Where in the World are the members of the UELAC in 2016?

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2016 Submissions

The Butler’s Lunch

Where are Colin Morley and Don Henderson of Col. John Butler Branch?

Colin and new member Don met at the Col. John Butler Branch meeting in September. Colin Morley, retired, owns a family farm at St Ann’s, in the Niagara area. Both being lawyers, the conversation around common connections and interests was more important than Betty’s delicious lunch. Appropriately, the Mrs. Richardson (a Loyalist), curator of Haldimand Museum, spoke about Loyalist food and especially how flavourable it was with lots of cinnamon, used on meat in particular.



Not Quite Gingerbread

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member and past Dominion president Doug Grant?

St Basil’s Cathedral, formerly a church, now a museum, was built in 1555-61 on orders from Ivan the Terrible and commemorates the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan. The original building, known as Trinity Church and later Trinity Cathedral, contained eight side churches arranged around the ninth, central church of Intercession; the tenth church was erected in 1588 over the grave of venerated local saint Vasily (Basil). Its architecture it is like no other Russian building. Nothing similar can be found in the entire millennium of Byzantine tradition from the fifth to fifteenth century. It is in Moscow’s Red Square. The church has been part of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.



On Shore

Where are Vancouver Branch members Jamie and Betty Scott?

The cold waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence at Cavendish Beach on the north side of PEI combined with coolish weather does not make for great swimming. Nonetheless Jamie and Betty Scott of Vancouver Branch make the most of it.



When Chairs Stand

Where are Greg Childs, London Branch, and Peter Van Idertine, Abegweit (PEI) Branch?

The annual UELAC Conference ends with a church service. The 2016 service was held at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Charlottetown, PEI. Greg Childs [left, London Branch] and Peter Van Iderstine [right, Abegweit (PEI) Branch] anticipate the arrival of people for the service. Peter chaired the conference which was about to conclude; Greg chairs the conference in 2017.



A Hard Row To Paint

Where is Ross Wallace?

At the UELAC conference in PEI, those who took the Friday bus trip visited the new Bedeque Area Historical Museum, which was officially opened the same weekend. Ross Wallace of Toronto Branch enjoyed one of the paintings depicting pioneer settlement on PEI. The Museum has a significant section about the Loyalists.



With Glowing Hearts

Where is Little Forks Branch member Joni Fraser with Syrian refugees Magda and Anas Saied?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in Sandspit, Haida Gwaii (pop. 240) on Friday, Sept. 30, to visit the Haida First Nation in Skidegate and open a new hospital in the Village of Queen Charlotte. The community sponsored a Syrian refugee university couple, Magda and Anas Saied, from Aleppo. Joni, Magda and Anas are pictured in front of the airport where the couple transferred from plane to helicopter.

Upon learning that the trio represented both early Loyalist and recent Syrian refugees, the military agreed to a photo – not in front of the airport as expected, but inside on the tarmac by the plane. Magda and Anas were proud, especially with “Canada” markings visible on the plane.



Polar Bear Spotters

Where are Dave Laskey and Nicole Bolton?

The Friday bus trip at the July 2016 UELAC Conference in PEI included a stop at the Cavendish Beach. Here Dave Laskey and Nicole Bolton of New Brunswick Branch watch as those from farther afield stick their toes into the rather chilly waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.




Where are Hamilton Branch members Ruth and David Nicholson?

With promises of prosperity a small band of people led by Thorfinn Karlsefni landed in what is now known as L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, building dwellings, workshops, a forge, and more. Using this outpost as a base, crews explored the surrounding areas and gathered materials for trade.

• Photo 1: Sculpture at L’Anse aux Meadows NL symbolizing the meeting of two cultures – European and North American.
• Photo 2: St Anthony NL with iceberg in background (July 2016).
• Photo 3: David at L’Anse aux Meadows outside Norse reproduction sod home, carrying one of our Loyalist bags.



Preaching Loyalty

Where is Stephanie Seal Walters?

Our 2016 UELAC scholar Stephanie Seal Walters at the heritage plaque for Glebe Church in Driver, Virginia where in 1775 loyalist Rev. Agnew was forced from his church for preaching loyalty to the King. (Read some history of the church.)




Where is Donna Little, UE – a member of Vancouver, Chilliwack and Nova Scotia branches – with Carl Larsen?

