Where in the World are the members of the UELAC in 2014?

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2014 Submissions

“Where in the World” 2014 Archive

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Building (Scenic) Bridges

Where are Dominion President Bonnie Schepers and Vancouver Branch past president Carl Stymiest?

At Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC



A Fine Kettle of … Tin?

Where are Brooke Jarvis, Diane Reid and Nancy Conn?

Brooke Jarvis (York Pioneers), Diane Reid (Toronto Branch) and Nancy Conn (Gov. Simcoe Branch) are at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto for a special Christmas Dinner. During the 1860s, many towns and villages had a resident tinsmith who crafted items for the home and farm. Moved in 1983 from Woodbridge, the Tinsmith Shop at Black Creek Pioneer Village used to be a hardware store on the main floor, while the second storey was the first home of the Masonic Lodge known as the Blackwood Lodge. Daryl Currie, UE, of Gov. Simcoe Branch, a Mason, volunteers regularly as an interpreter in the Lodge.



U.E.L.A.C. V.I.P.

Where are (L-R) Gerry Adair, Prairie Region Vice-President; Barb Andrew, UELAC Senior Vice-President; Diane Faris, Pacific Region Vice-President; Marlene Dance, Pacific Region Councillor; Jo Ann Tuskin, Dominion Secretary; and Joyce Lidster, Prairie Region Councillor?

A few members of Dominion Council enjoy the sunshine outside UELAC Head Office – George Brown House, 50 Baldwin St., Toronto – on October 24, 2014, following the executive strategic planning meeting.



Preposterously Statuesque

Where is this eminent group of Pacific-region UELAC members? Pictured (L-R): Carl Stymiest, Diane Faris, Bonnie Schepers, Mary Anne Bethune, Linda Watson, Judith Ueland, and Shirley Dargatz.

The group poses in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, with the sculpture “Photo Session” by U.S. artist J. Steward Johnson, Jr.



Halfway between Left City and Rightville

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Brian McConnell?

Brian visited Middleton NS – located in Heart of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia (Middleton is known that way on signage) – and found this Loyalist monument. The cairn honours the memory of three prominent Loyalist leaders who settled in this area: General Timothy Ruggles from Mass.; Major Samuel Vetch Bayard, of King’s Orange Rangers; and Major Thomas Barclay of the Loyal American Regiment.



Halve the eyewear, get the site

Where is Colonel Edward Jessup Branch president Barbara Law?

Here is a photo my husband took of me looking over the yachts in Monaco while we were on our vacation this past May. My husband went to the Monte Carlo car race on the Saturday and Sunday while I got to spend the two days sitting on the French Riviera coast reading my book in peace and quiet. He took me to see Monaco on the Monday while they were taking down the race track; apparently it takes 6 weeks to get ready for the race, but only 3 weeks to put the city back again. – Barbara Law UE

The caption is an admittedly questionable play on monocle/Monaco and site/sight



Guardians of the Galaxy HQ

Where are UELAC President Bonnie Schepers and Victoria Branch past president Bob Ferguson?

They are at the observatory “at the Centre of the Universe” in Saanich outside Victoria, BC. The national historic building houses a 1.85m Plaskett telescope and began operation on May 6, 1918.



The Loyal Glow

Where are Skyler and Joshua Harrison UE of Edmonton Branch?

They are standing below a commemorative plaque of the Reverend Jacob Bailey UEL at St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia summer 2014.



De Trout Left A While Ago

Where is UELAC President Bonnie Schepers with Barb and David Hongisto of Calgary Branch?

Along the Detroit River with the Detroit skyline in the background, Bonnie Schepers with Barb and David Hongisto of Calgary Branch UELAC enjoyed a beautiful autumn day in Windsor, Ontario. Over 6,000 years of First Nation use and 300 years of European settlement have endowed the Detroit River with many exceptional and unique cultural heritage values. The Detroit River was designated as part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System on July 19, 2001.



Chez “Gary’s Son, George”

Where is Gov Simcoe Branch member Jo Ann Tuskin? [Hint: read the title with a French accent]

In the photo I am at Fort George, Inverness, Scotland (not Niagara). It was built to control the area in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising of 1745 and was the model for Fort George, Niagara. The fortress has never been attacked and has remained in continuous use as a garrison. Originally the depot of the Seaforth Highlanders and later the Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons), it was more recently home to the Royal Irish Regiment, and as of 2007, the new garrison of the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland. – Jo Ann Tuskin (with information from Wikipedia)



Le Tour de Nouvelle-France

Where is UELAC President Bonnie Schepers?

