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Latest issues

Loyalist Trails Newsletter 2021 #13

March 29th, 2021|

In this issue:

  • Loyalist History and a 1930s Road Trip Through Nova Scotia, Part 2 by Stephen Davidson UE
  • Dispatches: Todd Braisted: Benjamin W. Thompson’s Black Dragoons
  • Letter from an Officer on Board his Majesty’ s Ship Chatham 24 March 1776, at Boston
  • JAR Book Review: Valley Forge to Monmouth: Six Transformational Months of the American Revolution
  • The Aftermath of the Second Boston Tea Party
  • Resource: North Haven Annals
  • Washington’s Quill: Correcting […]

Loyalist Trails Newsletter 2021 #12

March 22nd, 2021|

In this issue:

  • Loyalist History and a 1930s Road Trip Through Nova Scotia, Part 1 by Stephen Davidson UE
  • The Irish Among the Loyalists who Settled Digby
  • JAR: Nathanael Greene and the Challenge of Supplying the Southern Army
  • JAR: Virginia’s Independent Frontier Companies
  • New England Historical Society: Six Loyalist Houses
  • The Second Boston Tea Party in March 1774
  • The Patriotic Woolen Shoes of the Revolutionary […]

Loyalist Trails Newsletter 2021 #11

March 15th, 2021|

In this issue:

  • Jacob Bailey: Loyalist Anthropologist, Part Two by Stephen Davidson UE
  • JAR: Thomas Read of Delaware, Part 3: Continental Navy Commander
  • JAR: Riflemen Run Riot: The Mutiny at Prospect Hill
  • A 1775 View of Boston by Lieutenant Richard Williams
  • Revolutionary War Battle Maps
  • Propaganda Warfare: Benjamin Franklin Fakes a Newspaper
  • How Hamilton’s Ryckman Neighbourhood became a loyalist nucleus
  • Gown: Brocaded silk with floss/fly […]

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