Loyalist Rose Plaque

Kingsville, Ontario

In 1984 Bicentennial’s charter year, the Branch, lead by Jean Arner Walton and Margaret Lewis, planted Loyalist roses by the flagpoles at the Municipal Halls, both in Kingsville and at Gosfield South. This was to celebrate Bicentennial Year and to commemorate the Loyalists who settled in this area along the Lake Erie shores of Gosfield and Colchester, known as “The New Settlement”.

Beside each flagpole is a rock from the Jack Miner Farm, bearing a bronze plaque, “Loyalist Roses.” The rock was selected, donated, delivered and personally put in place by the late John Miner, eldest grandson of Jack Miner, himself a Loyalist descendant of Leonard Kratz, U.E. At the time, John was the Reeve of Gosfield South Township and later became Warden of Essex County.

Plaque marking the planting of the Loyalist roses


The picture taken in 2006 by President Margie Luffman UE indicates the growth of the Loyalist roses. The Kingsville Municipal Hall is now the Kingsville OPP headquarters.

For more information about the Loyalist Rose, read The Loyalist Rose and the Camerons and McLeods.