While in Quebec for the re-consecration ceremony of the Sir John Johnson Family Vault in August, we took an extra day to cycle a portion of La Route Verte along the Richelieu River. This photo was taken at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the Monteregie region of southwest Quebec. The Route Verte is the most extensive cycling route in North America.



Fascinating Reading in Winds or Calm

Where is Albert Schepers with David Hongisto and Barb Hongisto of Calgary Branch?

Albert Schepers and David & Barb Hongisto take a break at a cafe in Windsor ON to catch up on some interesting reading – note the cover!



Halfway to the far-off pharaohs

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member Audrey Fox?

Audrey Fox holds her UEL pin at the lighthouse sign on Cape St. Vincent, the most southwestern point in Portugal (24 June 2014). Built on the ruins of a 16th century monastery, on cliffs rising 75 metres from the Atlantic, the current lighthouse guards one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. The monks, 500 years ago, maintained a beacon – a fire in a tower – “to rescue and guide those who come to Cape St. Vincent.”




Where is UELAC President Bonnie Schepers and who is she with? (Bonus points for the Why.)

We thought readers might like to meet our new Nova Scotia Branch president. In the first photo, acting NS Branch president / Atlantic VP Jim McKenzie UE and President Bonnie Schepers UE hand over the new Nova Scotia Charter to Shamus (James) Dilts UE on May 17th at our spring meeting in Wolfville, NS. Shamus is a past president of Col. John Butler’s Branch for 2 years (2005-07). The second phoot is the presentation of the charter to committee members Carol Harding UE, Marian Munroe, and Alma Hayward UE, with Jim McKenzie looking on. – Carol Harding, UE, NS Branch Genealogist



Lawrence of Arabia?

Where is Col. Edward Jessup Branch President Barb Law?

My husband and I got home from our vacation in Morocco, and a drive along the coast of Spain and France, just in time for me to go to the conference. I have attached a photo of myself and our camel driver Ahmet, on our way out to a camp over in a tent in the Sahara desert, so we could watch the sunset at night and the sunrise in the morning. The heat was starting to get to me and I forgot to put my UE hat on for the photo, so my husband added a flag on the sleeve of my sun shirt. – Barb Law, UE



Merry by the Ferry-on-the-Mountain

Where are Gov. Simcoe Branch members Daryl Currie and Joan Pollard?

On our annual bus trip, Gov. Simcoe Branch visited Prince Edward County. From a lookout across the road from the Lake-On-The-Mountain, one can see the Glenora Ferry, connecting two portions of the Loyalist Parkway. On the other side of the Adolphus Reach, not too far along the road, is Adolphustown. Around the corner to the right would be the Loyalist Landing Place. Down the hill on this side of the water is the old grist mill. Major Peter Van Alstine, the Loyalist leader of the Fourth Town (Adolphustown) company of settlers to the Bay of Quinte in 1784, was the first owner of the Glenora ferry and built the mills comprising the community of Van Alstine’s Mills, now Glenora.



The Vault in our Stars

Where are Dominion President Bonnie Schepers and Past President Fred Hayward?

Bonnie and Fred are visiting the Sir John Johnson Family Vault Restoration ceremony in Mont Saint-Gregoire, QC, on August 23, 2014.



Friday the 31st?

Where are Gov. Simcoe Branch members Barbara Johnson and Murray Johnson?

During the 2014 version of the annual Gov. Simcoe Branch bus trip which spent the day in The County (as what was once Prince Edward County is fondly called), the group visited Macaulay Heritage Park. Here are the historic former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, now the Prince Edward County Museum, and the old St. Mary Magdalene Parish Cemetery. Murray and Barb are wondering about an unusual gravestone. Note the date of death. Is he still alive? Did he die on Feb. 13 and the engraver just made a transcription error? Did the engraver or those who instructed him change the date from the 13th intentionally, because of the bad luck association? We will never know.



What would you do for a … vacation?

Where are Governor Simcoe Branch members Doug Grant and Nancy Conn?

