Where in the World are the members of the UELAC in 2015?

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2015 Submissions

Far From Miserable

Where is Bicentennial Branch member Greg Girty?

Greg Girty, UE, sings from Les Miserables, in which he performed last year in Windsor, at the Bicentennial Branch Fall luncheon meeting in Kingsville. Greg is a talented singer and actor, the son of Judith Girty and a descendant from Simon Girty, UEL.



Bless Us, Every One

Where is Toronto Branch member Diane Reid?

Each Christmas for several years, Diane and Toronto Branch have invited members of Gov. Simcoe Branch to join them for Christmas Dinner at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Dinner is served in the Half Way House where this year some forty people enjoyed the fellowship and traditional foods. Diane, in period attire, stands in the formal dining room on the main floor, whereas modern-day guests were seated “downstairs.”



The Still E and the Stiller E

Where is Martha Hemphill of Hamilton & Toronto Branches?

Martha visited the Distillery District in Toronto to catch the Christmas Market, a street festival where city residents gather with friends and family to celebrate the tradition and romance of Christmas. The Distillery District is an internationally acclaimed pedestrian-only village, The Distillery features more than 70 ground-floor cultural and retail establishments in the restored red brick, Victorian-era buildings of the renowned Gooderham & Worts whiskey distillery.



Fluid Itinerary

Where are Gene and Suzanne Davidson of Calgary Branch?

We are at the statue outside of the Inuvik Visitors’ Centre. The photo was taken at the end of our three-week canoe trip on the Mackenzie River, from Fort Providence to Inuvik, with a number of friends in July 2014.



Torrid outside, Toro nearby

Where is UELAC past president Doug Grant?

The Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold) is a dodecagonal military watchtower in Seville, southern Spain, built by the Almohad dynasty in order to control access to Seville via the Guadalquivir river. Constructed in the first third of the 13th century, the tower served as a prison during the Middle Ages. Its name comes from the golden shine it projected on the river, due to its building materials (a mixture of mortar, lime and pressed hay).




Where are Bicentennial Branch members Susan McCloskey, Judith Girty, and Linda Iler, with Hamilton Branch member Ruth Nicholson?

Pictured are Susan McCloskey Hutchins, UE; Ruth Nicholson, UE; Judith Girty, UE; and Linda Iler, UE. The group is in Kingsville at the Bicentennial Branch’s Fall luncheon meeting. Linda is branch president, Judith is branch secretary and Susan is the hospitality chair. Ruth brought the new display board from Hamilton Branch (in background) to show what a professional display board is like. They were very impressed.



Not-Lost Highway

Where is Calgary Branch member Suzanne Davidson?

Suzanne is at the beginning of the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek on the way to meet fellow paddlers for a canoe trip on the Mackenzie River.



Uplifting Experience

Where are Barb Andrew and Bob McBride?

Past Dominion President Bob McBride and his wife Grietje hosted Dominion President Barb Andrew for the Kawartha Branch annual banquet, held Saturday, October 17, 2015. While enjoying the fall colours in the Kawarthas, Barb and Bob stopped at the famous Peterborough Lift Lock: built in 1904, it remains the highest hydraulic boat lift in the world, raising and lowering boats 19.8m (65 ft). Also known as Lock 21, it is part of the heritage Trent-Severn Waterway.



A great big “F.  King” tree!

Where is Albert Schepers of Bicentennial Branch?

Albert Schepers is in Francis King Park, Victoria, BC. Within the park is a trail leading to Heritage Grove, where one can walk among 500 year old Douglas fir trees.



In seventeen eighty-four, they gained the northern shore

Where is Nova Scotia Branch President Brian McConnell?

Brian McConnell visits the Monument to the United Empire Loyalists at North Wallace, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. It is located on land on Nova Scotia’s North Shore granted to the Loyalists who arrived there in 1784 from New York.



Pequeños Pasos (Baby Steps)

Where is past dominion president Doug Grant?

Doug is standing in front of the Spanish Steps in Rome. Rome has a great number of great sites to see, and one of many tourist favourites is the Spanish Steps, on the location where the first representative from Spain set up the early version of an embassy or consulate. A nearby museum is now named for two of the Romantic poets who lived there – Shelley and Keats. Doug is perennially in search of “the end of the trail” (as printed on his red shoulder bag), the motto for the 2007 UELAC conference hosted by Bicentennial Branch.



Swap Meet

Where are Barb Andrew and Joyce Lidster (Manitoba Branch) and Gerry Adair (Saskatchewan Branch)?

