature Building by the entrance to the Archives. Unveiled 29 May 1968.

Saskatchewan Monuments

Loyalist Cairn – Regina, Saskatchewan
Cairn with plaques commemorating the Loyalist pioneers who partly settled Saskatchewan. Erected by Regina Branch in 2005.

Alberta Monuments

Loyalist Plaque – Edmonton, Alberta
A plaque, embedded on a concrete base, dedicates the Bur Oak planted on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2005 and in celebration of Alberta’s 100th anniversary as a province.

B.C. Monuments

Royal Visit 1939 stone – Victoria, B.C.
This engraved stone in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, commemorates the planting of a maple tree to mark the Royal Visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939.