The S.S. Klondike, a stern-wheeler steam boat, is a National Historic Site within the City of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. The British Yukon Navigation (BYN) Company sternwheel fleet plied the upper Yukon River between Whitehorse and Dawson City for the first half of the Twentieth Century. The S.S. Klondike was the largest of the BYN fleet. Originally built in 1929, she sank in 1936, was rebuilt and launched in the spring of 1937. Located on the banks of the Yukon River in Whitehorse, Yukon and restored to her original 1937-40 appearance, the S.S. Klondike pays tribute to an era of riverboat transportation and the inland water transportation system that linked the Yukon to the outside world before the advent of roads. Nancy and Doug enjoyed many sites of interest around Whitehorse while there for a family wedding.



Window to the Past

Where is Calgary Branch member David Hongisto?

David stands before Christ Church Cathedral in Hamilton which hosted the Sunday Church service at the 2013 UELAC conference, hosted by Hamilton Branch in June. Some of the large church windows are evident here, but the splendour of the stained glass really must be seen from inside. If a visit is inconvenient, try this virtual tour of the windows.



This Town is Your Town (Loyally)

Where are Brian Tackaberry, UE, Bay of Quinte Branch, and Bonnie Schepers, UE, Bicentennial Branch?

This photo was taken on July 26, 2014, at the UEL Monument at Adolphustown in Ontario. Bay of Quinte Branch Vice President Brian Tackaberry and Dominion President Bonnie Schepers are showing off a copy of the new UELAC publication Loyally Yours – 100 Years of the UELAC at the newly restored UEL Monument at Adolphustown – a 2014 Project supported through UELAC grant funding. The UEL monument is the oldest monument dedicated to the United Empire Loyalists of Ontario. It is located in the United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park, in historic Adolphustown, Ontario, now part of the Town of Greater Napanee.



Centenary, cenTWENTYary

Where is Hamilton Branch member John Hammill, UE (with the Montreal Connection – Maura and Robert Wilkins, UE, Heritage Branch – in the background)?

At the 2013 UELAC Conference hosted by Hamilton Branch, the group visited Battlefield Park at Stoney Creek, with its Battlefield Monument. On June 6, 1913, the centenary of the 1813 Battle of Stoney Creek, the completed monument was unveiled by Queen Mary in London, by means of a transatlantic cable. Approximately 15,000 people were in attendance, including local military forces; school children were given a half-day off school.



The Past Looms Large

Where are Gov Simcoe Branch members (respectively President and Treasurer) Colin and Robert Heath, UE?

The 2013 annual UELAC Conference hosted by Hamilton Branch in Burlington would not have been complete without a visit to the famous Loyalist Monument in downtown Hamilton. It looks like seamstress mother Elizabeth Heath had enough material for matching vests, and contrasting colours for the jackets. I wonder if anyone ever painted the statue…



In the Monarch’s Park for a Lark

Where are Jo Ann Tuskin, UE, and Nancy Conn, UE?

This was taken on Loyalist Day in Ontario – June 19, 2014. The occasion was the raising of the Loyalist flag on the guest flagpole at Queen’s park (the building in the background), which is the seat of the Ontario Government, Legislative Assembly and offices and suite for the Ontario Lieutenant Governor. There were remarks by Lieutenant Governor David C. Onley, UE, who hosted the group at a reception following.



Take Me Home, Loyal Road

Where is Loyalist Road?

Linda Young of Toronto Branch found this “Loyalist Rd.” while walking in Etobicoke, Toronto. There must be many streets, lanes, roads, and avenues with the same name in cities across Canada. We may not be able to tell which area from the street sign, but we do know the Loyalist Trail that led to many of them being named such.



Ivy League

Where are Malcolm Newman, UE, and wife Kathy?

Malcolm and Kathy came from the UK to attend the 2014 Conference in Toronto. This photo was taken at Burwash Hall. They look quite at home in front of those ivy-covered stone walls.



Me Tarzan; You Kong

Where is past president Doug Grant?

In the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam (November 2013), wrangling snakes was a far better option than exploring the old Viet Cong tunnels and traps, which were very deadly. Wherever we go, the red bag comes along; it was the goodie bag for the welcome kit at the “End of the Trail” UELAC Conference hosted by Bicentennial Branch in 2007.