In Ottawa at the Library and Archives of Canada office, researching more UE roots in the archives. As members, the prime purpose of the visit was to attend the 50th Annual AGM of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada – won’t you too consider becoming a member? Many other UELAC members were among those who enjoyed the Gala Dinner.



Prim and Proper Photo-Opper

Where are Peter and Carol Davy (Kingston Branch) with Albert Schepers (Bicentennial Branch)?

Point Prim Lighthouse can be seen in the distance. Built in 1845, the lighthouse is the first and oldest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island. It is also one of only two round brick lighthouses in Canada. The other is Fisgard Lighthouse in British Columbia.



Le Trottoir

Where are Arthur and Barbara Pegg?

We recently returned from a cruise to Venice, Corfu, Mykonos, Ephesus, Rome, Athens, and more, featuring many archaeological sites. We are pictured at Trattoria Alla Madonna, Venezia – the Madonna restaurant, Venice. The only UELAC item I had with me was the lapel badge in my left hand.



Poster Children

Where are Col. John Butler (Niagara) members Rod Craig, Sandra Easton and Bev Craig.?

Fairchild/Secord House Jordan Station.



Cementing History

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member Joyce Deyong, UE?

On June 19, Loyalist Day in Ontario, Joyce Deyong received her Loyalist Certificate having proved her descent from Loyalist Andrew Denike Sr. Fittingly she received her certificate and then spoke about her ancestor in front of a statue to a former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Sir Oliver Mowat who served from 1897 until 1903. The statue is located on the grounds in front of Queen’s Park in Toronto.



Canada Day Time Warp

Where are Gov. Simcoe Branch members Anne Neuman and Colin Heath?

Gov. Simcoe Branch reached out to the public with a display table at Fort York in Toronto on Canada Day. Anne Neuman and Colin Heath are caught here in a time warp between the buildings of this National Historic Site and the modern skyline of downtown Toronto.



Togetherness Boosts Flagging Spirits

Where are Nancy Conn (Gov. Simcoe Branch), Linda Young (Toronto Branch) and Diane Reid (Toronto Branch)?

Gov. Simcoe Branch and Toronto Branch joined forces to celebrate Loyalist Day in Ontario on June 19 at Queen’s Park in Toronto where the Loyalist Flag was raised at the guest flag pole.



Regaled with Regalia

Where is Vancouver Branch UELAC President Carl Stymiest, UE?

Carl is visiting the British Columbia Genealogical Society display booth at the B.C. Highland Games in Coquitlam, BC, June 18, 2016.



“Yes We Cairn”

Where is Charlotte Ayers with her daughter Claire Clement?

Charlotte (Inch) Ayers, UE, was the oldest Loyalist to attend the UEL Day ceremony at the Cairn in Wascana Park, Regina, on June 19, 2016. She will be 101 on September 28! For her 100th birthday she published a compilation of her writings that she had made over the last twenty years; she called the book Through The Looking Glass. She spent many hours traveling and on the internet getting documentation and information for family research and has obtained six UEL Certificates.



The Trask at Hand

Where in the world are Gwen Trask, UE, and Carol Daley Weir, UE?

Celebrating Gwen Guiou Trask’s 90th birthday April 29, 2016 at MacKinnon-Cann Inn, Yarmouth, NS. Carol presented Gwen with a congratulatory card from the NS Branch and a Certificate that also marked her 32nd year of membership in the UELAC. Looking on is Greg Sollows for MLA, Zach Churchill. Gwen is one week younger than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.



All the world’s an old stage

Where is London & Western Ontario Branch member Bob Tordiff, UE?

East Oxford Pioneer Cemetery is in the village of Oxford Centre, on Old Stage Road, outside Woodstock ON. The 1954 bronze plaque reads: “In memory of Samuel and Lucy Canfield, United Empire Loyalists, the first white settlers in East Oxford 1793. They hewed and built their log cabin on the Indian Trail, later known as ‘The Old Stage Road’ to the East of these memorial gates.” The white ‘burial ground’ plaque was placed by Grand River Branch in 2009 (see Grand River Branch Burial Grounds Plaque Project).



The Visiting of Pelham, 5/25

Where is Hamilton Branch member Jean Rae Baxter, UE?

Ruth Nicholson and Jean Rae Baxter visited Pelham Centre Public School on May 25 as part of the branch’s student outreach program. They told the Loyalist story to an assembly of younger students in the morning and older ones in the afternoon. It was a busy day.



Copin’ with Grief or just Hoggin’ Attention?

Where is Gov. Simcoe Branch member Nancy Conn?