Manitoba Branch held a summer gathering at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin, Manitoba. Doesn’t Gerry look lovely in his pioneer frock and bonnet?



Her Flag to Bear

Where are Diane Faris, UE, and Donna Little, UE?

Diane Faris (bearing the Canada Flag) and Donna Little (with the B.C. flag) participate in piping in the colours for the 2015 UEL Conference gala banquet dinner in Victoria, May 30th.



Magna Cum Dignitas

Where is Barb Andrew?

In this photo I am dressed in medieval costume at the Canadian Museum For Human Rights during the opening of the Magna Carta Exhibit.



The Fond Fare Well

Where are Sheila Brownrigg, Aurelie Stirling and Carl Stymiest?

Two Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) flags were presented to the UELAC Victoria and Thompson-Okanagan branches by Carl Stymiest, UE, on behalf of David Hill Morrison, UE, at the Loyalist “Fare Dinner” Friday banquet during the Loyalists Come West 2015 Conference in Victoria in May. Four flags, one for each of the branches of the Pacific Region UELAC, were gifts from David to remember the Haudenosaunee who fought alongside the non-Native Loyalists in solidarity with their allegiance to the Crown. Now all four Branches have the Haudenosaunee Flag to fly proudly at their events.



You take the Highlands, and I’ll take the Lowlands

Where is Nova Scotia Branch President Brian McConnell?

This was taken at Fort Edward, Windsor, Nova Scotia, with me in full uniform of Private in 84th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants) where I was on guard duty early in the morning, before the sun had burned off the fog, on Canada Day. – Brian McConnell



Pillars of the Community

Where are Carl Stymiest, Bonnie & Albert Schepers, and Barb Andrew??

The photo was taken at Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria, B.C., during the UELAC conference.




Where are Abegweit Branch members Peter Van Iderstine and Debbie Lowes?

The grounds, especially the gardens, of Government House in Victoria are beautful. Three of some 200 volunteer gardeners who help with the gardens led small groups on tours as part of the Friday afternoon activities at the UELAC Conference. Peter Van Iderstine and his sister Debbie Lowes, seen here in the gardens with Government House in the background, were members of one of those groups.



Stymied by Framing

Where is Vancouver Branch member Carl Stymiest?

At the BC Government House reception, during the the 2015 UELAC Conference in Victoria, Carl Stymiest almost stepped right into this painting of Queen Elizabeth II as she arrives at Westminster Abbey and exits the coach. Carl was honoured at the Conference; he was named this year’s winner of the UELAC’s Dorchester Award. The Queen for her coronation wore a Norman Hartwell gown. For more about the dress, that it had an embroidered Canadian Maple Leaf as one of its decorations, and the photo from which this portrait was made, see The sketch that was to become Her Majesty’s Coronation Gown.



An August Occasion (and in May, too!)

Where is Vancouver Branch member Donna Little, UE?

From the Government House meeting, 2015 UELAC Conference. At left is Lieutenant Governor Judith Isabel Guichon, OBC, the 29th and current Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.



Rendezvous code name: “Lucky But Rude”

Where are Past President Bonnie Schepers, Toronto Branch President Trish Groom, and UELAC Dominion President Barb Andrew?

At Clover Point, Victoria, taking in the Victoria International Kite Festival during the 2015 UELAC Conference in B.C. Not a kite in sight!



I scream, you scream, and Worf grunts for ice cream

Where is New Brunswick Branch member and Atlantic Region Region VP Jim McKenzie?

Jim is seen here leaving Fisherman’s Wharf on the Victoria Harbour Water Taxi during the UELAC 2015 Conference in Victoria BC.



He Wanted the Bicycle Built For Two

Where are David Ellsworth (Col. John Butler Branch) and Gloria Howard (Hamilton Branch)?

A few took the opportunity for the Sunday morning church service at the UELAC Conference in Victoria to not only dress in period clothing, but to ride to church in period conveyances. David appears to have some trepidation, but Gloria is in her element, riding in style in a horse drawn carriage the few blocks from the hotel to James Bay United Church, where our favourite loyalist, Shirley Dargatz, led the service.



Jubilant Photo-Op

Where are Peter Milliken, Kingston Branch, Nancy Conn, Gov. Simcoe Branch, and Jim McKenzie, New Brunswick Branch?

