Ontario Loyalist Licence Plates

A Dominion Project

The Ontario Licence Plate project came to a conclusion in June 2018 when the last of the plates ordered by UELAC in order to get the project started were sold.

Thanks to Ben Thornton UE who developed the Ontario Licence Plate project and double thanks for Fred Hayward UE who shepherded it to a successful conclusion.

The licence plates do remain available for purchase directly from Service Ontario – Choose a Licence Plate Graphic.


Sample Loyalist license plate


Project History

In March 2012, Dominion Council approved a project to help promote our Loyalist heritage, and UELAC itself, through Ontario graphic licence plates.

The design utilizes the UELAC badge as the license plate graphic. If the project is successful, there will be three types of plates:

  • 1. Standard plates will have the UELAC badge and an alphanumeric sequence with the initials UE, e.g., 01UE23 as illustrated in the mock-up design to the right.

To initiate the project, a minimum of 200 standard plate sets had to be purchased.

  • 2. Personalized graphic plates allow for the badge and six characters – they would cost $336.90 (at time of project commencement.)
  • 3. Decorative plates meant for people out-of-province or those without a vehicle will are available at a lower cost, but cannot be used as a vehicle licence plate.

As of April 2013, we had received enough preorders to proceed with our application.

The licence plates were ordered, delivered, distributed and the remaining ones then sold, with the project coming to a conclusion in June 2018 when the last ones were shipped.