Edward Winslow Plaque

Fredericton, New Brunswick

As a leader of the Loyalists and a founder of New Brunswick and Fredericton, Edward Winslow was designated as a National Historic Person of Canada in 1951. This designation was first plaqued in 1957 and the new bilingual text was prepared by the Special Committee on the Revision of Unilingual Plaques between 1973 and 1977. This plaque is located in the Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The text of the plaque reads as follows:

1746 – 1815

Born in Plymouth, Mass., Winslow served as Muster MasterGeneral of the Loyalist forces in the Revolutionary War. In 1783 he supervised the settlement of disbanded regiments in the Saint John valley. A founder of this Province, and of Fredericton, he was appointed to his Majesty’s Council in 1784, to the first Council of the College of New Brunswick in 1800, and to the Supreme Court in 1807. As senior councillor, he administered the Province in 1808 under the title of President and Commander in Chief. He died at Kingsclear, near Fredericton.

Edward Winslow, né au Massachusetts, fut inspecteur général des troupes loyalistes pendant la guerre de l’Indépendance et, en 1783, dirigea l’établissement des régiments dispersés dans la vallée de la Saint Jean. Le fondateur de Fredericton, il devint membre du Conseil du Nouveau Brunswick en 1784, du premier Conseil du Collège du Nouveau Brunswick en 1800 et de la Cour suprême en 1807. Il administra la province en 1808, avec le titre de président et de commandant en chef. Il est mort a Kingsclear, près de Fredericton.

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