The Mission and Objectives of the UELAC demand that we work to preserve and promote our Canadian history, with a particular focus on the Loyalist timeframe of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Loyalist heritage takes many forms from actual buildings of the time to family histories, genealogies, stories, military records, monuments, artifacts, correspondence and so much more.

At a high level, an objective is to identify these things, protect them and then help interested people locate them for research or personal interest. Tackling such a huge task is challenging. That said, Loyalists and friends have just dug in and tackled the job, one project at a time. Whether by an individual, group, Branch or the Association itself, projects have been completed, but more are under way and many more will be undertaken. Below is a list of some of those projects.

Some funds are available from the UELAC to assist a Branch with a project. If your UELAC Branch would like such Dominion financial support, have your Executive designate the project as a Branch Project and then submit the application to the Chairman of the Grants Committee. Minor projects (less than $500.00) are considered and funded throughout the year. Requests for support of major projects (greater than $500.00) for the following calendar year are received by the Grants Committee following the establishment of the budget by Dominion Council in the fall, and the amounts to be given to successful grant applications are confirmed at the spring meeting of the Dominion Council. The application form for both minor and major projects is available from the Chairman of the Grants Committee.

If your UELAC Branch has undertaken a project which preserves and/or promotes the Loyalist heritage, contact Doug Grant at for details about being described here.


UELAC & Branch Projects

Vancouver Island Loyal List
Victoria Branch Project
Completed January 2023

Ontario ‘UE’ Licence Plates
Dominion project
Completed 2018

The Loyalists, Pioneers and Settlers of the West: A Teacher’s Resource
Vancouver Branch
Completed 2015

Loyalist Cemetery Plaquing Project
Hamilton Branch
Completed 2015

Restoration of the UEL Monument in Adolphustown – the oldest monument to the Loyalists in Canada
UEL Heritage Centre (Bay of Quinte Branch)
Completed 2014; updated 2015

Long Point Settlement: Loyalists and Their Sons and Daughters
Grand River Branch
Completed November 2014

Digital Family Lineage project
UEL Heritage Centre (Bay of Quinte Branch)
Completed 2013

Annual Community Parades project 2012
Edmonton Branch
Completed July 28, 2012

Outdoor Display Tent
Victoria Branch
Completed June 2012

Capt. Jonathan Snyder Project
London and Western Ontario Branch
Completed 2011

Loyalist Flag Display Project
London and Western Ontario Branch
Completed 2011

Parkway Project
Colonel John Butler Branch
Completed October 2011

Annual Community Parades project 2011
Edmonton Branch
Completed July 1, 2011

Tree Planting and Joint Plaque Project
Edmonton Branch and Calgary Branch
Completed June 19, 2010 (See also Loyalist Plaque, under Loyalist Monuments)

Four Directions Youth Project
Dominion project
Completed 2009

UEL Historical Plaque honouring the first land grant to the United Empire Loyalists of the New Settlement
Bicentennial Branch
Completed June 20, 2009

Windows for St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Dominion project
Completed 2007

Marking Plato Cemetery
Colonel John Butler Branch
Completed 2007

“At The End of The Trail” Calendar
London & Western Ontario Branch
Completed 2007

Marking Carl-Misener-Bald Cemetery
Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch
Completed June 9, 2007

Loyalist Rose Garden on the Causeway
Victoria Branch
Completed April 2007

Marking Aditional Loyalist Cemeteries
Grand River Branch
Completed December 2006

Restoration of the Dufferin Heights Monument
Little Forks Branch
Completed 2006

Marking Loyalist Cemeteries in the Long Point Settlement
Grand River Branch
Completed December 2005

Mary Hutchins Memorial
Bicentennial Branch
Completed August 2005

Jeremiah French Tombstone
Sir Guy Carleton and St. Lawrence Branches
Completed June 19, 2005

Poetry U.E.
Heritage Branch Millennium Project
Completed May 2005

Restoration of William Secord Servos’s Grave
Col. John Butler Branch
Completed May 2005

Wiltse Cemetery Restoration
Col. Edward Jessup Branch
Completed October 2, 2004

John Cameron Tombstone
St. Lawrence Branch
Completed August 2004


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