The current Lieutenant Governor The Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, hosted a reception for the 2015 UELAC Conference in Victoria BC in the reception hall of Government House. With other portraits, this of Queen Elizabeth II was painted for her Diamond Jubilee.



Confirmed to Confer

Where are Gerry & Pat Adair, Saskatchewan Branch, and Peter Milliken, Kingston Branch?

The “Meet ‘N’ Greet” on Saturday before the UELAC Conference Gala Banquet was held on the patio of the Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel. The patio and many of the rooms overlooked the channel which joins the Inner Harbour and the Outer Harbour and Juan de Fuca Strait. The Channel shows behind Garry, Pat and Peter. Gerry is sporting his new uniform, KRRNY, made by Pat. The very top of Gerry’s cap is a tassle (lying on its side) from real horsehair from a neighbour’s horse. Such talented and resourceful people we have.



Wherefore Art Thou At Such Altitude?

Where is Vancouver Branch member Donna Little, UE?

Welcoming the world from her balcony at the Coast Harbourside Hotel in Victoria BC during the 2015 UELAC Conference “Loyalists Come West 2015.”



From the Imagination of Shirley Jackson…

Where are Peter Johnson, UE, Bay of Quinte Branch; David G. Moore, UE, Toronto Branch; and Anne Redish, UE, Kingston and District Branch, UELAC?

Participating in a Loyalist land grant lottery re-enactment at Adolphustown standing on the left Peter Johnson UE, President Bay of Quinte Branch UELAC, Past Dominion President, seated in the photograph is ardent re-enactor, Major David G. Moore, UE, Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry (1809-1816) and King’s Royal Regiment of New York (1776-1784) and on the far right Anne Redish UE, Central East Region Vice-President. This photo was taken on May 23, 2015 at Adolphustown during the UEL Monument Re-dedication weekend.



Lieutenant’s Fragrant Tenants

Where is Gov Simcoe Branch member Jo Ann Tuskin? For a bonus point, do you recognize the flower?

On the Friday of the UELAC Conference hosted by Victoria Branch, one of the tours was to the Gardens of Government House, home and office of the Lieutenant Governor. Jo Ann holds a blossom of the Loyalist Rose. The garden records do not show where this rosebush came from. The deer here are ravenous and enjoy rose leaves. This bush is about to be moved into a fenced area.



Seeing Double? Wine is Trouble!

Where is Dominion Past President Bonnie Schepers? She is flanked by two past presidents of Vancouver Branch, both winners of the Phillip E. M. Leith Memorial Award, Dr. Gerald Brown and Dr. Peter Moogk.

The photo was taken at the Loyalist Dinner in Victoria, B.C., on May 29, 2015. Apparently there was a doctor in the house!



The Powerses That Be

Where are Maria and Sylvia Powers of Sir Guy Carleton Branch?

Maria Powers, who lives near Victoria and her mother, Sylvia Powers of the Sir Guy Carleton Branch enjoyed the reception at Government House during the 2015 UELAC Conference in Victoria . It is only fitting that in the Reception Hall there should be a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.



Third Home’s the Charm

Where are Col. John Butler Branch members Rod and Bev Craig?

The delegates to the 2015 UELAC Conference in Victoria were invited to visit Government House, the residence and office of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. It is a fine stone building within beautiful grounds. The plaque between Rod and Bev was unveiled on 19 May 1959, the day of the official opening of this house, the third on the site, each of the previous two having been destroyed by fire. The current Lieutenant Governor The Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, hosted a reception for the Conference group.



Whose Hall? (Doug Dethroned)

Where is Col. Edward Jessup Branch member Barb Law?

I am standing in front of the Taj Mahal in India, during our last trip, Feb. 19 – March 17, 2015.



Nancy had a little dog / whose fleece was white as stone ♫

Where is Kingston & District Branch member Nancy Cutway?

“This photo was taken in February while my husband and I were on a cruise from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. While we were stopped in Dunedin NZ, we took a train excursion up the Taieri Gorge. The first stop was at Hindon, now just a rest station. There is a statue there commemorating the contributions of sheep dogs to New Zealand’s growth over the previous 150 years. New Zealand was picturesque, but was not nearly as green as it should have been: they were in a months-long drought condition and we were all warned about not sparking a grass fire.”



Colourful Reflection

Where is UELAC Dominion Genealogist and Bicentennial Branch member Kathryn Lake Hogan?