The Little Mermaid in the harbour of Copenhagen, Denmark is taken from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the same name. He in turn was inspired to write the tale by what he observed during his strolls among the brightly coloured houses and wooden ships of Nyhavn, the city’s “New Harbour,” one of Europe’s prettiest quays.



Plate of Food for the Fleet of Foot

Where are Vancouver Branch members Diane Faris, Mary Anne Bethune and Christine Manzer?

The UELAC Branches of the Pacific Region have been celebrating the arrival of the Spring and Fall Loyalist Fleets to Nova Scotia (part of which became New Brunswick soon afterwards) for many years. One of the branches hosts the Spring Fleet in May and another branch hosts the Fall Fleet in October. At one of these two events, Vancouver Branch also presents the Phillip Leith Award. This year, Diane, Mary Anne and Christine were among those attending the Spring Fleet celebration on 14 May 2016, hosted by Victoria Branch.



An eyeline match, a timeline rupture

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Brian McConnell?

At a recent Nova Scotia Branch meeting, the group took a tour of Government House in Halifax. Here Brian poses in the ballroom with King George III (on the wall).



The Wharflords of Old

Where is Gov Simcoe Branch member Doug Grant?

From 1250 to 1750 the Hanseatic League was a dominant force in trade in Europe. One of their four “regional” offices was in Bergen, Norway. The whole row of three or four story houses along the wharf belonged to the Hanseatic League. There was a fence around the whole area. Inside the fence only men (the German merchants of the League) and their male trading partners were allowed. Boys as young as six were sent out from the German areas to apprentice for seven years. These houses along the wharf are now a UNESCO heritage site.



So Easy to Guess, It’s Hardly Fair

Where is Jo Ann Tuskin, member of Governor Simcoe Branch?

The annual Heritage Fair competitions for students of grades 6 and 7 continue. Jo Ann Tuskin, UE, was one of the Gov. Simcoe Branch representatives at a recent Toronto District School Board West Region Heritage Fair, held at Fort York. The Fort York guard with Jo Ann is also a Loyalist descendant, his family from Prince Edward County.



Just Milling About Indoors

Where is Kingston Branch member Nancy Cutway?

While on a river cruise in Belgium and Holland, we visited the Keukenhof Gardens outside of Amsterdam. The displays in the buildings are impressive and colourful but overshadowed by the 80 acres and 7 million bulbs outside. Not just tulips, but every type of bulb known and in every possible colour. A real feast for the eyes, and other senses as well: hyacinths and frittilaria scented the air.



A Less-Than-Positive Latitude

Where are Ken and Barb Law?

Colonel Edward Jessup Branch President Barb Law, UE, and husband Ken are at latitude zero, the “center of the world,” in Ecuador.



On the bench, you either cool down or fry

Where is Bicentennial Branch member Bonnie Schepers?

While in Toronto to attend Dominion Council meeting, UELAC Scholarship Chair Bonnie Schepers had a few questions for Canadian literary critic and writer Northrop Frye. A professor of English at Victoria College at the University of Toronto since 1939, Frye achieved international recognition for his literary theories. Among his many awards, one particular honour was his appointment as Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard for the 1974-75 year. Photo taken at Victoria College, University of Toronto.



Fast unsteady? Slow insteady!

Where is Colonel Edward Jessup Branch President Barb Law, UE?

Barb is talking to a tortoise on one of the Galápagos Islands. The Galápagos, a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, is a province of Ecuador and considered one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing. Its isolated terrain shelters diverse plant and animal species, many of them found nowhere else on Earth. Charles Darwin visited in 1835, and his observation of local species inspired his theory of evolution. The fastest recorded tortoise speed is 5 mph (8 km/h).



The 2 Brew-Testers

Where are Carl Stymiest, of Vancouver Branch, and Anne Redish, of Kingston & District Branch?

On Saturday evening after the March 5 Council meeting, about a dozen people involved with the weekend attended an informal dinner at The 3 Brewers Restaurant on Yonge Street. Anne is Central East Region VP and Carl is UELAC Dominion Archivist.



Let Her Eat Cake!

Where is Shirley Dargatz, UE, President of Chilliwack Branch UELAC?

Chilliwack Branch UELAC celebrated Black History Month with a meeting and program. It was also an occasion to celebrate Shirley’s birthday – happy birthday! Shirley currently serves as President of the Chilliwack Branch.



