Where in the World are the members of the UELAC in 2020?

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2020 Submissions

Something Old, Something New

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member and former Dominion president Doug Grant?

Doug is showing off “something new” (and pandemic-appropriate) on his condo balcony in downtown Toronto: a face mask with UELAC logo is now available! Behind Doug is St. James Cathedral, surrounded by buildings mostly constructed in the last half-century. The first services were held here after Simcoe moved the seat of government from Newark to York, later renamed Toronto. The Anglican parish of St. James was established in 1797, and the first church was built in 1807; it has been reconstructed twice since.





Sign of the Times

Where are Anne Redish of Kingston Branch and Barb Andrew of Assiniboine Branch?

While heading west to see family, Anne Redish met up with Barb Andrew for a (‘socially distant’) visit. The stopping point with the ox and cart signage – Once known as “Tanners Crossing” – is located near Minnedosa, MB. This is where aboriginal peoples, fur traders and early settlers, most travelling by ox and cart, crossed the Little Saskatchewan River along the Carlton Trail between Fort Garry and Fort Edmonton. The life of the Carlton Trail was cut short by the extension of the railroad across the prairies beginning in the 1880s.





Back In Eighty-Tree

Where is Maddox, a member of Nova Scotia Branch?

Maddox is in the Halifax Public Gardens in Nova Scotia, standing beside the tree planted by his grandfather Ray Blakeney UE on behalf of the Halifax-Dartmouth Branch (now Nova Scotia Branch) UELAC at the time of the 1983 bicentennial of the arrival of the Loyalists. The plaque reads, “This tree presented by the Halifax-Dartmouth Loyalist Association to commemorate the Loyalist Bicentennial 1783-1983.” Both Ray and Maddox are members of the Nova Scotia Branch.





In seventeen eighty-three, his ancestors did see …

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Greg Hussey?

About 80km east of Halifax, Greg ventured around the coves of Ship Harbour – so named because Ship Rock, at the entrance to the harbour, resembles a vessel. This was the landing spot of Greg’s British Loyalists ancestors: Chambers Blakeney, Daniel Weeks, Andreas Miers, Henry Seideman, Oliver Newcombe, Patrick O’Bryan, George Schildnecht, Johann George Webber, Lawrence Mercks, Richard Garrett, and Christian Zong. The area was settled in 1783 by a group of Loyalists from the Royal Nova Scotia Volunteer Regiment. The mi’kmaq referred to the area as Tedumunaboogwek, meaning “water-worn rock.”





U.E.L. V.I.P.

Where is Stephen Davidson – and with whom?

As a student at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, in the early 1970s, Stephen Davidson had the opportunity to escort a friend of his great uncle and aunt to a banquet on campus. His companion for the evening was Esther Clark Wright, the author of the ground-breaking classic, The Loyalists of New Brunswick. Just before her death, Wright received the Order of Canada in 1990 for her lifetime contributions to scholarship. Acadia’s Esther Clark Wright Archives are named in her honour. Shown in this photo from 1976 are Stephen and his Loyalist scholar companion.





Hi, Centennial!

Where is Colonel John Butler Branch Branch member Toni Freel Cummings, UE?

Toni is a descendant of John Freel UEL and Deborah Morgan Freel who settled in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area in 1784. In 1984 the Province of Ontario marked those farms which had remained in the same family for 200 years with a bicentennial plaque, shown in the photo. Deborah’s grave marker is in Butler’s Burial Ground. About twenty people have received Loyalist Certificates based on their genealogical descent from John.





New But Loyal

Where are Grietje and Bob McBride with Max?

Maxwell “Max” Gary Robert Richardson UE born in June is the son of Mary-Elizabeth (nee McBride) and Jeremy Richardson. Max is the ninth grandchild of proud grandparents Grietje and Bob McBride of Kawartha Branch (shown here) who between them have nine proven Loyalist ancestors: Jacob DeCou III UE, Lieutenant Hendrick Dachstäeder Junior UE, his son, Lieutenant Frederick Dochstader UE, Sergeant Gabriel Purdy UE, John Stevens Senior UE, McGregory Van Every UE, Adam Young UE (Johann Adam Jung), and his son, Henry Young UE (Hendrick Jung).