Kathryn stands in front of the Church of the Epiphany in Kingsville, Ontario – Canada’s most southern town since 1853. The cornerstone for the existing church was laid in 1891. Buried in the cemetery behind the church are many notable figures from Kingsville’s history, including the King family. Colonel King, the namesake for the community was also the first Warden of the parish. A black oak tree in the adjoining cemetery is over 200 years old and is on the Honour Roll of trees in the Province of Ontario as the largest black oak in the province.



U.E.L. Bodyguards: “Now ’useum…”

Where is UELAC Senior Vice-President Barb Andrew?

This photo shows Barb Andrew at the Kingsville Historical Park Military Museum, Kingsville, ON, during her visit to Ontario for the Central West Region meeting on April 18, 2015. The Charlie Campbell Memorial Museum at Kingsville Historical Park was established to promote interest, education and research in the Military and Civic History of the Kingsville-Essex County area.



Travelling Light (One Trunk Per Couple)

Where is Col. Edward Jessup Branch member Barb Law with her husband Ken?

My husband Ken and I are pictured getting ready to go for a ride on an elephant to look for tigers in Nepal. We didn’t spot any tigers, but we did see lots of deer, all kinds of birds, a one-horned rhinoceros, and many other animals and plants.



Lunar Lookalike, Martian Masquerade, or Eastern Expedition?

Where is former dominion president Doug Grant?

The picture was taken at Wadi Rum in Jordan. The misty background is caused by a little bit of very fine sand blowing.
Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan, 60km east of Aqaba. It is home to the Zalabia Bedouin who, working with climbers and trekkers, have made a success of developing eco-adventure tourism, now their main source of income.
In the West, Wadi Rum may be best known for its connection with British officer T. E. Lawrence, who passed through several times during the Arab Revolt of 1917–18. David Lean filmed much of the 1962 epic film Lawrence of Arabia on location in the area.



“A time to plant, a time to [travel]”

Where is Col John Butler Branch member Bill Young?

Bill is pictured in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (March 2015).



The Mirage, My Hall

Where are Gov. Simcoe Branch members Doug Grant and Nancy Conn, with Nancy’s sister Mary Ann?

The Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of India’s great architect-rulers, Shah Jahan, lost his beloved queen, Mumtaz Mahal, who died while giving birth to their fifteenth child. Although he had built her palaces, his ultimate triumph would be this great white marble mausoleum, which took 22 years and 20,000 workers to complete.



Knowledge is the Common Wealth

Where is Toronto Branch member Andrew Fleming? Bonus point: And who is he pictured with?

Andrew is at Queen’s Park, Toronto, for Commonwealth Day celebrations. Beside him is Toronto-based historian Carolyn Harris, PhD, who teaches history at UofT, along with writing. Her book on the Magna Carta and its influence on Canada will be out later this year.



One Letter Away From Jedi Training

Where is Vancouver Branch President Carl Stymiest?

Carl is in the Philippines on Palawan Island, home of the “underground river” – a UNESCO heritage park – which wends its way through 8km of cave.

(In the fictional Star Wars universe, a Jedi warrior in training is called a “Padawan.”)



Public Guardin’

Where is Nova Scotia Branch Secretary Brian McConnell?

This photo of Brian McConnell, UE, was taken in the Public Gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia, beside the Loyalist Tree, planted by the local branch of the UELAC for the Loyalist Bicentennial in 1983.



Bumper Sticker

Where is Barb Andrew, of Manitoba Branch?

Barb is pointing at a “bumper sticker” pasted onto the green canopy. The slogan on the bumper sticker is “I’m proud to be a U.E.” Garry and Barb were attending a wedding in Annapolis, MD. That city has more surviving 18th century buildings than any other city in the US. When they were there in the summer of 2014, the whole state was celebrating the War of 1812, the signing of the Treaty of Paris, and, of course, the designing of the “American Flag.”



Neigh Bells

Where is Toronto Branch member Taylor Roberts with his son, Tomas?

It was Christmas dinner for Toronto and Gov. Simcoe Branches at Black Creek Pioneer Village. The glittering snow evoked thoughts of sleigh bells and true to tradition, there was the team of horses. Taylor and Tomas – with more members of the family – enjoyed the ride round the park, and with just a little bit of imagination, the horses might have been prancing over a road of frozen snow and ice.



“Going On Sixteen” – Newly Minted Loyal Driver

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member Doug Grant?

