Sir John Johnson Family Burial Vault

Mont-Saint-Gregoire, Québec

Located in CIME-Haut-Richelieu on the site of the original vault established post 1812, the Burial Vault of the Sir John Johnson Family has been restored. The re-consecration of the crypt took place on August 23, 2015 in the presence of members of UELAC, Société d’ histoire du Haut-Richelieu, CIME, the Masonic Grand Lodge of Quebec, 78th Fraser Highlanders, King’s Royal Yorkers, and the 84th Royal Highland Emigrants.

Sixteen years earlier, the Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch joined a group from the Richelieu Valley Historical Society who were in the process of arranging to place some suitable type of memorial stone at the site of the burial crypt of Sir John Johnson. (The group became known as Société de restauration du patrimoine Johnson.) A few years later the SJJC Branch dedicated their efforts as a centenary project. In March 2011, with the support of the Dominion Council, the project became a UELAC 2014 Legacy Project to ensure a suitable completion.

Further details of the Johnson family and the restoration can be found on the SJJC Branch website.