Bedeck yourselves with points, this one’s a freebie

Where are Atlantic Region Councillor Dave Laskey, Abegweit Branch President Peter Van Iderstine, and Atlantic Region Vice President Jim McKenzie?

The Abegweit Branch and UELAC made a grant to the Bedeque Area Historical Museum to assist in the development of a Loyalist Display in this new Museum. These people paid a visit, along with UELAC President Bonnie Schepers, during the Regional Tour. (PEI, 16 May 2014)



“Hey! Ride!”

Where is Calgary Branch member Ivy Trumpour?

This picture was taken May 9, 2014, in Fort Saskatchewan at our 6th annual “Peoples of the North Saskatchewan” event. It takes about 200 volunteers to present two days of historical interactive activities for more than 1,500 school children as well as the general public. It is hard to see the Red River cart in the background. This was taken first thing in the morning, before the crowds got there.



Less chatter than the Parrot Islands

Where is Calgary Branch member Ivy Trumpour?

These pictures are from the Canary Islands. The photo in the town, showing me with my husband Jack Twells, was taken on the island of La Gomera; it is said to be the departure point of Christopher Columbus before his discovery of the New World. The picture of me in the mountains was taken on the island of Tenerife. The serpentine road over the mountains was frightful. It took two days for the colour to return to my knuckles. – Ivy Trumpour, UE



The Final Proof

Pictured is Nova Scotia Branch member Donald Eugene Outhouse, flanked by Carol Louise Weir and Carol Harding – can you guess where and why?

The picture was taken at the home of Donald Eugene Outhouse, UE, in Yarmouth NS. Donald is receiving his Priv. Robert Outhouse UEL certificate from Carol Harding, UE, NS branch genealogist (right), and Carol Louise (Daley) Weir, UE, (left). Carol Weir’s ancestor, Corp Morris Peters, married the daughter of another of Don’s Loyalist ancestors, Charity Titus, after arriving in Nova Scotia. This was discovered while researching for the certificates. Private Robert Outhouse and Corp. Morris Peters both served in the Loyal American Regiment.



Innocent until proven quilty

Pictured are London & Western Ontario Branch members Gerry and Bob Tordiff on either side of past president June Klassen – do you know where and why?

We’re at a celebration of June Klassen’s special 80th birthday last month (April 2014) and a show of beautiful quilts she has done over the years. – Gerry Tordiff



For Royal Self-Defense

Where are Albert Schepers, Barb Law and Roy Lewis?

Albert Schepers at Col. Jessup Branch AGM photographing the branch mace. Barb Law taking a photo. Roy Lewis packing up.



A really big number

Where is UELAC president and Bicentennial Branch member Bonnie Schepers?

On a bike ride. Point Pelee Ontario is the most southerly spot on Canada’s mainland, lying at 42 degrees – on par with Rome and Barcelona.



Dressed for the (original) occasion

Where is Hamilton Branch member Gloria Howard?

The Sunday church service at the 2013 UELAC conference was held at Christ Church Cathedral in Hamilton. Built in 1835, it predates the existing Anglican cathedrals of Toronto, Kingston, London, Halifax, Fredericton and St. John’s and as such is the oldest extant Anglican cathedral in anglophone Canada and the second oldest in all of Canada: only Holy Trinity Cathedral in Québec City predates it.



Stoney Towers here, Fawlty Towers elsewhere

Where is Saskatchewan Branch member Pat Adair?

At the 2013 UELAC conference one tour was to the Stoney Creek Battlefield Park where Pat Adair stands before the Battlefield Monument. On June 6, 1913, at the centenary of the Battle of Stoney Creek, the completed monument was unveiled by Queen Mary from London, England, by means of a transatlantic cable.



Signs of the Thames

Where is Bay of Quinte Branch President Peter Johnson?

This is past Dominion President Peter Johnson UE in the parade on October 5th 2013 in Thamesville ON. The parade started off the re-enactment of the Battle of the Thames, where the Great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh died 200 years ago.



An educational double-whammy

Where are Jean Rae Baxter and Ruth Nicholson?

Jean Rae Baxter UE & Ruth Nicholson UE explored Pelee Island after Jean spoke at the local bicentennial meeting in Kingsville, in mid September 2013. We are at the Pelee Island Public School with Richard, one of their two teachers. This is Canada’s most southern school!