Doug Grant, UE, admires the Ontario Loyalist licence plate which just happens to occupy a space of honour (and importance) on the car which belongs to him and to Nancy Conn, also a member of Gov Simcoe Branch. So now that we know where in the world this licence plate is, where are the car and Doug, other than just in a parking lot in the summer time? This particular lot is behind the Shakespearean Festival Theatre in Stratford ON, in the park on the hill.



Old-Time Convenience

Where is Gov Simcoe Branch member Anne Neuman with her husband Danny?

Following the Christmas Dinner at the Half Way House at Black Creek Pioneer Village, many visited the craft brewery in the same building. Anne carries a bottle of Christmas cheer, purchased there. The Laskay Emporium: The general store and post office that Mr. Joseph Baldwin built in 1845 served customers well into the 20th century. There was a store room with the store and flanking that was an open front horse and buggy shed. The store was saved from demolition and brought to Black Creek Pioneer Village on February 19th, 1960. Restoration of the building to circa 1845 was conducted including the reconstruction of the store room based on historical documents. The frame structure has a “boom town” front, with a long slope-roofed veranda that was reconstructed based on photographic evidence circa 1911.



Pioneer, Founder, Hero, … Loyalist

Where is Thomas Peters, UE (1738-1792)?

Thomas Peters was born in Nigeria, captured and transported to America, a slave in Louisiana and then Wilmington, South Carolina. During the American Revolution he escaped and joined the Black Pioneers, a Black Loyalist unit. As one of the evacuees from New York, Thomas landed in Nova Scotia and settled in Annapolis Royal. He was one of the organizers of the migration to Sierra Leone, where he is considered a Founding Father. This statue to him is in Freetown. See more details in the Wikipedia entry.
The inscription reads: “In grateful recognition of the enduring efforts of international hero Thomas Peters (ex-slave -> deliverer -> leader), de facto founder of the settlement re-named Freetown in May 1792, thereby wrenching humanity from the ills of slavery.”
(See Thomas-Peters-statue-plaque.jpg” target=”_blank”>the plaque up close.) If you look closely at the base of the statue, you will see that it was unveiled in the presence of a delegation from Nova Scotia in 2011. The Canadian connection has not been forgotten.



Had a Gala, if not a Ball

Where is Dominion President Bonnie Schepers?

Ottawa’s Sir Galahad statue stands just outside the main gates of Parliament Hill. It is a monument to Henry Albert Harper, friend and roommate of future Prime Minister Mackenzie King. Harper drowned while trying to save Bessie Blair, who fell through the ice during a skating party on the Ottawa River in 1901. The story of this statue was part of my presentation on “History, Heroes and Hope,” given during the 100th Anniversary year of UELAC. (Photo taken in November, 2014)



Essential Personnel

Where is Bob Jarvis of Toronto Branch?

The Rose Blacksmith Shop c.1855 was moved here from Nobleton, Ontario. The Blacksmith was considerd one of the most essential tradesmen in an early community, primarily making tools for himself and other craftsmen. This simple building consisting of a timber frame structure with board and batten finish also contains a brick forge, anvil and tools used to make and repair carriages, wheels and various other agriculture equipment. Bob decided that perhaps this should not be his next career.



Half Way to Red River

Where is Martha Hemphill of Toronto Branch?

The Half Way House at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto (Original location: Kingston Road and Midland Ave., Scarborough, Ontario)

This Georgian, two-storey building is equipped with a single-storey kitchen tail and shed extension. Alexander Thompson built the Half Way House in the years 1847-1848. The building is representative of pre-confederation taverns that were known in Southern Ontario. The Half Way House originally served as a resting place for stage coach passengers making the trip between Dunbarton, Pickering and Toronto. In 1966, this frame-built Ontario classic was moved from Scarborough to Black Creek Pioneer Village. Toronto and Gov. Simcoe Branches have enjoyed a December Christmas dinner in the basement dining room for each of the last several years.



Old Vicky Trips A Lot

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member Doug Grant?

Doug is at Victoria Falls: Some of our Monarchs have roared from time to time, and been quite calm at others. So be it with places named after them. These falls in Zimbabwe, named after Queen Victoria, are about as calm and small as they ever get when the end of the dry season arrives in October/November. At the end of the rainy season in late February or March, the water volume would be ten times greater, and the mist so thick, much of the time one cannot see the falls. The red “At The End of the Trail” bag began its useful life at the 2007 UELAC Conference in Windsor, ON.



Inspiring Facade

Where is Hamilton Branch member Fred H. Hayward?

Fred is wearing promotional clothing at the Wednesday meeting with the Pope at the Vatican (December 2014).



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