Hamilton: The Man, The Monument, The City (Everything But The Musical)

Where is David Ricketts, UE, of Hamilton Branch?

George Hamilton (1788-1836) was born in Queenston Heights. A merchant, politician and War of 1812 veteran. George bought 257 acres of land in what is now downtown Hamilton from James Durand in January 1816. Hamilton and another land developer, Nathaniel Hughson, worked together on plans for a courthouse, jail, and house of assembly, and plotted a series of streets and lots. Later, the town developers lobbied government officials for civic status and eventually the community was incorporated as a police village in 1833 and became a city in 1846. The first Monday in August is traditionally Civic Holiday. In Hamilton, named after George, the city pays its annual homage with “George Hamilton Day.” David Ricketts UE is a third-great-grandson of Hamilton; however, his two proven loyalist ancestors are John Askin UEL and William Jarvis UEL. Read more: “The Guy Named George Who Started It All” in the Hamilton Spectator.





Daughter of the Counter-Revolution

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Brian McConnell, UE?

While exploring historic Camp Hill Cemetery in Halifax, Brian found the gravestone of Elizabeth Lichtenstein Johnston, born in Georgia, daughter of UE Loyalist John Lichtenstein and mother of NS Premier James William Johnston. With her husband William Johnston – a Captain in the New York Volunteers – she moved to New York; back to Georgia; to Charleston, South Carolina; then to St. Augustine, Florida; to Scotland, where her husband completed training as a medical doctor; to Jamaica, where Dr. Johnston took up his career; and lastly, to Nova Scotia, where other relatives – including her father – had fled after the American Revolution. She had 10 children and at the age of 72 wrote her autobiography which was published under the title Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist. (Watch a short video recorded at the Cemetery.)





Loyalist Greeting Car(d)

Where are Kawartha Branch members Dr. Richard Staples and Ken Spry, UE?

Members of Kawartha Branch gathered to raise the Queen Anne Union flag during a ceremony on the morning of Friday, June 19, 2020, at Peterborough City Hall to mark United Empire Loyalist Day in Ontario. The car’s adornments include not just with the Loyalist flag but also, in the centre of the windshield, Richard’s recent Certificate of Appreciation for helping the branch. (Photo by Bill Russell.)





Historical Canon (“Have Gun, Will Travel”)

Where is King’s Royal Yorkers re-enactor Max?

The King’s Royal Yorkers is a Living History group which recreates the first Loyalist regiment raised on Canadian soil. The American war of 1775 to 1783 saw the King’s Royal Yorkers in active service with the Northern Department. Max is a third-generation re-enacting Yorker, participating alongside his mother, father and grandfather. Although they have not yet found a Loyalist ancestor, they are descended from the brother of Ephraim Putnam of the original Yorkers.





Closing The Distance

Where are Kawartha Branch members Grietje McBride, UE; Bob McBride, UE; Bill Russell, UE; and Bill Atkinson, UE?

Following three months of physical/social distancing in Ontario due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some areas were given permission to “ease the rules.” Members of Kawartha Branch UELAC quickly seized the opportunity. Branch members, some in period clothing, raised the Queen Anne Union flag during a ceremony on the morning of Friday, June 19, 2020, at Peterborough City Hall to mark United Empire Loyalist Day in Ontario. (Photo by Bill Russell.)





Newtonian Snowfall: “Proof of Descent”

Where are Nova Scotia Branch members Carol Harding, UE, and Herb Anderson, UE?

Carol Harding, Branch Genealogist, presents a Loyalist Certificate to Herb Anderson. They are pictured in the Christ Church Anglican Graveyard, in Karsdale, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, standing beside the gravestone of Jonathan Anderson, from whom the Loyalist Certificate states that Herb has proven his descent. Jonathan, from Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York, enlisted in the New York Volunteers in October of 1776.





Making History

Where are Vancouver Branch members Donna and Kira Little and Carl Stymiest?


Celebrating UELAC Vancouver Branch’s Poet Laureate Kirra Little, UE, on achieving her Associate of Arts degree in History from Langara College. Kirra’s achievements made the Dean’s Honour Roll. Congratulations, Kira!





In The Vicinity Of Bob’s Bathroom

Where is Brian McConnell, UE, of Nova Scotia Branch?