Cheap Fare; No Fair

Where is this august assembly? Pictured: Gerry Adair, Prairie Regional Vice-President; Pat Adair, Saskatchewan Branch secretary; Barb Andrew, Senior Vice-President, UELAC; Albert Schepers, Bicentennial Branch.

Cheapest cab fare in the city – vintage taxi. Check the rates on the passenger door – 25c for the first fifth mile, and 5c increments thereafter. These cars were brought in for a film shoot on King St. West, in Toronto.



Breakfast of champions: unknown. Breakfast WITH champions: success!

Where are UELAC Dominion President Bonnie Schepers, Saskatchewan Branch Secretary Pat Adair, and Senior UELAC Vice-President Barb Andrew? For bonus points, who are they with?

March 7, 2014 – UELAC members in Toronto for the Dominion Council meeting, shared a moment at breakfast with Canadian Olympic Figure Skating Champions Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. Go Canada!



A king has his reign, and then he’s painted

Where is Doug Grant of Gov. Simcoe Branch? And for a bonus point, who is he hanging out with?

When in St. Petersburg, Russia, one must visit the treasurers in the Hermitage. Somewhat unexpectedly we came across a portrait of King George III, he of the Loyalist Flag and the UELAC badge. The Loyalist cap was most appropriate. Never sure when he might be “at the end of the trail,” Doug has in his left hand (the red strap) one of the bags from the 2007 UELAC conference in Windsor.



Shadowed by Forebears – ‘Foreshadowed’?

Where is Suzanne Davidson of Calgary Branch with her mother?

On the Sunday morning of the 2013 UELAC Conference, the buses stopped at the Hamilton Loyalist Monument. Suzanne Davidson of Calgary Branch and her mother, Betsy Davidson of Gov. Simcoe Branch, enjoy the Loyalist moment on the way to the church service.



Gauge those bellicose tendencies

Where is Saskatchewan Branch Branch member Gerry Adair, UE?

During the UELAC Conference hosted by Hamilton Branch, many in the group visited the Stoney Creek Battlefield Park where the American advance towards Hamilton and York during the War of 1812 was halted, 200 years earlier. Gerry stands before Battlefield House which at the time was the home of widow Mary Jones Gage. On June 5, 1813, the Gage residence was forced to become headquarters of the invading American troops who occupied the house. For more about the house and the park, visit www.battlefieldhouse.ca/house.asp.



Time Cannot Deface

Where is Col. John Butler Branch member Geri Wilson, UE?

On a tour of Southeast Asia, after visiting Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia welcomed the group. The first stop was Siem Reap, the home to a number of ancient temple complexes. Geri shows her Loyalist pride in front of one temple, while the stone-faced one-eyed guy above her has his eye on … her!



Found Plaque, Avoiding Dentist

Where is Bicentennial Branch member Louise Ferriss, UE?

During the 2013 UELAC Conference hosted by Hamilton Branch, the Bicentennial Commemorations of the Battle of Stoney Creek were held at Stoney Creek Battlefield Park. The Ontario Provincial Historical Plaque notes the event. The row of tents in the background (beneath the plaque) housed some of the numerous reenactors who participated in the weekend’s activities. See a close-up of the plaque below:



Living Colour

Where is Vancouver Branch Past President Carl Stymiest?

Carl is in the Philippines



Research slowed by wooden assistant

Where is author Jennifer DeBruin?

Jennifer DeBruin is pictured at the Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum in Williamstown, Ontario.



Classic Loyalist fort-itude

Where are Edmonton Branch members Joshua Harrison and Skyler Harrison?

In the picture are my two children, Joshua Harrison, UE, and Skyler Harrison, UE. They are at Fort Anne National Historic Site in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. We didn’t have any promotional gear to wear since we were on vacation, but we thought that holding up a UELAC sign would pass muster. – Kristina Harrison, UE



Plane Jane / Bonny Bonnie

Where is UELAC President Bonnie Schepers?

Bonnie Schepers stands among United States Navy biplanes in Ypsilanti, Michigan on August 11, 2013, at the Thunder Over Michigan Air Show, Willow Run Airport.



Blue in Green   (with some White and a dash of Red)

Where is Toronto Branch member Roger Reid?

This is an old photo taken at Wasaga Beach in 2010. A friend borrowed the flag to welcome us on our visit. – Roger



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