Calendar of provincial Loyalist Days and annual observances

May 18 – United Empire Loyalist Day in New Brunswick

June 12 – United Empire Loyalist Day in Manitoba

  • Loyalist Day in Manitoba is officially on June 12 to commemorate the date of the Royal Proclamation opening land west of the Ottawa Valley for settlement. The Proclamation is prepared by the Multicultural Secretariat and read in the Manitoba Legislature by the appropriate minister. As the legislature may well not be sitting on June 12, the minister decides what date the Proclamation will be read.
  • On that date,. the Loyalist flag is flown in Memorial Park, in front of the Legislature. Members of both the Manitoba and Assiniboine Branches, dressed in period costume, sit in the visitors’ gallery for the reading.

June 12 – United Empire Loyalist Day in Kingston, Ontario

  • Significance: “His Majesty approves the plan you have proposed for settling some of the Loyalists at Cataraqui and places adjacent” – Royal Proclamation of George III received by Governor Haldimand at Quebec on the 12th June, 1784.
    According to the late historian Larry Turner, “Previous settlements comprised of colonial officials, soldiers and Indian agents at Niagara and Detroit are regarded as strategic bases rather than permanent communities and Haldimand’s decision … [to settle the Loyalists at Cataraqui] was the spark that transformed the wilderness peninsula north of Lake Ontario and Erie” – Allegiance: the Ontario Story
  • Observances: Kingston & District Branch has celebrated June 12th as Loyalist Day in Kingston since 1996. People meet at City Hall (216 Ontario Street) about 11:50 a.m. At noon they are escorted across the street to Confederation Park by a fife and drum unit from the Fort Henry Guard. There the Loyalist (Queen Anne) flag is raised on the City’s flagpole and the group sings “God Save the Queen”. The flag remains there for the day.
    The occasion always permits branch members to engage in conversation with tourists in the area and passersby, to explain who the Loyalists were.

June 19 – United Empire Loyalist Day in Ontario

  • Significance of Loyalist Day in Ontario (PDF)
  • Observances: Since 1998, United Empire Loyalist Day is observed locally with raising of the Loyalist flag and ceremony as organized by the Ontario Branches either on the date or on the closest weekend. The Toronto and Gov. Simcoe Branches UELAC jointly commemorate the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists with ceremony at Queen’s Park on June 19th. At the same time, Hamilton Branch UELAC holds its “Service of Honour and Remembrance” at the United Empire Loyalist Monument in Prince’s Square, Hamilton. Other events held across the province are reported in Branch newsletters.

June 19 – United Empire Loyalist Day in Saskatchewan

  • Observances: In 2000, the Regina Branch UELAC applied to the Provincial Government to have June 19th designated as United Empire Loyalist Day in Saskatchewan. Success was secured with the passing of a Private Member’s bill. Each year since, the Branch has requested and received the same designation for June 19 from the Provincial Government. The huge Loyalist flag flies proudly from the Premier’s balcony each year on that day.The Saskatchewan Branch UELAC also conducts a ceremony at the Loyalist Cairn located to the northeast of the Legislative Buildings, along the shore of Wascana Lake.The City of Regina declares the week as “Loyalist Week in Regina” as well.

June 19 – United Empire Loyalist Day in Edmonton, Alberta

  • Observances: Since 2011, the Edmonton Branch UELAC has been successful with its applications to the City of Edmonton to have June 19 declared “United Empire Loyalist Day in Edmonton.” As part of the ceremony held at the United Empire Loyalist plaque on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature, the proclamation is read.

Close to June 16 – The Annual UEL Service at Adolphustown

July 22 – United Empire Loyalist Day in British Columbia

  • “Whereas the British Columbia Lieutenant Governor, Steven Point OBC, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, has been pleased to enact Order in Council 903; Proclaim and Declare that July 22, 2012, shall be known annually as BC Loyalist Day.” (See Proclamation.)
B.C. Loyalist Day proclamation (2012)

2012 Loyalist Day proclamation (Click to enlarge)

  • Significance: July 22 was chosen whereas Sir Alexander MacKenzie, the son of a United Empire Loyalist, was documented by the Vancouver Branch as being the first European to successfully cross the North American continent north of Mexico on July 22, 1793:
Alex Mackenzie engraved rock

Alex Mackenzie rock (Click to enlarge)

  • Observances: BC Loyalist Day has been observed annually since 2012 by the Pacific Regional Branches of Victoria, Vancouver, Chilliwack and Thompson-Okanagan with suitable ceremony and celebration.


August – The Annual Service at Old Hay Bay Church

  • Old Hay Bay Church is the oldest surviving Methodist building in Canada. It was erected in 1792 by settlers, including United Empire Loyalists, who had recently arrived and established the community of Adolphustown. An annual worship service is held in the church on the fourth Sunday afternoon every August.


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