Near a cemetery where Loyalists are buried at Tiverton on Long Island, Digby County, Nova Scotia. Tiverton was founded by United Empire Loyalist Robert Outhouse.





Snowbirds In Blue

Where are Nancy Conn, UE, and Doug Grant, UE, of Gov. Simcoe Branch?

Before the coronavirus pandemic began, when cruise ships were still carrying passengers, a long-anticipated voyage took us from Bergen, in Norway, to Montreal, Quebec. Hurricane Dorian prevented stops in the Shetlands and the Faroe Islands, but gave us two extra stops in Iceland. Here the ship is just departing from a visit to Qaqortoq in southwestern Greenland.





Social Distancing

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Ann McConnell?

N.S. Branch Secretary Ann McConnell is at Christ Church Anglican at Karsdale, Annapolis County, NS. The church was built in 1791 by United Empire Loyalists and consecrated by Bishop Charles Inglis in 1793.





Where Bob The Bruise Ignited Flatbread

Where is Dawn Goodwin, Victoria Branch, with her daughter Susie?

At the Bannockburn battlefield, Stirlingshire, Scotland, Dawn and daughter, Susie pose in their “Robert the Bruce” T-shirts below the equestrian statue of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, who vanquished the English army under King Edward II in 1314. According to the LDS Church genealogical website, database and universal family tree, familysearch.org, Susie and Dawn – through Dawn’s mother’s line – are direct descendants of King Robert the Bruce, through his daughter, Princess Marjorie, and his grandson, King Robert II, the first Stewart/Stuart monarch.





The Last King Of … (Not Scotland)

Where is Victoria Branch member Fran Rose?

On February 27, 2020 in front of the Palace of the King of Tonga. I had not known that there was a king in that country! It is the last remaining Polynesian monarchy. This was one stop on a long cruise which was cut short mid-trip due to the Covid-19 pandemic.





He Can Cedar Future

Where is Vancouver Branch member Carl Stymiest?

Surrounded by bright green cedar trees, Carl is pictured on his daily Covid-19 neighbourhood walkabout in BC’s lower mainland during week #5 of the British Columbia lock-down.





Lifting The Veil

Where are Calgary Branch members David Hongisto, UE; Barbara Hongisto, UE; Pat Sadler Brown, UE; and Suzanne Davidson, UE?

Calgary Branch unveiled the first Alberta cemetery plaque on Sunday, September 8, 2019, at the Mountain View Cemetery in Lethbridge. The plaque reads “Herein Lie Descendants of United Empire Loyalists.” Robert A. Davis, the Police Chief of Lethbridge, is descended from Loyalists in the Brantford area where his ancestors lived. He is transferring to the Six Nations Police Force there. Loyalists John Cole, Jesse Bigelow and George Hughson are represented by descendants in the cemetery.





Where Time Stops

Where is Victoria Branch member Fran Rose?

Aboard Holland America’s ship the Amsterdam, I am standing in front of an elaborate clock that unfortunately no longer functions. This was on March 19, 2020 just when cruise ships were a major focus around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our cruise, like so many others, was ordered to cease 50 days short of the date planned.





Light Reading – Tomes & Tombs

Where are Jo Ann Tuskin, Gov. Simcoe Branch and (in the other photo) Linda Young, Toronto Branch?

Beth Adams from Toronto Branch UELAC was the speaker at a 2019 meeting of Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. Others including Jo Ann Tuskin UE from Gov. Simcoe Branch and Linda Young UE from Toronto Branch attended in period clothing and brought along items for people to browse.





My Little Bowl Runneth Over

Where are Vancouver Branch (plus additionally Bridge Annex and Chilliwack Branches) members Donna and Kira Little, UE?

Kirra Little, UE, and mother Donna Little, UE, are pictured at a 6game bowling tournament at Commodore Lanes in Vancouver, BC, wearing new UELAC duds! (Photo credit: Donna’s Dad – not used to cell phone technology.)





On The Big Blue Canal

Where is New Brunswick Branch member Malcolm Newman?

There is an iconic children’s programme on the BBC called Blue Peter, which has been regularly broadcast in the UK since 1958. Malcolm is pictured pointing across the canal to the BBC studio, where a window displays the Blue Peter title and imagery – though it might look a bit like graffiti to the untrained eye.




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