A-Tusket, A-Trasket

Where is Nova Scotia Branch member Gwen Trask?

This photo was taken in Tusket, NS, at the Arygle Township Courthouse, where Gwen was making a historical presentation. (P.S.: The photo on the Wall is King George III.)



No Dust, Just a Bust

Where is Christopher Minty, UELAC Loyalist Scholarship recipient 2012?

In the heart of London, is Benjamin Franklin House, the world’s only remaining Franklin home. For nearly sixteen years between 1757 and 1775, Dr Benjamin Franklin – scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor, Founding Father of the United States and more – lived behind its doors. Benjamin Franklin House at 36 Craven Street in the heart of London is a heritage ‘gem.’



History: We’re All In It Together

Where in the World are Pacific Regional Counsellor Marlene Dance, UE; UELAC Dominion Archivist Carl Stymiest, UE; Pacific Regional Vice President Diane Faris, UE; and Prairie Regional Counsellor and UELAC Membership Chair Joyce Lidster, UE?

Attending Black Loyalist celebration, at UELAC Chilliwack Branch, Saturday February 20, 2016. In December 1995, the Parliament of Canada officially recognized February as Black History Month, following a motion introduced by the first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament, the Honourable Jean Augustine, MP of Etobicoke-Lakeshore.



“Hey, Tim.” “Hiya, Sophia.”

Where is 2007 UELAC Loyalist Scholarship recipient Tim Compeau?

A little history on the picture: The Hagia Sophia was built in 537 AD by Byzantines and it later became a Mosque when the Ottoman Turks conquered the city in 1453. The Hagia Sophia became a museum in 1935, and visitors can now see some amazing layers of history from Viking runes to Venetian tombs to Turkish artwork. It is really worth the visit.



“Built like a Brit Blockhouse”

Where is Ruth Nicholson, UE?

Ruth is on Bois Blanc Island at a Doors Open Amhersburg event; a free ferry was offered to take us to the island (which is in the Detroit River on the Canadian side of the border) to see the newly renovated blockhouse that was first built in 1837 at the time of the Rebellion. There were actually 3 blockhouses built on this island during that period; one was set on fire in 1867 to celebrate the beginning of Canada – since there were no fireworks at that time, large fires were set in their place.



Two Doors and Ham Tonnes

Where is 2012 UELAC Loyalist Scholarship recipient Christopher Minty?

Hampton Court has grown from humble beginnings in the 11th century to one of the finest palaces in the world. Over 800 years of history can be explored through this magnificent palace whose previous owners include Cardinal Wolsey, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.



“I’ve Seen Gaudier”

Where is Doug Grant, UE?

This house or pavilion is at the entrance to Park Güell In Barcelona, Spain. Eusebi Güell assigned the design of the park to Antoni Gaudí, a renowned architect and the face of Catalan modernism. The park was built between 1900 and 1914 and was officially opened as a public park in 1926. In 1984, UNESCO declared the park a World Heritage Site under “Works of Antoni Gaudí.” Gaudí’s works reflect an individualized and distinctive style; most are located in Barcelona.



No kitsch, just kitschin’

Where are Diane Reid, Toronto Branch, and Jo Ann Tuskin, Gov. Simcoe Branch?

At the Toronto and Gov. Simcoe Christmas Dinner at the Halfway House at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Diane and Jo Ann joined the staff in the working kitchen. If one arrives early enough to get a request, one can purchase homemade bread here – they run out quickly. The supply from the brewery in the basement is larger; they usually have a supply. Beer, bread and good fellowship – what more could you wish for?



Trompe l’œil chapeau

Where are Ruth Nicholson, Stephen Botsford (genealogist of BiCentennial Br.), and Debra Honor (past pres. of BiCentennial and past regional president of Essex County OGS)?

Ruth, Stephen and Debra attend the Windsor Family Genealogy Fair at the LDS church, Sept. 26 2015.



More Than Half Sated

Where are Jo Ann Tuskin, Gov. Simcoe Branch, and Martha Hemphill of Toronto and Hamilton Branches?

Alexander Thompson built the Half Way House in the years 1847-48. The building is representative of pre-confederation taverns that were known in Southern Ontario. Originally situated in Scarborough – where it served as a resting place for stage coach passengers making the trip between Dunbarton, Pickering and Toronto – this Georgian two-storey building is equipped with a single-storey kitchen tail and shed extension. Following a Christmas Dinner served indoors here, Jon Ann and Martha paused for a moment before departing.



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