McMartin House Plaque

Perth, Ontario

McMartin House is located on on 125 Gore Street in Perth. Designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1972, it received its plaque in 1984. Constructed circa 1930-1939, it is recognized as a rare example of the American Federal style of architecture in Ontario. Now owned by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, the house has been restored and its interior space adapted for use.

The plaque reads as follows:


Begun in 1830 for barrister Daniel McMartin (1798-1869), this imposing house symbolizes the wealth and social aspirations of this member of the Tory elite. Born at Williamsburg of Loyalist stock, McMartin attended John Strachan’s grammar school at Cornwall. After articling with Chief Justice Sherwood he became one of the first lawyers in Perth, then capital of Bathurst District. The Loyalist Georgian design of the brick and stone house is unusually elaborate, and with its detailing, cupola and lanterns, it reflects American Federal style influence.

Commencée en 1830 pour Daniel McMartin (1798-1869), cette maison témoigne de la fortune et des aspirations sociales de ce membre de l’élite tory. Né à Williamsburg dans une famille d’origine loyaliste, McMartin fréquenta l’école primaire de John Strachan, à Cornwall. Il étudia le droit et devint l’un des premiers avocats de Perth, alors capitale du district de Bathurst. Cette maison de brique et de pierre rappelle le style “fédéral américain” par la forme de son toit, ses cheminées latérales et sa coupole flanquée de lanternes. On trouve rarement au Canada maison aussi somptueuse.

Approved by the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board, June 1980.

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