Long Point Settlement: Loyalists and Their Sons and Daughters

Grand River Branch

Loyalists, and their sons and daughters, who by Orders in Council or grants of land Settled in the Long Point Settlement

CENTENNIAL PROJECT 2014 – Grand River Branch.

In recognition of the contribution of the Loyalists in the founding of Old Norfolk, this is a gathering of the names of Loyalists, who moved from Niagara or came from the Maritimes in response to the request of Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe to create a loyal population along Lake Erie. This work-in-progress, which may be added to at any time, records names of the Loyalists and their Sons and Daughters. Two hundred and twenty names with Lot number locations are in the index with daughters’ names cross referenced under spouse and father.

This quick reference for future researchers provides resources – with page number – in which these Loyalists appear: Tasker, Owen, Wright, Loyalist Families, Loyalist Lineages, Long Point Settlers, Reid and Other.

Other includes: UCLP, The Old U.E. List, Toronto and Hamilton Branch books, Col. Smy’s Butler’s Rangers, Family histories and Cruickshank’s History of the Campaigns on the Niagara Frontier in the War of 1812-14. Researchers are cautioned that Owen and Wright are not solid proof of Loyalist documentation, but provide direction in a search.

Individual detail includes: Origin; Son/of; Origin; Regiment; Settled (includes Lot and Township and grant details); Spouse; Buried (which sometimes leads to an ancestor’s location) and Issue. And War of 1812-14 involvement as found in the nine volumes of Cruickshank’s History of the Campaigns on the Niagara Frontier in the War of 1812-13.

Presented in a three-ring binder with alphabetized tabs researchers are invited to add information in the copy at Loyalist Library in Norfolk Historical Society’s collection in Eva Brook Donly Museum, 109 Norfolk Street S., Simcoe, or in the copy with the Grand River Branch UELAC.

The project was completed and the copies placed in November 2014.

Information compiled by Doris Ann Lemon, UE.